Best Sub Ohm Tanks 2018 [Updated]

We take a look at the very best sub ohm tanks on the market for clouds and flavor.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Here we take a look at the best sub ohm tanks currently on the market. It’s been a busy year in the sub-ohm tank category, and the recent craze in mesh coils has seen some outstanding sub ohm tanks released this year.

We have done our utmost to provide you with the top sub ohm tanks from all of the ones we’ve tested. We haven’t had the pleasure to review every sub ohm tank currently available, and the industry is moving at such a fast pace that may be difficult. So not all readers may agree with our current list. However rest assured our list will frequently be updated, as more tanks are released and reviewed.

If you are looking for a sub ohm tank, then have a browse through our list below to help you make your purchase decision.

Freemax Mesh Pro - Best Sub-Ohm Tank


Mesh Pro

The Freemax Fireluke was an excellent and popular sub-ohm tank; now the follow-up takes it to another level. The Mesh Pro features an easy to open top fill and has a 5ml capacity (or 6ml with bubble glass).

It’s not the smallest of tanks and is best suited to higher wattages (60W+). However, it’s capable of producing fantastic flavor from the impressive multi-mesh coils it utilizes.

The kit comes with two Mesh coil heads; a single 0.15ohm, and a double 0.2ohm both are excellent, but the Triple 0.15ohm (not included) is probably the most impressive.


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Falcon Resin

Horizontech has taken a different approach to creating a flavor chasing sub-ohm tank. Instead of using regular organic cotton, they use a combination of flax, mesh and wood pulp, along with cotton to enhance the flavor. That might sound a little extreme, but boy does it work. The flavor from these coils is immense.

The Falcon has a 5ml capacity, is 25.2mm in diameter and hs two huge bottom airflow slots. It’s available in a variety of colors, and Horizentech currently has 4 different coil options available.

The Falcon may not be the biggest high wattage cloud chucker, but for mid-wattage flavor chasers, it doesn’t get much better than this.


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Vaporesso Cascade - Best Sub-Ohm Tank



The Vaporesso Cascade tank can produce immense clouds and excellent flavor. It uses an innovative plug-style coil head system and claims to be able to handle up to 200 watts, that’s if you can handle that much power!

The tank is 25mm in diameter and can hold 7ml of juice. If you prefer to dial down the clouds but still get great flavor, it also comes with an adapter so you can utilize any of the GT coil range. That means with the Vaporesso Cascade you can switch between 200W or 20W coils in the same tank, both with great flavor.


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Innokin Plex - Best Sub-Ohm Tank



The Innokin Plex tank is an incremental upgrade on their recent Scion tank. It uses the same Plexus mesh coils which are designed for maximum flavor and vapor production.

The tank is 24 mm in diameter and holds 2ml (TPD) or 4ml (bubble glass) of e-liquid. It has an easy top-filling system, dual bottom airflow and comes complete with a wide bore snakeskin style 810 drip tip.

This tank comes with the brand new 3-core 0.13ohm mesh coil head as well as the very popular single 0.15ohm Scion Plexus coil.


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Aspire Cleito Pro - Best Sub-Ohm Tank


Clieto Pro

The Aspire Cleito Pro is the latest variant of arguably one of the most popular recent sub ohm tanks, the Cleito.

This Cleito Pro also sees Aspire venture into the popular mesh world with their 0.15ohm mesh coils, and there’s no disappointing.

The Cleito comes in two capacities 3.0ml, and for TPD areas there is a 2ml version. With a 24mm diameter deck and wide bore comfortably curved Delrin drip-tip, and triple bottom airflow to optimize vapor and flavor production.

It’s another great sub-ohm tank from Aspire in the Cleito family.


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Uwell Crown 3 - Best Sub-Ohm Tank


Crown III

Uwell’s first Crown was a massive hit, but the second version didn’t quite live up to its predecessor. Uwell made sure they wouldn’t make the same mistake again and took their time developing the Crown 3.

The Crown 3 now has a 5ml tank with top fill and a unique locking feature. The kit comes with two coils (0.5 & 0.25 Ohm), which can certainly get the clouds going and produce great flavor.

The Crown 3 also comes in a variety of attractive colors, and we believe Uwell are back to their best with the Crown 3.


