WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss | Review

The Swiss Army Knife of vaping.

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The Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss AIO is not only quite a mouthful, but it’s quite a device that can cover almost any type of vape setup.

The Abyss is an all-in-one device designed in the style of a side-by-side mod, which can take 18650/21700 batteries.

It comes with a tank that can support various stock coil bridges/rebuildable bridges (that fit the Billet Box) and its own Ether RBA bridge.

You can also convert the Abyss AIO into a full side-by-side mod with the conversion kit add-on.

There are a ton of other optional accessories, like different buttons, drip tips, battery tubes.

Is it a jack of all trades and master of none, and just how good is the vape experience with the Dovpo Abyss AIO?

We’ll buckle up because this is going to be a long one.

The Abyss is available in 7 different color options, Onyx (black), Classical, Storm, Mars, Amethyst, Nato, and Tidal.

The Good

Innovative compact design, good build quality, immense customization options, 18650 & 21700 compatible, ability to use stock coils and billet box bridges.

The Bad

Changing batteries is cumbersome, difficult to change coils without losing juice, some inconsistencies in build quality of add-ons.

The Bottom Line

The Dovpo Abyss AIO is without a doubt the most versatile vape device on the market. It’s not without its flaws and can be a damn frustrating device to use. Yet it still wins a place in our hearts for being so innovative, while it also delivers an excellent vape experience, especially with the Ether RBA add-on. Definitely not a device for beginners, but an exceptionally versatile vape mod for the advanced tinkerer.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Review

Specs & Features

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Specs
  • Dimensions – 83x53x25mm
  • Power Output – 5-60W
  • Battery – Single 18650 or 21700
  • Charging – USB C
  • Capacity – Dependant on the bridge (up to around 8ml)
Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Kit Contents
  • Abyss AIO Device
  • 21700 Conversion Plate
  • Nautilus Bridge
  • 21700 Battery Cover
  • 21700 Battery Wraps
  • USB C Cable
  • Battery Warning Card
  • User Manual
Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

Design & Style

Let me start this off by saying due to the versatility and ingenuity of the design on the Abyss AIO; there’s a lot to cover in this review. 

I’ll try my best to be as brief and precise as possible, but this is probably one of the most complex devices to review.

My first impression of the Dovpo & Suicide Mods Abyss was this thing is incredibly well built and is a damn sight smaller than I initially thought.

The Abyss AIO measures 83mm by 53mm by 25mm, so it is pretty comparable in size to a Billet Box and not much bigger than the Aspire Mixx or a DotMod DotAio.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

However, it is quite a weighty device hitting the scales at around 213g without a battery. It’s even heavier if you are using a 21700 battery inside. Still, that’s one significant benefit over the devices mentioned above, all of which are single 18650 devices. So for a 21700 device, it is actually very compact.

The weight for the Abyss AIO comes from the fact it is made from a mix of CNC’d Aluminium and Stainless Steel. However, the weight of this device just adds to the quality of it, and it feels reassuringly solid.

I also think it’s a beautiful mod. It’s a kind of a mix between the old traditional side-by-side mods and a more modern AIO. We’ve got the silver in for the review, and I’m generally not someone that goes for the shiny silver devices. Still, the balance between the stainless steel parts and the brushed aluminum body looks fantastic together.The all-black version also looks incredibly slick, and I’m sure it will probably be the best seller.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

So what does the Abyss AIO design consist of?

Well, quite frankly too much to cover in this section because the Abyss can be used as either a 21700 or 18650 device, as a side-by-side device, or with the included tank with a variety of coil or bridge/RBA options.

So we will cover each part in detail later in the review – as some parts are add-ons that need to be purchased.

Here we will just cover the design and setup that comes included in the box:

Starting from the top, you have the drip tip that screws in to secure the top plate and tank of the mod. We’ll cover the drip tip options further down in the review.

