Rating System

Our mission is to help you find the best vapes to fit your unique needs and preferences. We strive to simplify your purchasing decisions and eliminate the confusion and frustration often involved in choosing the right vape. As experienced vapers, we understand how overwhelming the sheer number of options can be. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive rating system that evaluates all aspects of a vape, from design to performance to flavor, distilling it down to a single, easy-to-understand score.

Our rating system is designed to provide a clear, at-a-glance assessment of the best vapes on the market. It’s entirely based on the evaluations and editorial process of our expert team. Brands can never influence their score by payment – our ratings are 100% independent and unbiased.

This system represents the expert opinion of our team of vaping enthusiasts. While a higher score indicates a better product overall, the “best” choice for you depends on your needs and preferences as a vaper. We offer detailed reviews and as much information as possible, but we encourage you to consider our insights in the context of your own desires and requirements to make the optimal selection for you. Your perfect 10 could be someone else’s 7 – and that’s perfectly fine!

We leverage our vaping expertise, extensive experience, and rigorous hands-on testing to deliver the most honest and accurate ratings and reviews possible for every vape we test. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed purchasing decisions and discover your ideal vape.

What the numbers mean

0-3.9 Poor

Vapes in this range utterly failed to impress us, and we cannot recommend them. If we assign a score this low, the device performed significantly below expectations. We suggest avoiding any vapes in this category.

4-4.9 Subpar

These vapes were disappointing in most aspects. While they may suffice in a pinch, there are many superior alternatives available that we would recommend instead.

5-5.9 Average

These vapes could be better. They’ll get the job done but we believe you can find better options. They may have some positive attributes but also some substantial drawbacks. We advise looking for vapes with a higher rating if feasible.

6-6.9 Okay

This is the minimum rating we typically require to recommend a vape. Devices in this range are fairly good and may be an excellent match for some vapers, but they do have some limitations. They’re worth considering, but they’re not guaranteed a home run.

7-7.9 Good

Now we’re getting somewhere! Vapes rated 7+ are reliable, well-rounded options. Many devices in this range are part of our regular rotation and earn our recommendation, even if they’re not the absolute cream of the crop.

8-8.9 Great

These are top-tier vapes that thoroughly impressed us. They excel in all critical aspects from design to performance to flavor. Anything rated 8 or above receives our wholehearted endorsement.

9-10 Amazing

Vapes rated 9+ are the best of the best, and some of the finest we’ve ever tested. They surpass expectations in every regard – materials, performance, flavor, longevity, and more. For a vape to achieve a score in this range, it must be virtually flawless. If you’re seeking the ultimate vapes, start here.

How we arrive at those numbers

We rate all vapes on a scale of 0-10, carefully evaluating them across several essential categories. The scores from each category are then averaged to calculate an overall rating for every vape we test.

While the individual category scores provide valuable insights into specific aspects of the device, the overall rating offers the most comprehensive assessment of the product’s quality and performance.

Here are the key categories we assess for each vape, with the most important categories for each type of vape weighted more heavily in the final score:

Design & Build Quality

We assess the device’s form factor, comfort, portability, and durability. We also consider the placement of airflow, screens, and controls and examine build quality and materials for any shortcomings.


We evaluate whether the vape has the necessary features to achieve its intended purpose in the best way possible. We also compare the features to those of other similar products to determine if they provide a better solution or user experience. 

Any notable features like adjustable airflow, power, or monitoring functions for battery and juice levels are evaluated here.


Flavor is paramount for any vape. We judge flavor for quality from the perspective of experienced vapers. We look for realistic flavor that remains consistent over time. 

For vape juice and disposables, we also assess the range of options available and the accuracy of each flavor to brands description.

Coils/Pods (if applicable)

We evaluate the quality, flavor production, vapor production, and lifespan of the coils or pods. The best coils and pods provide excellent flavor and vapor while lasting a long time before needing to be replaced. We also consider the variety of resistance options available and how easy it is to change the coil or pod.

Battery & Charging (if applicable)

Using our real-world usage data, we test and compare battery life, charging speed (if applicable), and longevity to manufacturer claims and other devices in the same class. The best vapes achieve the numbers specified by the manufacturer and provide long life for their size and type.


Performance covers draw activation, airflow, amount and quality of vapor, throat hit, satisfaction, and consistency over time. We compare these aspects to other vapes in its class and consider available output levels.


We assess the overall value of each vape by considering how well its price aligns with the value it provides. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option is the best value. Instead, we look for vapes that deliver excellent performance relative to their price point.

The highest-value vapes offer the best combination of the previous criteria we’ve evaluated while still being affordably priced.

A score above 8/10 in this category indicates that a vape delivers exceptional value for its cost and is a smart investment for vapers seeking the best bang for their buck.

Editorial Evaluation

We leverage our team’s collective vaping knowledge and hands-on experience with a wide variety of products to assign a general rating. This allows us to account for any notable product attributes or X-factors that aren’t fully captured by the other more specific rating categories.

Our rigorous, multi-faceted evaluation process is designed to provide reliable, unbiased ratings that make it easy to compare products and find the perfect vape for your needs. We calculate an overall rating for each vape by combining scores from key categories, with the most important categories for each type of vape weighted more heavily in the final score.

For example, disposables prioritize the Flavors category, while Pod Vapes emphasize the Pods/Coils category. In each review, we highlight the most relevant categories and scores based on the specific product type.

By applying this consistent, comprehensive methodology across all reviews – whether for disposables, pod systems, vape pens, tanks, or mods – we aim to provide trustworthy ratings that cut through the noise and help you discover your ideal vape with confidence.