WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad?

Understanding the shelf-life of CBD oil.


  • CBD oil can expire and lose potency over time due to degradation of its compounds
  • The shelf life of CBD oil depends on factors such as extraction method, storage conditions, and packaging
  • Proper storage can help extend the shelf life of CBD oil, such as keeping it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat
  • Signs of expired CBD oil may include changes in color, smell, and taste, as well as decreased effectiveness.

A little CBD oil goes a long way, but the thought of buying a tiny bottle can still be daunting. CBD oil targets health concerns like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, so the smallest drop can seem like liquid gold. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of CBD, you are probably wondering whether it expires.

Come with us as we explore the world of CBD oil and discover some tips and tricks for preserving (and even extending) the shelf-life.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural remedy that comes from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical compound that creates a high. Instead, it contains a lot of medicinal qualities.

People who have health conditions like scoliosis, epilepsy, and cancer can benefit from using this kind of oil. On a more day-to-day level, it also helps people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

So, when will your CBD oil expire?

If you’re wondering about CBD oil’s shelf-life, join the club! One of the most common questions that people ask us is, how long does CBD oil last?

In short, the shelf life of CBD oil is about 14 months to two years, depending on how it’s stored. Like everything in life, it’s not quite that simple. If you want to truly protect your stash from expiring too soon, you need to understand the four factors.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad? Shelf Life

What Factors Affect Shelf Life?

CBD oil shelf-life depends on these four factors.

  • Extraction method
  • Type of product
  • Storage
  • Packaging

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the factors that affect your CBD oil.

Types of CBD Oil

There are three main types of oil, but we’ve included flavored oil to cover every base.

Full Spectrum – These CBD products contain other naturally occurring compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. Extra compounds include terpenes, flavonoids, and THC.

Broad Spectrum – Broad spectrum CBD oil blends also contain other naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but they don’t contain THC. Because of this, these products tend to contain more CBD than full-spectrum blends.

CBD Isolate – This type of CBD oil is referred to as pure CBD oil. Typically, it only contains CBD isolate, the substance that is extracted directly from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t contain any extra compounds, unlike full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Flavored CBD Oils – As the name suggests, these kinds of CBD products contain flavorings. Common flavors include Strawberry, Cherry, and Peppermint.

No matter which type of oil you opt for, you need to look out for the certificate of analysis (COA). Any trustworthy CBD product will come with this certificate, which assures consumers that it has been tested by an impartial third party.

CBD Oil Extraction Method

If you are interested in CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD oils, or any other products, you will know that there is some debate about the best extraction method. Despite varying opinions, one method has emerged as the best option for longevity.

CO2 extraction is a ‘clean and cost-effection method of extracting cannabinoids from cannabis and, even better, it eliminates the need for several manufacturing steps. Extra processes can destabilize the chemical compounds in the mixture, which would cause your oil to expire far more quickly.

For a longer shelf-life, always buy CBD products from manufacturers who use the CO2 extraction process.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad? Colored Bottles

Longevity of Different CBD Products

Will your CBD oil expire quicker if it’s a broad-spectrum oil? How about an isolate? Shelf-life is not standardized, it’s different for all the CBD oils on offer.

For the best CBD products, you need to find manufacturers who keep the ingredients as pure as possible. In terms of longevity, pure CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oil are the best options.

Past studies show that high-quality CBD oil products tend to last longer. The purest products are the highest quality. Some last for longer than two years! The long shelf-life can be attributed to the lack of extra ingredients. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain other compounds that degrade quicker than pure CBD isolate.

Storage Tips for CBD Products

CBD oil lasts longer with a bit of TLC. Proper storage can ensure that your bottle of CBD oil reaches its typical shelf life.

To store CBD oil properly, you need to remember that direct sunlight and heat are your enemies. Both these external factors can cause a bottle of CBD oil to go bad before its expiration date.

Here are a few factors that you need to think about.

  • Be mindful of air exposure. Air conditioners and strong winds can have a big impact on the longevity of your oil.
  • Store your bottles in a dark place. Most experienced consumers have lost a bottle or two of their favorite CBD oil to a summer’s day.
  • Stay away from direct heat. Believe it or not, even the smallest amount of heat can have a detrimental impact on your oil.
  • Only open your bottle when you are using it. As soon as you’ve finished using the dropper, screw the top back on and store your bottle away from sight.

If you don’t store your bottles properly, you’ll have to deal with expired CBD oil. For added protection, use all our tips at once. You can achieve this by storing your bottles in a kitchen cupboard (provided your kitchen is cool and dry) or a storage room.

Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Should I Refrigerate My CBD Oil?

Refrigerating CBD oil is not necessary, and that’s not just due to the light in your fridge. The temperature is important, too. There are two reasons for this.

  • Cooling the oil decreases its viscosity, which means that it’ll be thicker and heavier. If the oil becomes too viscous, you’ll struggle to get it out of the dropper.
  • Cold temperatures may damage the cannabinoids in the oil. Over time, this could create harmful byproducts like oxidation and make your oil less potent.

