WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wismec HiFlask Kit | Review

Wismec HiFlask Kit | Review

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Wismec HiFlask Kit

Wismec is viewed as a bit of a hit-and-miss vape manufacturer. They’ve had great success with their RX series, and more recently the Luxotic BF Kit, but they’ve also come under fire with issues on some of their devices.

Their latest release is an AIO Pod kit which is aimed sub-ohm vapers and cloud chasers.

The HiFlask features replaceable coils, a 2100mAh battery, and a 5.6ml capacity pod. There’s also a 2ml TPD version.

It’s currently available in 4 colors Black, Red, Silver and Blue/White.

The Good

Compact design, good battery life, easy pod release and refill, 2 amp charging.

The Bad

Poor coil performance, muted flavor and struggles to wick high VG liquids, airflow adjustment is limited.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the coils for the Wismec HiFlask are just not up to scratch, which leads to an overall lacking performance. It is a shame because it’s a well-designed kit, with good build quality. Maybe the release of future coils will improve its performance….but for now, it’s subpar and there are better alternatives.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeSourcing for the purpose of this review.

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  • Height: 89mm
  • Length: 48.6mm
  • Width: 28.2mm
  • Weight: 105.1g
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5.6ml / 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 2100mAh
  • Max Charging Current: 2A
  • Max W Output: 40W
  • Output Mode: Constant Voltage Output

In the Box

  • HiFlask Battery/Mod
  • HiFlask Cartridge/Pod
  • 2 x JVUA 0.30ohm coils
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare Parts/ O-Rings
Wismec Hi-Flask Kit Review

The Wismec HiFlask has quite an interesting design; it’s like a modern looking Joyetech penguin.

It’s quite symmetrical in its design where there’s one main body panel, (in this case it’s brushed metal look, but there are other more vibrant colors available). Then there’s the bottom quarter and base of the device made from black plastic, which mirrors the tinted plastic pod.

The pod or cartridge can be removed entirely from the device by pulling a small latch on the top of the mod.

There’s adjustable airflow in the form of a rather strange dial located on the top of the pod. It has markings for ‘min’ and ‘max’ airflow, but to be honest, I found it pretty limited.

The fire button is angular in its appearance much like the rest of the device, but it curves nicely along the thinner edge of the mod.

The only thing that protrudes from an otherwise angled box is the 510 drip tip. This sits directly in the pod and can be replaced with any 510 drip tip.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


I think the Wismec HiFlask is quite a good looking device, with it’s angled lines and smooth edges.

It’s a shame it looks a little congested at the top part of the device and pod, where you have the pod release, airflow control and markings. If it weren’t for this, it would be an exceptionally clean looking mod.

The brushed metal version we have for review is probably the best looking of the available color options.

I like how it fits in the hand with one broader side resting against your palm, and the thinner edge containing the fire button aligning perfectly with your index finger.

Overall I have no qualms with the styling or design of the HiFlask; I think most would agree it’s not a bad looking device.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

Build Quality

I have no issues with the build quality Wismec provide with the HiFlask.

It has absolutely no blemishes and is sturdy while remaining remarkably light.

The main body appears to look like a brushed metal panel, but it could just be a coated plastic. Either way, it’s smooth and feels good in the hand.

The pod or cartridge is made from quite substantial plastic, and the connection to the device is pretty seamless. The pod release switch feels quite durable and should hold up well over time.

The fire button doesn’t protrude much from the device, but due to its position matching the thin curved edge of the mod it’s easy to fire and has a nice click to it.

The one area that I think the quality could be a little better is with the airflow control dial. It’s not the best design in the first place, as it’s awkward to turn, but the plastic feels a little thin and has a tiny amount of give to it.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


For a device that contains a 2100mAh battery, and a pod that has a 5.6ml capacity, the HiFlask is remarkably compact and lightweight.

It measures in at 89mm x 48.6mm x 28.2mm, and only weighs 105g. That’s pretty impressive, and it makes it the ideal portable sub-ohm companion.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

The Wismec HiFlask is quite a simple one-button device. It does, however, feature constant voltage with a maximum output of 40W.

There is an internal battery with a 2100mAh capacity.

It has the following safety protections: short circuit, low voltage, over vaping (10 seconds), and low battery (3.3V).

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

LED LIghts

The HiFlask has two sets of LED lights, one for the state of the device and one for charging.

The first is a small pinhole size one located above the USB port. This is the charging light. It will turn red when the device is charging and turn off when it’s complete.

The other is less noticeable at first glance, as it’s located behind the fire button. It is a white LED that shines through behind the button when the device is active and remains lit for a few seconds after to show battery status.

  • Stays lit = 60% or more
  • Slow flashing = 30%-59%
  • Moderate flashing = 10%-29%
  • Fast flashing = under 10%

The LED light behind the fire button is a little tricky to see, and I think they could’ve implemented the battery gauges better, especially as they had space for two LEDs.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


The HiFlask has a built-in 2100mAh battery, and fortunately comes with 2A fast charging capability so topping up isn’t an issue.

