Best Vape Pens 2018 [Updated]

We take a look at the best vaporizer pens on the market in 2018.

Best Vape Pens

Vape pens can also go by any other names; vapor pens, vaporizer pens or vape pen mods. But why are they called ‘pens’? Well, the first vape pens actually resembled cigarettes and were called cig-a-likes or e-cigarettes. However, eventually manufacturers realized they needed to incorporate larger batteries and more power, so started making larger devices that were more cylindrical and pen shaped.

Vape pens are used for vaporizing e-liquid, wax or dry herb, and are powered by a small battery which connects to a tank or atomizer that contains a heating coil system. Then when the battery is fired or engaged, it will heat the coil, which in turn heats the e-liquid (wax or dry herb) and produces vapor.

If you are looking for a vape pen, then have a browse through our list below to help you make your purchase decision.

Best Vape Pens

Vaporesso Cascade One


Cascade One

The Vaporesso Cascade One is a 22mm vape pen which is powered by an integrated 1800mAh battery, featuring direct output and impressive 2-amp quick charging. What really makes this vape pen kit special is it comes with the Cascade Mini tank. The Cascade Mini is an excellent sub ohm tank, which is leak-resistant and uses GT coils, delivering an outstanding vape.


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Innokin Endura T18-II


Endura T18-II

Innokin have upgraded the worlds most popular pen-style vape. The new version features a sleek design and a built-in 1300 mAh battery. There’s also the choice of 3 different power settings. One of the most significant changes is the new airflow control, giving you the ability to find the perfect MTL vape.


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Innokin Endura T20S


Endura T20S

The Innokin Endura series have been some of the best MTL style vape pens available for a while. The Endura T20S comes with Prism T20S tank, which delivers excellent flavor and defined throat hit through it 0.8ohm coils. The Endura T20 has an integrated 1500mAh battery which has an optimized output of 18 watts.


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IJOY Saber 100


Saber 100

The IJOY Saber 100 is a regulated tube mode powered by the IWEPAL chip which is capable of firing up to 100 watts. It can utilize both 18650 and 20700 batteries and comes with the IJOYs diamond tank. The Diamond tank is an excellent tank that uses DM coils, including the impressive DM-Mesh coils.


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JacVapour Series S22 Kit


Series S22 Kit

JacVapour’s Series 22 is almost a crossover between a vape pen and a box mod. It’s still incredibly compact, and that slightly extended size over a standard vape pen is a great trade-off for an impressive 2600mah battery. It has an excellent rubber coated frame and comes with the Series S22 tank, which is an excellent MTL tank.


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UWELL Nunchaku 80W


Nunchaku 80W

The UWELL Nunchaku is another regulated tube mod which utilizes 18650 batteries and can fire up to 80 watts. It comes paired with the Nunchaku sub ohm tank, which is an excellent tank by UWELL. It has a 5ml e-liquid capacity and can be used with both 0.25 and 0.4-ohm coils.


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Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit


iStick Amnis Kit

The iStick Amnis is a 900mAh direct output device. But don’t be concerned by this small kits low battery capacity, as it uses the incredibly efficient GS Drive tank. The tank utilizes Eleaf’s new 0.35 or 0.75-ohm GS Mesh coils, which deliver fantastic flavor and are quite gentle on eliquid consumption, which is great as the tank has only a 2ml capacity.


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Eleaf iJust 3 with ELLO Duro


ijust 3 with ELLO Duro

The iJust 3 is a 25mm vape pen which has a huge 3000mAh built-in battery and is capable of firing up to 80 watts. The iJust 3 comes paired with one of Eleaf’s series tanks to date, the ELLO Duro. The Duro comes in both a 6.5ml or 2ml (TPD) capacity version, and the kit includes a 0.2ohm (HW-N), and 0.15ohm (HW-M) mesh coil heads, which deliver great flavor.


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What are vape pens?

There are various types of vaporizer or vape pens that can be used to vaporize e-liquid, and they are commonly also referred to as e-cigarettes – but they are not cigarettes! They do contain nicotine, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Many smokers have been switching to vaping with vape pens because they find that it is a much healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, that can still satisfy their nicotine craving.

Its said that nicotine addicts, but tar kills. Vapor is tar-free!

How do vape pens work?

All vape pens contain a battery which powers the device. This battery then delivers power to heat up either; a coil that can vaporize e-liquid (or wax), or for a dry herb vaporizer a herb chamber.

Quite simply when the user presses the power button (or firing switch) on the battery, it transfers power to the heating coil or heating chamber.

What does mAh mean?

It is an abbreviation for milliamp hours. Basically, all you really need to know is the higher mAh of a designated battery, the longer it will last before requiring a re-charge. Although vape pens have evolved, many vapers eventually progress on to use box mods due to their superior battery life.

The Anatomy of a Vape Pen

Anatomy of a vape pen

Atomizer – This is the part of a vape pen that will heat up when it receives power from a battery and is triggered by pressing the firing button. It usually consists of a type of metal coil.

Battery – This is the power supply for your vape pen. It provides the power to the coils of the atomizer, allowing it to heat up and vaporize e-liquid, wax or dry herb.

Coil – This is a small piece of wire that has been wrapped to create a coil that when heated vaporizes e-liquid or wax. They usually contain some kind of material for wicking.

Wick – The wick is the material found in a coil that absorbs e-liquid and wax, so it can sit around the coil and be vaporized. For e-liquid, this material is usually cotton, and for wax, quartz and ceramic it is commonly used.

Power Button – The power button or fire button, is used to engage the battery to start heating the atomizer. Some power buttons also switch off the device if pressed five times continuously.

Mouthpiece – This is the part that you put your mouth on and inhale from. With tanks or clearomizers you may hear people refer to it as the drip tip, despite the fact you are not dripping liquid into it.

Fill Port – Some vape pens contain what is called a fill port. This opening allows you to easily refill your device while it is still connected to the battery.

Airflow Control – A few vape pens may also have an airflow control (or AFC ring). This allows you to customize the airflow or draw resistance to either Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung vaping style.

Charging Port – A lot of vape pens contain a micro-USB charging port, either on the bottom or the side. This usually also allows for pass-through charging, meaning you can still vape while it is charging. Some, however, do have proprietary cables.

Threading – This refers to the threads on the top of the battery that you screw your atomizer too. Most vape pens have a 510 style threading.

Choosing the best vape pen for you

Here are some other key factors to consider when looking to purchase your first vape pen:

  • Do I want a large vape pen with good battery life or an ultraportable one with less battery life?
  • How much e-liquid/wax/dry herb can this vape pen hold?
  • Does it use micro-USB charging or will you have to carry a proprietary charger?
  • Does the pen have a tight draw for mouth-to-lung vaping, or a lot more airflow (direct-to-lung)?
  • Does the pen have airflow adjustment?
  • Does the quality and feel match up with the price tag?
  • Does this vape pen have good reviews?