WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Fix: Atomizer Short, Low Atomizer & No Atomizer Warnings

How to fix atomizer short warnings.

If your vape mod displays ‘atomizer short’, ‘atomizer low’, or ‘no atomizer’ warnings, you need to act fast. There are a number of things that you can do to solve the problem, and you already set yourself one step ahead of everyone else when you clicked on this article.

So, what do these warnings mean? And how do you fix atomizer short warnings? We’ve compiled all the best tips for people who want to keep their atomizers in good working condition.

What Is an Atomizer?

In general terms, an atomizer is any device that sprays liquid into a fine mist. Water spray bottles for plants and perfume bottles all fall under this category.

In the vaping world, atomizers are an essential part of your e-cigarette. Whereas vape pens and vape mod systems are responsible for power, atomizers are responsible for vaporizing vape juice.

But beware, people in the vaping world use the term atomizer to mean a few different things. ‘Atomizer’ can refer to the entire structure that houses the coil and e-liquid, or it can just refer to the coil. In this article, we’re talking about the entire unit.

What Do Atomizer Short, Low Atomizer, and No Atomizer Warnings Mean?

In essence, these warnings tell you that there is something wrong with your atomizer. If you don’t fix it, you won’t be able to vape.

Fix Atomizer Short

Atomizer Short Warning Explained

When ‘atomizer short’ pops up on your display screen, you need to come up with a solution. This warning means that there is a short circuit in your e-cigarette. In other words, there is a problem with the current that runs through your vape mod. When there is an atomizer short, there is an irregularity in the electrical circuit that connects the battery to the atomizer coil.

Of course, any electrical circuit problems should be dealt with swiftly. There’s no telling what could happen if you continue drawing on a vape mod that has a short circuit.

Low Atomizer Warning Explained

This warning proves why it’s so important to use the right coil resistance. If the message ‘low atomizer’ appears on your display screen, you are using the wrong coil for your mod. Or, in more technical terms, the coil that you are using has too low of a resistance for your mod.

No Atomizer Warning Explained

The warning ‘no atomizer’ means that your vape mod is not recognizing the coil within it.

Reasons for Vape Mod Errors (With Solutions)

Now that we’ve explained the three main warning messages, let’s look at a few possible explanations.

Poor Vape Mod 510 Connection

Poor Vape Mod 510 Connection

If you pick up any modern vape mod, it will probably have a 510 connection. This kind of connection has become the standard for new vape mods.

A 510 pin connects the vape battery to the atomizer. Essentially, it’s a vessel for electric current, which allows the power to pass from the battery to the atomizer (which is why some vape pens are often referred to as 510 vape batteries). When the 510 pin in your vape mod is compromised, your display screen will say ‘no atomizer’.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for 510 pins to fail. Some failures are the result of poor manufacturing, and others are just a result of wear and tear.

Solution: You could invest your time and energy into learning how to replace a 510 pin, but your time might be better spent elsewhere. Ultimately, vape mods can be tricky, and you should only attempt to repair them if you have a good understanding of electrics.

I recommend biting the bullet and buying a new 510 pin. This is the quickest, safest way to solve your problem.

Poor Quality Control for Coils

Poor quality control can cause any number of problems, especially when it comes to coils. Coils that are not properly screwed, sealed, or insulated can play havoc with your vape tank.

If there’s a problem with your coil, you’re likely to see a ‘no atomizer’ or ‘atomizer low’ message.

Solution: The good news is that the solution is simple: just install another coil. If the coil touches the sides of the chamber it could cause a short circuit, so you must make sure the coil is installed properly.

Now that the new coil is in place, you can assess whether the problem was your coil or your vape mod. If your vape mod is still displaying one of the three messages that we’ve mentioned, then you need to look for another solution.

The Wrong Coil

Even if the coil inside your atomizer is not damaged, it could just be the wrong coil completely. As we mentioned before, some coils only work with certain atomizers.

The key to all of this is coil resistance, which is measured in ohms. Ohms are expressed in the symbol Ω, which you may have seen on packaging for vape coils. All vape mods have different resistance ranges, so it’s important to buy coils that match your vape mods.

Solution: Just buy a coil that has the right resistance or a vape mod that has the right range.

For DIY enthusiasts, I recommend dry burning. This is the act of drawing on your device when there’s no vape juice in the tank. I usually advise against it as it creates an unpleasant burning sensation, but it can also raise the resistance of your coil.

Damage to Your Vape Mod

Damage can occur for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Atomizers that have been screwed on too tightly – Believe it or not, you might be damaging your vape mod by screwing the atomizer on too tightly. When you tightly fix atomizers in place, you might snap the 510 connector pin. As a result, you’ll get a no atomizer warning message.
  • Accidental damage – If you’ve been vaping for a few months, you know how easy it is to drop your device. One drop might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause internal damage that you can’t see. Before you know it, an atomizer short warning message will pop up on your display screen.
  • E-liquid leaks – E-liquid leaks are the bane of every vaper’s life. If your atomizer leaks, it could cause vape juice to travel through the holes in the 510 pin. Ultimately, vape juice will end up corrupting your chipset and maybe even the electrical circuits in your device.

