WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Salt Nic Vapes 2023

These proven nic salt vapes deliver great flavor and satisfying throat hits.

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So you’ve heard about vaping nicotine salts (aka nic salts or salt nic) and want to know what the best salt nic vapes are?

Well, not all devices are designed to be used with nic salts, and not all vape juices are nicotine salt ejuices. So we’ve put this list together to help you find the best vapes for nicotine salts in 2023.

The devices selected are perfect for vaping nicotine salts, as they are low-powered and tailored to MTL vaping. We have covered some of the best pod systems and vape pens that can be used with salt nic juice.

We have also included the best nicotine salt vape juices to use in your devices and some of the best disposable salt nic vape pens for those that like simplicity.

If you want to learn more about nicotine salt vapes and the benefits of freebase nicotine, check out our guide below.

Best Vapes For Nicotine Salts 2023

Whether you are looking for a pre-filled or refillable vape pod, a vape pen that can be used with nicotine salt, or just the best nicotine salt vape juice – we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the best vapes for nicotine salts 2023.

Best Salt Nic Pod Vapes

Uwell Caliburn A2 Salt Nic Pod Vape

Uwell Caliburn A2

The Caliburn A2 is a low-profile pod vape made by Uwell that is the perfect salt nic vape. It features a 520mAh battery and can be used with either draw-activated firing or a single fire button. The Caliburn A2 has a maximum output of 15W and uses replaceable 0.9Ω pods that have a 2ml capacity and produce exceptional flavor. The A2 also delivers a medium-tight MTL draw which feels perfect for vaping nicotine salt juices.

GeekVape Wenax K1 Nic Salt Pod Vape

GeekVape Wenax K1

The Geekvape Wenax K1 is made of anodized aluminum and has a paint-grade texture to its color. The built-in 600mAh battery can be charged via the USB-C port, and it can be fired through auto-draw or designated fire button. The K1 has an intelligent output mode that automatically detects the installed coils and adapts for optimum output power. The Wenax K1 comes with a 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω coil pod; both can be filled with 2ml of nic salt vape juice.

Uwell Caliburn AK2 (KOKO V2) Nic Salt Pod Vape

Uwell Caliburn AK2 (KOKO V2)

The AK2 looks just like a square Caliburn, but it’s much more than that. It features an excellent auto-draw sensor and is fine-tuned for a super-comfortable MTL draw. The AK2 is compatible with Uwell’s A2 vape pods, which have top-fill and come with a Meshed-H 0.9Ω coil. It houses a 520mAh battery that charges via USB Type -C and is available in 4 color options. It is another exceptional pod system for using with nic salts.

Vaporesso XROS Mini Nic Salt Pod Vape

Vaporesso XROS Mini

The XROS Mini may look like a simple, compact pod system. However, it manages to include a 1000mAh battery in its incredibly compact chassis, and is an ideal vape pod for salt nic vaping. It delivers a tight MTL draw which suits nic salts, but sadly there’s no airflow adjustment. It has two different pod options, an updated 1.2Ω Pod and a 0.8Ω Mesh Pod. The XROS mini is available in 6 colors and features USB Type-C charging.

Best Salt Nic Vape Pens

GeekVape Wenax SC Nic Salt Pen

Geekvape Wenax S-C

The Geekvape Wenax Stylus is one of the best MTL vape pens and comes in a stylish compact design. It features an in-built 1100mAh battery that has three power levels. The Wenax has intelligent coil recognition and will set the power according to the coil. Of which there are two G Series Coil options, a 0.6Ω, and a 1.2Ω Mesh coil, and both work great with salt nic juices. The Wenax has Type-C charging, comes in 6 color options, and is an incredibly affordable vape pen.

Uwell Whirl S Nic Salt Pen

Uwell Whirl S

The Uwell Whirl S is an excellent vape pen for both DTL & MTL vapers. However, it is the ideal vape pen for nicotine salts when used in MTL. It utilizes the ever-impressive coil technology from the Caliburn G in a larger package. The Whirl S has a 1450mAh battery capacity which will easily keep you going all day and more. Then there’s USB Type-C charging for when you need a top-up. It is button-activated and comes with adjustable airflow to tailor the perfect vape.

Innokin Go-Z Nic Salt Pen

Innokin Go-Z

The Innokin Go-Z Pen kit is an easy-to-use slim vape powered by an internal 1500mAh battery. The paired Go-Z 2ml tank utilizes the Z coil series by Innokin, and it also features bottom adjustable airflow and has a slide-to-open top fill system. The Go-Z comes with a 1.6Ω coil for a tight mouth-to-lung inhale, ideal for that perfect nic salt vape experience.

Best Salt Nic Disposable Vapes

Sirius 2200 Disposable Nic Salt Vape

Sirius Disposable

The Sirius 2200 by Vaporlax comes in 10 different flavors, and each one has a whopping 10ml of vape juice. Combined with a 1500mAh battery, the Sirius 2200 can deliver 2200 hits (as the name suggests) which is mightily impressive. The Sirius comes with 50mg salt nicotine vape juice and has some of the most delicious fruit flavors on offer.