The top plate of the mod is also the battery door/cover. This battery plate holds everything together but also completes the circuit for the device to fire. You rotate the battery plate 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock it and lift it off to reveal the battery compartment.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

The battery compartment is a stainless steel tube, which is for a 18650 battery. However, you can simply slide this tube out, and it then allows you to place a 21700 battery inside. This does leave the back of the 21700 exposed, so Dovpo has included a plastic battery sleeve (that clips over the back), and also some 21700 battery wraps.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss 21700 Battery

The battery wraps included with the silver device were black, which isn’t ideal if you are a bit OCD on everything looking clean, like me.

Once your battery is in place, you can then reattach the battery plate and turn 90 degrees clockwise to lock it in place.


One essential thing to note is that the tank is only held in place by pressure from the battery plate and from the drip tip screwing into place. So as soon as you remove both you MUST keep hold of the tank. Otherwise, it will just pop off and go rolling across the floor.

This is exactly what happened on my first attempt.

Not what you want to happen with a glass tank, and they do not include a spare tank in the kit – thanks Dovpo & Suicide Mods!

This whole part of the design is excellent to allow for versatility, but also fairly frustrating in practice. Especially when you come from mods with simple battery doors.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

It’s a pretty cumbersome process just to change the battery on the mod; unscrew the drip tip, turn the battery plate while making sure you don’t drop the tank, lift the battery plate off, replace the battery – then try to align the battery plate (not always straightforward) and go through the whole process in reverse.

Oh, I’m even exhausted just trying to write that all out!

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

That being said, I have gotten used to it over the last week and accept it as just the nature of the beast with this versatile design. Also, if you’re using a high capacity 21700, you won’t change the battery that often.

Some may argue that it has a USB Type C port for charging, so you don’t need to remove the battery – but as always, we recommend externally charging your batteries.

Ok, so we’ve covered the top half of the Abyss AIO design.

The tank we will cover in more detail later, as it’s where a lot of the magic happens. But as you may have gathered the device does not have a 510 thread, though there is a 510 adapter that can be purchased (again covered later).

Below the tank and on the mod itself, we have an adjustable airflow control. In my opinion, this is one of the design aspects that sets the Abyss apart from other similarly designed AIOs. There are 15 small airflow holes so that it can be adjusted from fully open to an extremely tight MTL.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Airflow

Some have mentioned the airflow is too stiff to turn, but that might have been on early batches of the device because I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

All of this can be done using any type of bridge or coil that you have inside – so you are getting more airflow control on stock coils or other bridges that you may not get on different devices.

Below the tank and airflow, there is a groove cut out of the mod.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Charge Port

There is the USB Type C charge port in this groove, which has three small holes with LEDs above it. These LEDs are only used when you are charging to the device, so show its status.

That’s because you won’t be able to see the screen when the device is charging. After all, it is located on the bottom of the mod.

Dovpo has done an excellent job with the screen as it sits recessed into the device (to protect it when you place it down), and it’s incredibly clear and bright. The screen’s layout is pretty much a carbon copy of a DNA screen, so you’ll see your battery status, resistance, voltage & wattage/Temp.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Screen

Also on the base of the device are the +/- buttons. These also sit a little recessed for obvious reasons, but it does make them a little fiddly to press in.

Ok, nearly there.

One last thing to cover is the fire button on the Abyss AIO. It is located on the side of the device (center & towards the top). For anybody that’s used a billet box before, it’s in quite a natural place for thumb firing.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Buttons

However, I don’t think this is the best button in the world. It reacts perfectly fine and protrudes enough. But it is a little small and smooth, so I often find myself sliding over it with my thumb.

Thankfully this can be fixed by…..you guessed it, purchasing a different button, which we will cover later.

Ok, some last thoughts on the Dovpo and Suicide Mods Abyss AIO design.

Another thing to note that is really apparent with the design of the Abyss is just how clean they have managed to make it look. There is only a tiny etched ‘Abyss’ logo in the little groove on the front of the mod. All the other standard safety logos are tucked away in the battery compartment.

This leads to an overall clean and elegant look for an all-in-one product.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss


Apart from the features of being able to utilize bridges for most other manufacturers’ stock coils, along with billet box bridges, RBA bases, and be used as a side-by-side device, what ‘standard’ features does the Abyss offer?

The Dovpo Abyss AIO can be used with either a 18650 or 21700 battery.

