Aspire Spryte vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO

Aspire Spryte vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO Intro

Seeing as Aspire keep releasing AIO/pod style systems, we thought we’d continue with our efforts of pitting them against each other to see if there’s a standout winner.

So next up is the uniquely shaped Spryte against the Nautilus AIO.

Both of these devices take popular Aspire coils. The Nautilus using the much-lauded Nautilus coils (as you can tell be the name), and the Spryte the BVC coils (which are essentially the same coil without the top section).

The main differences between the two devices come with the design format, the mouthpieces, and importantly the battery & liquid capacity.

So will it just be a case of which one you prefer the look of? Or does one Aspire pod system perform far better than the other?

Aspire Spryte vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO

Decisions are based on all the Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.


If you look at our table above, it seems like the Nautilus AIO has trounced the Spryte. However, in reality, it’s actually a far closer run thing, and there are a few aspects you should be aware of with both devices.

Unquestionably we think the Nautilus AIO has the more aesthetically pleasing design. The Spryte leans awkwardly when stood on a desk, and kind of resembles a nose hair trimmer.

That being said, it’s incredibly comfortable to hold in the hand, has a more clicky fire button and we think a more comfortable narrow mouthpiece. It also has a better-designed cap that can fit on the bottom of the device when not in use.

It’s also worth noting that the LED lights behind the Spryte’s fire button are much brighter.

Both devices are primarily made of plastic and weigh about the same.

Even with all of the above in mind, we still think the AIO wins it on the design front.

The Spryte has a 3.5ml capacity, compared to the Nautilus AIO’s 4.5ml. If you are in the EU, then 2ml is your limit for both so shouldn’t really be a deciding factor.

The Spryte is a constant output device, and although we can’t find the specifics on the Nautilus AIO, it feels like it is also. Both perform the same with a low battery so that one is a draw.

Both pods systems have the same filling method and airflow control, and as we said above the same type of coils so should be the same on performance.

However, we feel you get a slightly better MTL experience from the Spryte (due to the mouthpiece). It’s so close though that it’s almost negligible.

On paper, the Nautilus AIO has the bigger battery at 1000mAh compared to the Spryte’s 650mAh. We noticed in everyday use with a 1.8ohm coil that there wasn’t as much between them as you’d expect.

Still, the Nautilus did last a little longer, so it wins this category.

(We were notified that on DJLSB’s review channel, he tested both battery capacities and showed the Spryte as being underrated, actually coming in at 734mAh. Conversely, the Nautilus AIO was overrated coming in at 871mAh – which certainly matches our experience).

As you’d expect coil life of both is pretty much on par also. However, it’s worth noting that the Nautilus coils are older and probably more readily available (especially in bricks & mortar stores) so that could be a deciding factor.

Ultimately it’s a tough one to call, and a lot closer than it looks on paper. However, if you don’t have either of these devices, we’d say the Nautilus AIO is still the better choice to spend your money on.

Vaping Vibe Team
Vaping Vibe Team
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