Solution: This solution might seem overly simplified, but it’s worth mentioning. To avoid any of the issues that we’ve mentioned above, you should treat your vape mods like you would treat any other bit of tech. That means careful handling, regular maintenance, and an ongoing awareness of the problems that can occur.

Damage to the Insulator

Insulators are one of the lesser-known parts of vape coils. They are small rings that sit around the base of the coil. Their main job is to separate the positive and negative electricals, which stops the coil from shorting out.

In theory, this should stop you from receiving atomizer-short messages. But in practice, a lot of things can happen to damage the insulator. It could melt due to the heat of the coil, or it could develop cracks from accidental damage.

Solution: To see whether the insulator is the problem, you need to have a look at it. Carefully remove the insulator and check the surface for cracks or signs that it has melted. If everything is intact, then your vape mod is not to blame for the error message.

Fix Atomizer Chipset Damaged

Chipset Problems

Chipsets are intelligent little pieces of tech that ensure your vape mod runs smoothly. Among other things, chipsets make sure that you have a safe experience. They monitor the wattage settings, heat output, and other important controls.

Just like any other electronic component, chipsets are fallible. Internal and external factors can cause them to fail. Regardless of the reason for the failure, you need to solve the problem before you can start vaping again.

Solution: If there is no other possible reason why your vape mod is giving you warning messages, the chipset is probably the problem. Unfortunately, you can’t put your DIY skills to the test here. Chipsets are far too complicated and fiddly, so you’ll just have to buy another chipset or vape mod.

Do Vape Pens Have Atomizer Short Warning Messages?

It’s important to note that these warnings are often only available with vape mod devices, which have visual displays. When your device detects a problem, a message will appear on the display screen.

Of course, some vape pens are subject to the same sort of problems. However, very few vape pens have display screens, so there’s no way for the internal mechanisms to tell you what is wrong. Vapers who use vape pens spend hours scratching their head wondering if they have a faulty coil, a bad electrode pin, or a vape juice leak.

If you want to stay on top of maintenance for your device, you should opt for a vape mod that has a big, bright screen.

Other Warning Messages

Before you wander off, have a browse through some of the other error messages that could appear on your display screen. These errors might not have anything to do with your atomizer, but they could seriously hinder your vape experience.

Device Locked

If your device is draw-activated, you don’t have to worry about this feature. The ‘device locked’ message is reserved for e-cigarettes that have a manual fire button.

Grab the manual and look up how to lock your device. This will stop it from firing when it’s in your pocket, handbag, or purse. When this feature is active, a message will appear on your display screen that reads ‘device locked’.

You can remove this feature on most vaping devices by pressing the fire button five times.

Temperature High

Another common message is ‘temperature high’. I’m sure that you know what this means, but do you know why it’s important?

Most modern vape devices contain lithium-ion batteries, which don’t respond well to extreme heat or cold. Extreme heat can cause your lithium-ion battery to enter into thermal runaway, meaning the heat causes a chemical reaction inside the battery.

Heat is not good for any vape device, so it’s important to keep your device away from direct sunlight.

Check Battery

This message can also present as ‘low battery’, which isn’t as simple as you might think. Of course, this message could mean that your vape device doesn’t have much battery left, but it could also mean that there’s not enough battery to accommodate the wattage that you’ve chosen. It might even mean that there’s a technical problem with your battery.

If you’ve just charged your vaping device, you need to consider the bigger picture. Try reducing the wattage, and if that doesn’t work, you need to check the battery for signs of damage. Ultimately, your safety is the most important thing, so you should never ignore a check battery message.

Time Out

When you see ‘time out’ appear on your display screen, you need to stop vaping. This is an in-built safety feature that most vape devices have, and it links to the puff timer.

If the puff timer on your device is set to six seconds and you vape for seven seconds, the message will appear and your device will stop producing vapor. This ensures that the device doesn’t overheat, short circuit, or spark.

Final Thoughts

Atomizer short, low atomizer, and no atomizer messages can be intimidating, but they are there to keep you safe and keep your device running smoothly. This article contains all the information you need to know how to fix atomizer short issues, so there’s no reason to panic.

If you experience any of the problems that we’ve talked about, just go through our solutions with a fine-toothed comb. Remember, a lot of the possible solutions overlap, so it’s worth trying all of them out as methodically as possible. You might have to buy a new coil, tank, or vape mod, but hopefully our tips and tricks will solve the problem without costing you any money.

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