The micro USB charge port is located just beneath the power button, so it can be charged standing upright.

There’s also pass through vaping, so you can vape while charging.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

The HiFlask actually has a cartridge instead of a pod; it comes with a large
5.6 ml capacity and there is a 2ml TPD version as well.

There’s a small button or catch that releases the cartridge from the device. The drip tip, airflow control, fill port, and coil are all integrated into the cartridge and not the device.

The drip tip is 510 style and is removable. The airflow control is a small disk that sits on the top side of the cartridge which is rotated to adjust from min to max airflow.

The fill port is located on the right-hand side of the cartridge and is covered by an anchored rubber plug.

The JVUA coils slot into the base of the cartridge where there is a silicone lining to help seal everything.

The pod is made from tinted plastic, which does make it difficult to see the remaining juice level.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


Filling the cartridge is very easy, you simply release the pod from the device then pull open the rubber plug.

The fill hole is relatively large, but it is advisable to tip the cartridge as you are filling it to make sure there are no air pockets and to maximize the juice fill.

Always make sure you have a coil installed when filling; otherwise the juice will just flow out.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


The HiFlask kit comes with two 0.3 Ohm JVUA coils.

It’s the same type of system used in the Joyetech Dolphin Kit (Wismec are actually a subsidiary of Joyetech), and realistically there is not much difference in the devices.

The JVUA of the coils stands for “Juice Vertical and U Airflow.” This essentially means the juice is above the coil (in the pod) and the airflow is formed like a U shape. It comes in the top from one side goes down through the coil and then up the other side to the mouthpiece making a “U” shape.

One major issue I noticed with these coils is the wicking holes are incredibly small, and that led it struggling to wick high viscose juice. In fact, even 70/30 was a struggle.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

The Wismec HiFlask is a good looking device, it feels well-made and based on that I was expecting it to be a good performer.

Unfortunately, it’s not. When it comes to performance, it’s more subpar than super sub ohm.

That’s mainly down to the poor performing coils, which I’m amazed have such small wicking holes, and the less than versatile airflow.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


While the airflow is adjustable, it’s just not that great, and always remains airy.

On the ‘max’ setting it is a very open draw, and I feel like it’s too much air for the coils, as it really dilutes the flavor.

On the ‘min’ setting, it’s too airy for a decent MTL style vape, while the flavor is a little better it’s still not a great experience.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit


Sadly, the flavor on the HiFlask using the 0.3ohm coils is not great, they just don’t deliver much taste.

If you use strong tobacco flavors, or like a vape with a light taste you might be ok. But, if like me you use RDAs or RTAs on a daily basis it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Also when it comes to wicking, the coils are only really good for 50/50 juices. Anything thicker and you start heading towards dry hits.

At the time of writing this review, the 0.3ohm coils are the only ones available for the HiFlask. I really hope Wismec introduce new coils soon, especially with larger wicking holes, and perhaps more variety to rectify the problem.

Wismec Hi-Flask Kit

Battery Life

One good thing about the performance of the HiFlask is the battery life.

The 2100mAh internal battery helps produce plenty of vaping time, as the device is only hitting 40W max output.

Also having 2A quick charging is a bonus.


  • Stylish looks
  • Good build quality
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Decent battery life
  • 2A charging
  • Easy to fill
  • 510 drip tip compatible
  • Pass-thru vaping
  • Color options


  • Poor coil performance
  • Can’t wick high VG juices
  • Airflow adjustment is limited
  • Hard to see remaining juice level
  • Battery indicator is hard to see


The Wismec HiFlask could eventually be a decent device, but in its current format with the poor 0.3 Ohm JVUA coils, it’s a massive let down.

The coils are only capable of producing a muted flavor, and they are pretty atrocious at wicking.

The airflow available from the HiFlask doesn’t do much to help the situation either, I feel like there needs to be a greater range between min and max airflows.

I know this device is not really aimed at MTL vapers, but they still have the ability to provide that type of vape with this setup.

I think the looks and design of the device are actually really good, and the build quality is pretty solid too, it’s just not the greatest vape experience.

As it stands the only thing that is going to save this device is if Wismec revises the coils or release new ones with more diverse ranges, then it might become a decent sub-ohm style pod kit.

In all honesty, after reviewing two great devices recently in the Aspire Breeze 2 and JAC Vapour VIM, the Wismec HiFlask has brought me crashing back down to earth with a bad taste in my mouth (and a muted one at that).

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Unfortunately, the coils for the Wismec HiFlask are just not up to scratch, which leads to an overall lacking performance. It is a shame because it's a well-designed kit, with good build quality. Maybe the release of future coils will improve its performance....but for now, it's subpar and there are better alternatives.

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Unfortunately, the coils for the Wismec HiFlask are just not up to scratch, which leads to an overall lacking performance. It is a shame because it's a well-designed kit, with good build quality. Maybe the release of future coils will improve its performance....but for now, it's subpar and there are better alternatives.Wismec HiFlask Kit | Review