Cube Zero Disposable Nic Salt Vape


The Cube is a beast of a disposable vape pen, not just because of its size. The Cube packs an enormous 11ml of pre-filled nic salt juice and can deliver 3000 puffs per pen! The Cube also includes an adjustable airflow switch and has fantastic flavors, including Tropic, Apple, Coffee, Summer Menthol, Melonerry, Strawnana, Nirvana, and Dragonade. The Cube uses 50mg nic salts.

Vaporlax Disposable Nic Salt Vape

Vaporlax Disposable

The Vaporlax disposable vape pen comes with 6.5ml of 50mg nicotine salt juice and can deliver an outstanding 1500 puffs. The super-smooth airflow and the vast amount of flavor options available are perhaps more impressive, currently 22. They range from fruits, menthol, desserts, and everything in between – each delivering a great vape experience.

Best Salt Nic Juice

NKD 100 Nic Salts

NKD 100 Salt

Naked 100 already has a reputation for its amazingly accurate flavors. NKD100 takes their clean and classic creations and combines them with nicotine salt. They provide a decent throat hit and come in a diverse range of flavors. There’s anything from traditional tobacco to some of the best tropical fruit. NKD 100 Salt range is available in 25 and 50mg nic strengths. 

Pachamama Salts Nic

Pachamama Salts

Pachamama offers all their signature exotic fruity blends in high-strength nicotine salt versions. They are renowned for their unique and spot-on flavor combinations, including tropical fruits like guava, mango, nectarine, pineapple, and jackfruit – They really are a fruity delight. Each of their 30 mL bottles contains either 25 or 50 mg of nicotine salt.

Solace Nic Salts


Solace provides one of the widest ranges of salt nic flavors, and they offer many hard-hitting varieties in all the main categories. There are fruit, candy, tobacco, menthol, and coffee options, so something for everyone. Solace nicotine salts are available in either 15 or 30 mL bottles and come in 25 and 50 mg nicotine strengths.

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Guide to vaping Nicotine Salts

What are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salt (or nic salt/salt nicotine) is a form of naturally occurring nicotine extracted from leaf tobacco. Nic Salt e-Liquids are the most efficient method to deliver nicotine to your body in a simple but chemically complicated way.

Nic salts are said to provide a more satisfying experience, with it’s bio-compatibility enhancing the ease with which e-liquid containing nicotine salt can be inhaled.

Throat hits have been described as less harsh, and vapers can use more intense liquids, absorbing more nicotine for each puff. Nic salts have gained a lot of interest among MTL vapers and lower-powered device users.

Why should I try Nic Salts?

There have always been considerable advancements in vaping, but most of it has been geared towards devices and improvements in coil technology. The main aim was always to deliver the best flavor experience, and in the case of Sub-ohm vaping, the best clouds or vapor production.

However, nothing focused on the Nicotine aspect delivering the best possible experience. The improvements in nicotine delivery through Nic salts have also led to improved flavor from your vape juice and a milder throat hit.

So I guess the question should be, why not try salt nic vaping? As you will see from the points below, it has some significant benefits over freebase nicotine.

Nic Salts versus Freebase Nicotine

Nic Salts versus Freebase Nicotine

To fully comprehend the distinctions between nicotine salts and freebase, it’s essential to understand the most frequent alternative form of nicotine – freebase.

Freebase nicotine was first discovered in the 1960s by Phillip Morris International (who own the Marlboro brand). They discovered that freebasing nicotine might produce a purer and more enjoyable product, which is why it’s so prevalent in cigarettes, nicotine replacement therapies (including gum and patches, etc.), and vape e-liquids.

The process of freebasing is the change of nicotine from a “salt” form, as it naturally occurs, to its base “purest” form of nicotine. This method of increasing strength without increasing the dose is why it’s so popular among vapers and is a more cost-effective solution. As the name suggests, the salt proton is eliminated using ammonia (an alkaline), which causes the pH level to rise and modify it to a deprotonated “freebase” state.

To be effective, unmodified nicotine salts would need to be vaped at extreme temperatures. Even if that were possible, even the nic salts’ freebase equivalent would absorb better than the nic salts themselves. To make it most effective for vaping, nic salt mixtures still require a slight chemical modification.

Enter PAX Labs, who conducted studies (along with others) that suggest nic salts were more efficient in delivering nicotine to users. This is achieved by adding benzoic acid, which reduces the nic salts’ pH, reducing the temperature the nic salts vaporize at, and means vaping it isn’t as harsh.

Most salt nic e-liquids use Benzoic and Citric acids, depending on what’s optimal for the nic salt flavor, to deliver the following:

  • The chemical structure of nicotine is altered, allowing it to be absorbed into our bodies much more quickly.
  • It lowers the temperature at which nic salts vaporize significantly.
  • It decreases the pH level, which culminates in a much smoother experience for the throat when vaped.
  • It lowers the pH level, which makes it a smoother vape experience.