It is, however, limited to having a 60W maximum output, with a range of 5-60W. It also has a voltage range of 0.8-8.0V and a coil resistance range of 0.08-3.5ohm.

The Abyss is capable of Temperature Control with ranges 200°-600° F / 100°-315° C.

It has an OLED Display screen on the base of the device and built-in adjustable airflow on the mod itself.

There is a USB Type-C Charge port for charging. However, it’s only 1A charging, so not what you would class as fast-charging.

The Abyss AIO can also be used in Bypass mode while charging.

It features all of your standard safety protection like Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Temperature Protection, 10s Overtime Protection, and Reverse Battery Protection.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss

How to operate the Dovpo Abyss AIO

Powering Up – press the fire button 5 times to switch the device on/off.

Switching mode – Hold the Fire & – buttons down simultaneously to switch power modes.

Adjusting Wattage – Press the +/- to adjust your wattage power (adjusts in 0.5 increments).

Temp Control Adjustment – Press the +/- to adjust your temperature. Hold both + and Fire buttons to change pre-heat wattage, when wattage value flashes you can adjust by pressing the +/- buttons.

Lock/Unlock – Hold down the +/- buttons to lock or unlock them. Lock or unlock the Fire button by pressing it 3 times quickly.

Stealth Mode – Lock +/- buttons first, then click the + button 3 times quickly. To get out of stealth mode click the + button 3 times again.

Dovpo Abyss – Tank

The Dovpo Abyss tank has an enormous juice capacity, but the exact amount is really dependent on the type of bridge you are using inside. I believe it averages around 7ml with the Ether RBA bridge inside, possibly more with the smaller bridges.

The tank is actually quite a simple design. It’s the standard three parts, top metal section, glass tube, and bottom metal plate. All of which are held together with pressure and o-rings.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Tank

It’s pretty easy to pull apart and clean, and of course, you need to pull it apart every time you want to place the desired bridge inside.

This leads me to the one big downfall with the tank. There is no way you can take your coil (or build deck) out while there is juice inside. You’ll have to drain it first.

I had a little nightmare with this when using the Ether RBA (see the section below).

To fill the tank is nice and easy. There is a large fill port on the top, which has a little gap, so you place your fingernail in to pull it open.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Filler Port

You’ll need to make sure when you place the tank on the device that you have the fill port facing outwards. Otherwise, you might not be able to access it.

The fill port hole is large enough, but you need to be careful when filling. You can’t go too fast; otherwise, you will get an airlock and splash juice everywhere.


Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Bridge Pack

Dovpo Abyss – Bridge Pack

The Dovpo Abyss only comes with one bridge in the kit, which is the Nautilus coil adapter bridge. They sadly don’t include any coils, but I guess they can’t from other manufacturers.

There are currently 4 other coil bridges available for the Abyss that give you the option to use a whole variety of coils.

You can either buy them separately or as a complete pack.

  • VooPoo PnP/Vaporesso GTX
  • Vaporesso EUC
  • Caliburn G
  • Smok Nord

They all work reasonably similarly, with a couple of notable differences.

The PNP/GTX bridge comes with a new bottom for the tank because it includes a much wider coil and o-ring configuration.

The EUC bridge is the most interesting because you screw your coil into slots on both ends and put it inside.

All of the other bridges like the Nautilus are single pieces, so your coil is accessible from the bottom section of the tank.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Side-by-Side Adapter

Dovpo Abyss – Side-by-side adapter

This does exactly what you expect. It transforms the Abyss into a side-by-side mod.

It’s incredibly simple. There are two different caps included in the kit, one for an 18650 battery and one for a 21700. They are to be used instead of the included battery plate.

Then there is a threaded 510 adapter that screws onto your tank, allowing you to screw your tank onto the mod.

The Abyss can easily hold 24mm RTAs, and you can potentially get away with a 25mm if it’s flat. You will need to be careful with any tanks that flare out at certain parts, and of course, bubble-glass will probably be a no-go.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Glass Pack

Dovpo Abyss – Glass Pack

The glass that comes installed in the Abyss will be a standard clear glass. There is no spare included in the kit though.

The glass pack gives you a full set that includes clear glass, smoked glass, and an Ultem tank section.

