GEEK BAR ZERO launches 1st in Europe at WHSmith, in a mission to offer the ultimate vape experience with 0% nicotine

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WHSmith first to launch the GEEK BAR ZERO Range. 

GEEK BAR ZERO is the most advanced, innovative nicotine-free (0mg) vape experience in the world. 

GEEK BAR ZERO has partnered with WHSmith, one of the UK’s leading retail groups and household names. WHSmith will be the first retailer in the world to offer customers this new innovative zero nicotine (0mg) vape range, in a mission to help Brits live a nicotine-free and smoke-free lifestyle.

The GEEKBAR ZERO range will have the same great look, feel and taste as other GEEK BAR vapes, but without nicotine.

Gavin Zhang, the Vice President of GEEK BAR, said: “We are thrilled to announce this partnership between GEEK BAR and WHSmith, a well-renowned and respected retailer.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower adults on their journey towards a healthier, smoke-free life, by offering our innovative 0% nicotine vape experience, in GEEK BAR ZERO, now available 1st at WHSmith stores.”

GEEK BAR is a leading name in the vaping industry and has crafted this ground-breaking product to provide smokers with a compelling alternative that eliminates the addictive properties of traditional cigarettes. 

1. Supporting Nicotine Withdrawal: ** GEEK BAR’s nicotine-free vape empowers users by providing a satisfying vaping experience without the presence of nicotine, helping them gradually reduce their dependency on nicotine and work towards a smoke-free future.

2. Embracing a Smoke-Free Lifestyle: ** GEEK BAR’s nicotine-free vape serves as a vital tool for smokers on their journey towards a smoke-free existence. It provides a familiar and satisfying vaping experience, facilitating the transition away from traditional cigarettes.

3. **WHSmith will launch the most popular flavours with ZERO nicotine, giving customers the ultimate combination of health and taste: 

– Peach Ice

– Strawberry Ice

– Watermelon Ice

– Blueberry Ice

– Sour Apple

– Cherry Ice


Established in 2015, GEEK BAR is an e-cigarette brand, known for its high-quality disposable vape devices. GEEK BAR is committed to quality, from sourcing and manufacturing to marketing and distribution.  For more information on the GEEK BAR visit: 

About WHSmith:

WHSmith is a leading global retailer in travel essentials for the world’s travelling customer. With more than 1,700 stores across 30 countries worldwide, WHSmith offer customers a wide range of books, newspapers & magazines, travel and digital accessories and food and drink. 

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