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Uwell Valyrian - Best Sub-Ohm Tank



Uwell is no stranger to making great tanks, and the Valyrian is another excellent addition to their already popular line.

The Valyrian is a 25mm tank that has a 5ml capacity (2ml TPD) and features coil pins which allow for changing airflow and flavor configurations.

It may not compete with some of the other tanks on this list for pure cloud production, but it’s still no slouch, and when it comes to flavor the Valyrian is exceptional. Best suited to those that like to vape in the 70-80W range.


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SMOK TFV12 Prince - Best Sub-Ohm Tank


TFV12 Prince

SMOK are no strangers to making powerful tanks, and The Prince TFV12 is their most potent yet. It features an upgraded top fill system over the Cloud Beast King, which enables you to lock it with a switch.

There’s also an 8ml capacity bubble glass, so running through juice won’t be as much of a worry, and there’s a TPD compliant version for Europe. The airflow system is super smooth, and as always SMOK has a vast amount of colors available.


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The Anatomy of a Sub Ohm Tank

Sub Tanks Explained

What is a Sub Ohm Tank?

Sub-Ohm Tanks (also called Sub Tanks, or Sub-Ohm Clearomizers) derive their name from being any tank where the resistance of the coil is lower than 1.0 ohm. However, the name is primarily used for tanks that use pre-made, factory-built, removable atomizer heads. The removable coil heads have a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm and screw into the base of the tank.

Sub-Ohm Atomizer Development

Through the years of atomizer development, the coil resistance was almost never lower than 1.25 ohms and could go as high as 5 ohms.

However, vapers discovered that ultra-low resistance allowed higher power which provided a much more intense vaping experience — with better flavor and much more vapor production. This was when the sub-ohm craze began.

The first sub-ohm tank on the market was the Aspire Atlantis, followed quickly by the popular Kanger Subtank. These were glass tanks with removable coil heads that had resistance as low as 0.5 ohms. Then every vaping hardware manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon and came out with their own lines of sub-ohm tanks with custom heads featuring; horizontal or vertical coils, in single, dual, quad, or even eventually octet coil configurations, and reaching resistances as low as 0.15 ohms.

2015 was arguably the Year of the Sub-Ohm Tank, but now many think the crown of vaping goes to the new generation of RTAs.

Sub-Ohm Tanks vs. RTAs

The only real difference between a Sub-Ohm Tank and a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) is that a sub-ohm tank uses pre-built factory coil heads, while an RTA has a deck on which the vaper installs their own coils. However, things do get a little crossed over as manufacturers of sub-ohm tanks offer RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) heads for their Sub Ohm Tanks. This supposedly gives buyers the best of both worlds, as they can use the disposable factory heads or build their own.

However, most RBA sections do not perform as good as RTAs. RTAs are more spacious and generally have higher-quality build decks.

Quick Tips and Tricks for Sub Ohm Tanks

Always prime the coil head before first use

When you have a new coil head drop 2-4 drops of e-liquid inside directly onto the coils and wicks, this is called “priming.” Then once placed into a full tank, let the head sit for about ten minutes before initially firing it to allow complete absorption of e-liquid into the wick. This prevents burning the cotton wick and ruining the coil because it’s still dry.

Break in the coil head gradually

When using a new coil head, start firing at low wattage, say 20 watts. You probably won’t get as much flavor and perhaps little vapor, but you’re letting the coil head ease in, which is essential. Then gradually increase the power over time. Hitting a new coil head with 70W straight away irrelevant of how primed it is will probably dramatically shorten its lifespan.

Replace the coil head when necessary

Coil heads can wear out because either; the coils themselves gunk up with residue or the wicking material gets burned loses its ability to wick e-liquid to the coils.

The simplest way to know that your coil head has seen better days is by the taste. If the flavor is diminishing or have a slightly funky taste, then it’s probably time to change the head.

Another option is, whenever you’re refilling a sub ohm tank, examine your coil head. If the wicking material is darkened toward brown or black, then it’s done and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Who are Sub-Ohm Tanks Suited to?

Sub-ohm tanks are ideal for vapers who want the convenience of quickly and easily installing a new coil – without having to learn how to build their own. But still want that intense vaping experience, that comes with low ohm, high power vaping, which provides great flavor and big vapor production.