So depending on what color Abyss you have, you can adjust the look with the tank section, or more importantly just make sure you have a spare in case of an accident.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss 18650 Battery Tube

Dovpo Abyss – 18650 Battery Tube

The Dovpo Abyss comes with a metal 18650 battery tube, in either stainless steel or black – depending on which color you get.

If you want to show off your battery wrap, want to make the device slightly lighter, or just fancy a change, then you can get a replacement tube.

There are currently two options, a clear or a smoked battery tube, and both are plastic.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Button Kit

Dovpo Abyss – Button Kits

The Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss is all about customization. So if like me, you are not too happy with the original fire button, you can easily change things up.

There are two different designs on offer: a simple round button or a square one with ridges that should provide a more tactile feel.

Like the rest of the mod, they come in different finishes with either a Matte Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless finish.

You will, however, need a decent Torx screwdriver to remove the three screws, so you replace the button. I believe it’s a T4 size screw, but I found a T5 Torx screwdriver worked best, your mileage may vary.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Drip Tip Kit

Dovpo Abyss – Drip Tip Kit

The drip tip kit comes with three different style drip tips, short, long, and whistle shaped.

It’s a different style drip tip to the one included with the Abyss. This one actually has a metal section that screws into the device, and the tips are sleeves that slot over it.

They come in either black or white, and just like the original drip tip, they all have a reasonably wide bore.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Ether RBA Bridge

Dovpo Abyss – Ether RBA Bridge

The Ether RBA bridge by Suicide Mods is what makes the Abyss AIO especially appealing to me.

The Ether bridge is Suicide Mods’ first RBA section for the Abyss and is a sibling design to their very popular Ether RTA.

You get the two Ether build deck and chimney in the package, along with 4 different airflow inserts 0.8, 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0mm. Mine came installed with the 1.0mm insert in the deck.

The inserts are also the positive pin, so to replace them, you simply unscrew the positive pin with a small flat head screwdriver (sadly, one isn’t included, but most vapers will have one).

There is also a 510 adapter for building your coils and a new drip tip with two different sleeves in the pack. They are the same design as the Drip Tip Kit but have a more narrow bore. This makes it far more tailored to an MTL vape than the original drip tip.

However, sadly this is where I hit my first issue with QC from Dovpo & Suicide Mods.

The thread on the drip tip that came with my Ether bridge kit was terrible. I tried screwing it into both the 21700 battery plate and the 18650 battery plate, and it just wouldn’t go (without me cross-threading it).

As you can imagine, I was pretty annoyed, as I was really looking forward to testing the Ether bridge….and now I had no drip tip to connect.

Fortunately, I remembered I still had the drip tip that comes with the Abyss, which also acts as a 510 drip tip adapter. So I was able to use this along with my own 510 MTL drip tip. However, I’m assuming because the initial bore of the standard drip tip is wider, and then I’m going down into a narrow bore on my MTL drip tip, that I’m losing a bit of flavor in the transition.

I also had a self-inflicted nightmare when it came to my first build in the Ether RBA.

The Ether bridge is nice and easy to work on. It’s a two-post design with Phillips head screws and plenty of room to work with. There are two very deep wicking channels on either side.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss Ether RBA Bridge

In my excitement of getting it set up for an MTL vape, I forgot that the juice I was using was a 50/50 consistency. I made sure I cut my wick about 1cm out of the deck, then I did my standard procedure of fluffing them just a little before tucking them into the juice wells.

Even though it was pretty packed, I obviously didn’t have enough wick for that type of juice. So my first attempt led to a flooded deck and juice flowing out down the positive pin into the 510!

Major frustration and panic ensued, as there is no way to take the build deck out while it’s full of juice.

The only way to fix things was to take the tank off the device, pull the top part off the tank and drain the remaining juice into a spare bottle. It was all kinds of mess, with juice leaking everywhere.

Much like most Billet Box bridges, this is not the type of RBA you want to get wrong on the first build.

So learn from my mistakes, make sure you have plenty of wick for thinner juices, and with your first build, do not fill up the entire tank….take it easy and test.

Once I was able to clean things up, rewick, and get vaping. I was mightily impressed with the quality of the vape from the Ether RBA.