Benefits of Nic Salts

Okay, that’s all great technical and chemical explanations, but what are the benefits of using a nic salt vape as a vaper?

  • Better, faster nicotine fixes. Why? Because freebase nicotine is absorbed by the body in a build-up manner, it takes longer to feel satisfied. Nic salts allow nicotine to enter the bloodstream at a similar rate to smoking a cigarette – exactly what ex-smokers are looking for. Switching to nic salts leads to faster craving crushing – here’s PAX Labs proof.
  • It’s ‘technically’ cheaper. While nic salts are more expensive, your salt nic devices will deliver nicotine more efficiently. This will translate into less vaping, consuming less vape juice to curb your craving – money saved.
  • Better shelf life. Nic salts are more chemically stable than traditional e-liquids; thus, they keep better and can be stored for longer, as the nicotine quality never fades.
  • Smooth vape, mild throat hit. You probably don’t care about pH levels; leave that to the scientists. All you need to know is by adding food-grade Benzoic acid (no evidence to suggest it isn’t safe), nicotine is absorbed more efficiently with a smoother inhale. So you get instant nic with smooth hits.

Nic Salts for Ex-Smokers

It’s pretty common for new vapers to find the throat hit delivered by freebase nicotine to be a little harsh. Whereas if they transition into vaping using nicotine salts, which provides a far smoother draw and less intense throat hit, they may have a better experience.

You may also find vapers’ obsessions with throat hits rather strange if you’re a smoker! It’s not really about getting the same hit as smoking; it’s more about feeling satisfied by what you are vaping.

While nic salts offer an improved experience for all vapers regardless of whether they are smokers or not, there is definitely an argument that they are much more effective for those who used to smoke, as it allows them to switch much faster.

So nic salt vapes are a great option for anyone of a legal smoking age, looking to transition into vaping.

Reducing Juice Consumption

Nicotine from salt nic vapes is absorbed into the bloodstream faster and is said to deliver an effect within 6-7 seconds, while also mirroring the typical hit you would get from a cigarette.

This means, in comparison, to freebase e-liquid, it can satisfy your nicotine craving faster and with far less juice being consumed. Obviously, this does depend on the milligram (mg) level of nicotine in either your freebase or salt nic juice. However, salt nic juices can have a higher level of nicotine (higher mg) than freebase without delivering too harsh of a throat hit.

Many vapers have claimed to have reduced their liquid consumption through salt nic devices thanks to the more powerful nicotine hit they offer.

If you are interested in lowering your nicotine consumption or even going nicotine free, check out our page on the best nicotine-free vapes.

Growing Availability

Since nicotine salt e-liquid hit the market, most juice manufacturers have transitioned their most popular flavors to also be available in nic salt options.

There has also been a significant surge in low-powered pocket-friendly devices like pod systems. This means vapers nowadays have far greater options when looking for a salt nic device.

This is especially true in the US, where there is no limit to nicotine mg strength. However, even in the UK & EU, where there is a 20mg limit imposed by TPD requirements, there has still been remarkable growth in nic salt vapes.

Is it safe to use Nic Salts?

If you’re wondering whether nicotine salts are safe, don’t worry, but keep reading. Given that nic salts are probably no more hazardous than inhaling freebase nicotine, it’s safe to say it’s far safer than the combustible alternative – smoking.

There has been some concern raised over the use of benzoic acid, as currently, there is little conclusive research carried out on its effects on humans. However, many suggest that the reduced level of juice (and vapor) inhaled when using nic salts could lead to them being a safer alternative to their more commonly-used counterparts, and it is undoubtedly safer than smoking.

Can I Sub-Ohm vape Nic Salts?

It is not advised to use nic salts in high-powered sub-ohm devices due to the high nicotine concentration.

Lower-strength salt nic juices are available on the market tailored towards sub-ohm vaping. However, typical strengths found are meant to be used in low-power devices just like those contained on our list above of best nic salt vapes.

So we would advise staying away from sub-ohm vaping nic salts.

What are the best vape devices for salt nic?

Any lower-powered vape device is good to use with nic salt e-liquid. The most popular are currently disposable vapes as they come pre-filled with nic salt vape juice, which makes them incredibly simple to use.

However for those looking to use their own nic salt juice, then a pod device or pod mod with refillable pods would be highly recommended. These are usually affordable, easy to use, lower-powered, and deliver excellent performance -All of which make them the best vape for nic salts.

Why are these devices the Best Vapes for Nicotine Salts?

As mentioned above, not all vape devices or tanks are designed to vape nicotine salts. All of the nicotine salt devices in our list have low wattage output and high coil resistance, which means they are perfect for vaping nicotine salts and delivering a smooth draw.

There are some other factors why we believe the devices chosen above are the best salt nic vapes on the market right now:

  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • Low Liquid Consumption
  • Low Power (won’t deliver too much nicotine)
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Mouth-to-Lung Draw (ideal for those transitioning to vaping)
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