Wotofo Recurve vs. Digiflavor Drop Solo

Wotofo Recurve or Digiflavor Drop Solo? Find out which RDA is best.

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Wotofo Recurve vs. Digiflavor Drop Solo Intro

There have been two growing trends with RDAs this year, and that’s the resurgence of the single coil and collaborations.

Mike Vapes is not only an excellent reviewer but also the king of collaborations, having teamed up with various manufacturers. This time he has joined forces with Wotofo to create arguably his best product to date the Recurve RDA.

Digiflavor and The Vapor Chronicles continued their collaboration with the Drop Solo, a single coil version of the incredibly popular original Drop RDA, but with some welcome tweaks.

But which reviewer and RDA will win this head-to-head….let’s find out.

Wotofo Recurve vs. Digiflavor Drop Solo

Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.


These are two excellent single coil RDAs. Although they are direct competitors we believe each has their own strengths to serve different vapers.

For the experimentalist or enthusiastic builder, the Drop Solo has the best build deck, allowing you to fit all types of coil configuration, and even dual coils if you wish.

However, the Recurve has a far simpler build deck to use for the novice.

The Drop Solo also has more extensive airflow options, with it’s two top caps and the ability to shut single holes or entire rows of airflow off. It also produces a far airier draw compared to the Recurve, but can still be tailored to a more restrictive draw.

The Recurve does have excellent airflow, it’s incredibly smooth but those that prefer a wide-open draw may find it a little too restricted.

Single coil RDAs are designed to be all about flavor, and that’s where the Recurve really shines. If you want the most flavorful vape there’s no question, go for the Wotofo.

Overall the Recurve is the better option for most vapers. It has stellar performance, it’s easy to use, produces amazing flavor and we love its curved body design.

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