I have primarily used it in an MTL setup with the 1.0mm insert, and this is where the in-built airflow on the Abyss AIO really shines. You get a lot of control for the airflow intake. I like a really tight MTL draw, so set it with just two airflows open.

It delivers an extremely flavorful smooth draw. I would even say it’s a slight step up from the Ether RTA.

Add in the fact that the Abyss tank can hold a shed load of juice, and I’m running it using a 21700. This is a monster of an MTL device that can last you for days.

With a wider bore insert and the airflow more open in direct to lung mode, the Ether bridge still delivers on flavor. However, I think it’s best suited for those who like a more restricted DTL.

Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss


If you are still with me, don’t worry this section will be a little shorter than the rest.

There’s been a lot to cover with the individual design aspects of the Abyss AIO, but when it comes to performance, it’s really dependent on what bridge/coil you are using.

My experience using the Nautilus bridge adapter (included) and a Vaporesso GTX coil in that adapter has been great. You get the exact desired performance from the coil but with more control over airflow from the Abyss.

Just bear in mind that using the bridges can be a little fiddly, and some have noted minor leaking with some of the coil adapters.

My time with them has been fine, and I can only really base this on my own experience.

I’ve not yet had the chance to run a Billet Box bridge like the VapeShell or Truss inside the tank. From what I understand from others, the performance is there, especially with the adjustable airflow – but things may still be a little fiddly getting everything together.

The Ether RBA bridge is where this setup really shines for me, and I would advise anyone looking to buy the Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss AIO to look into getting the Ether bridge as well.

I’ve had no issues with the chipset set, battery life, and other aspects of the Abyss mod.

However, the one big caveat with this device is it’s not really for a beginner. It’s certainly not the easiest to use and can get damn frustrating.

Good Vibes

  • Great build quality
  • Innovative compact design
  • Immense customization options
  • 185650 & 21700 compatible
  • Good adjustable airflow
  • Stock coil adapters available
  • Compatible with almost all Billet Box bridges
  • It can be used as a side-by-side mod (with conversion kit)
  • USB Type-C charge port

Bad Vibes

  • Difficult to change coils without losing juice
  • Very cumbersome to change batteries
  • It might leak with some adapters & stock coils
Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss


As mentioned above, the Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss AIO is not a device for everyone.

Changing batteries and changing coils make it a chore. Then some inconsistencies in all of the moving parts working together (like crap threading on drip tips) could lead you to say it’s far more hassle than it’s worth.

But… I love it.

It’s the sort of device that’s aimed toward the tinkerer (like me). The vaper that not only wants something versatile, that one day they can use a stock coil, then their Billet box bridge, or the Ether RBA, or even their own RTA in a side-by-side setup.

There’s no other device on the market that can cover all of those bases.

It’s also for those vapers that love to customize their device. Not only can you get the different official parts, but the market seems to be opening up for custom acrylic parts too. You can get different bottom plates, battery covers, buttons, and more to really change the look of the Abyss.

However, all of these add-ons will run up the cost, so it’s not the most affordable vape setup.

Still, on the face of it, it’s a very compact 21700 mod that has great build quality and is extremely versatile and could be a lifelong purchase.


The Dovpo X Suicide Mods Abyss AIO 60W Kit was sent to us by NewVaping for the purpose of this review.




The Dovpo Abyss AIO is without a doubt the most versatile vape device on the market. It's not without its flaws and can be a damn frustrating device to use. Yet it still wins a place in our hearts for being so innovative, while it also delivers an excellent vape experience, especially with the Ether RBA add-on. Definitely not a device for beginners, but an exceptionally versatile vape mod for the advanced tinkerer.
Marc Panayiotis
Marc Panayiotis
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The Dovpo Abyss AIO is without a doubt the most versatile vape device on the market. It's not without its flaws and can be a damn frustrating device to use. Yet it still wins a place in our hearts for being so innovative, while it also delivers an excellent vape experience, especially with the Ether RBA add-on. Definitely not a device for beginners, but an exceptionally versatile vape mod for the advanced tinkerer.Dovpo Suicide Mods Abyss | Review