To protect your oil, your room needs to have a temperature between 60-70°F.

Never Double Dip

The dreaded double dip, something that families have been fighting against for centuries. This phenomenon has made its way into the world of CBD oil, and with dire consequences.

Ok, maybe it’s not quite that serious, but it’s still important! Most CBD bottles come with pipettes, little measuring tubes that are attached to the bottle top. When using the pipette, you should always be mindful of bacteria.

If you place the end of the pipette against a surface, you are effectively collecting whatever bacteria is on that surface. If you place the pipette back into the bottle, the bacteria will spread out and disrupt the chemical compounds in your oil. This could encourage them to destabilize and degrade.

The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the end of your pipette never touches anything else. If it does, just wipe it before inserting it back into the bottle.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad?

Packaging Tips for CBD Products

CBD quality depends on lots of factors, and one of the most important is the packaging. You can choose the best ingredients and brands, but your oil will lose potency if it isn’t properly packaged.

One of the surest ways to protect yourself from any low-quality CBD oil products is to check for an expiration date on the label. Regardless of the price or quality, all CBD products must have an expiration date printed on the label. The FDA requires this for your protection, so don’t buy any CBD product that doesn’t have a clear date.

Another thing to consider is the bottle itself. You may have noticed that CBD products are usually sold in amber or black bottles. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can have a serious impact on the shelf-life of your oils. They can cause the chemical compounds in the oils to deteriorate. Amber blocks UV rays far more than transparent bottles, making it the best choice for conscious consumers.

Once you’ve chosen your bottle, you need to check that it’s airtight. Even the smallest CBD oil bottles should come with an airtight seal which proves that it’s not been tampered with. It also proves that the oil is in its original packaging, and it’s not been relabelled or resold by retailers who want to make quick cash.

CBD Oil Explained – The Short Version

CBD oil is packed with healthy, healing cannabinoids that are known to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, calm anxiety and stress, promote restful sleep, and protect the nervous system from degeneration. These essential oils also help regulate nerve function and blood circulation.

If you’re storing your CBD oil in a cupboard or drawer where it can get too warm or humid, then it’s likely to lose some of its potency.

Likewise, if you keep the bottle for more than two years before opening it up, then the beneficial compounds may break down. This weakens the CBD oil and renders it less effective. The therapeutic effects are greatly reduced, meaning you don’t get the health benefits you need.

How Do I Know if CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?

Does CBD oil expire visibly? Or is it smellable? Will the mixture feel strange to the touch?

Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way. If you’ve accidentally stored your oil in a hot, humid environment, or forgotten about a bottle of oil in your coat pocket, it probably won’t be fit for consumption.

Lots of people assume that expired CBD oil tastes rancid, but the best way to tell if your CBD oil has expired is to smell it.

Does it smell weird? Has it gone from an earthy smell to a skunky smell? If you’re picking up on unpleasant odors, it’s probably a sign that your oil is old and needs to be replaced.

Likewise, if you notice visual changes in the oil, it’s a good indication that it needs to go in the trash. Clouds, oversaturated colors, and changes in texture and consistency are also good signs that you need to start thinking about replacing your oil.

Remember, higher-quality products tend to withstand harsher environments far better. To safeguard your oil and your bank account, you might want to invest in CBD isolate from the start.

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go bad?

Can Old CBD Oil Make You Sick?

This is one of the biggest questions that lingers in the shadows of the CBD world. The answer is far less scary than the hype.

The Mayo Clinic found that though CBD oil is generally ‘well-tolerated’ it can occasionally cause dry mouth, drowsiness, reduced appetite, and fatigue. These side effects are far tamer than the side effects of cigarettes, and you only need to worry if you consume more than the recommended amount. Considering the fact that most CBD users chose to micro-dose, the associated side effects are not something that newbies need to worry about.

The only other health concern connected to CBD oil is the reliability of online products. There is some debate as to the impact of incorrect labeling. One study tested online CBD products and found that ‘26% contained less CBD than labeled.’ It seems to be the case that CBD manufacturers are far more likely to overrepresent the concentrate than to underrepresent it. Although this is not ideal, it does mitigate concerns that consumers will ingest too much CBD.

In the same study, the researchers go on to say that ‘under labeling is less concerning as CBD appears to neither have abuse liability nor serious adverse consequences at high dosages’, which further backs the idea that CBD is not a cause for concern, even when we consider higher dosages.

Expired CBD Oil: An Inevitability?

So, does CBD oil expire despite our best efforts?

CBD oils can’t be lumped together and placed in one basket. There are lots of different kinds to choose from, and each has its own unique qualities.

That being said, CBD users all share one similar dilemma. You might think that storing CBD oil is a bit of a nightmare, and we understand. It can be frustrating to realize that you’ve left your favorite oil in the back garden, burning under the heat of the sun, but if you stay up-to-date on our tips and tricks you won’t have to worry.

Sit back, relax, and let your CBD oils chill in a cool storage cupboard. Expired CBD oil isn’t an inevitability after all!

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