ZOVOO shines with new products at Jakarta International Vape Expo 2022

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On May 29, the 2022 Jakarta International Vape Expo (JIVE) ended successfully. The exhibition attracted more than 80 brands from all over the world, with more than 20000 professional visitors. ZOVOO recently won the Best Newcomer awarded by the Vapouround, which is known as the Oscar in the electronic atomization industry. This time, ZOVOO brought numerous disposable products to the JIVEn and stood out among many domestic and international brands!

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At the site, with its high-quality booth design and more comprehensive product experience, ZOVOO ignited the focus of the whole audience once it appeared, attracting many visitors and fans to interact actively. In addition, ZOVOO showed its new technological breakthroughs in the vape field, and discussed the future trend of the vaping industry and the innovative upgrades of product experience with many brands and users.

The rich product lines of ZOVOO attracted the attention of local dealers and retailers, especially the three star products, DRAGBAR 5000, DRAGBAR 5000C and the newly launched DRAGBAR 600S, which gained a high topic and strong intention of cooperation.

DRAGBAR innovative sugar-free products

ZOVOO demonstrated the industry’s first sugar-free disposable e-cigarette, DRAGBAR 5000 and DRAGBAR 5000C, which use ethyl maltol to provide the sweetness of cigarette oil. As a sugar substitute certified by many authorities in many countries, ethyl maltol can ensure sweetness without introducing additional sugar intake. It can effectively avoid the harm of sugar addiction to the body, and is the best choice for sugar-free and low-sugar people, opening a new era of sugar-free e-cigarettes.

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Fashion products, leading a new vaping experience

ZOVOO brought the new disposable product, DRAGBAR 600S, which combines the ingenuity and intelligent innovation of ZOVOO’s R & D team. DRAGBAR 600S has excellent taste experience, rich taste choices and colorful appearance. The product is equipped with LED multi-color lights. At the moment of smoking, the dazzling light will continue to shine. It is a necessary artifact to participate in various parties, and also triggered a crowd of spectators.

As the star product series of ZOVOO, DRAGBAR has attracted the attention by global users since its launch. It is the ZOVOO team’s in-depth mining of user needs, innovative exploration of appearance, optimization of product details and guarantee of taste that make DRAGBAR products continue to be loved by global users and define a new pattern of disposable e-cigarettes.

ZOVOO takes “By your side” as brand slogan, and always adheres to the business philosophy of “user-focus”. It will continue to pursue innovation and breakthrough in technology, go all out to explore the market, and provide global consumers with richer and diversified product choices, as well as safer and more pleasant product experience. ZOVOO will continue to appear at the SVH 2022 in Indonesia from July 2 to July 3. Booth number is G7. We are looking forward to the surprise performance of ZOVOO!

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