WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Open a Vape Cart? Including CCELL Carts & Disposables

How to open a weed cart, CCELL cart, disposable cart, and more.

In essence, a vape cart (short for vape cartridge) is a small capsule that can be removed from vaping devices. Some of them are in-built into the device, which is true for disposable vape pens. Cartridges can contain all kinds of e-liquids, cannabis concentrates, and flavorings.

Like any bit of vape tech, cartridges can be fiddly. One of the most common questions that we get is, ‘How to open a cart?’ Whether you’ve got a CCELL cartridge, a disposable cartridge, a weed cartridge, or just a removable cartridge from an e-cigarette, we’ll explain how you can open it.

What Is a Vape Cartridge?

Vapers may know cartridges as dab carts. Whatever you call them, they are essential pieces of vape pens. These capsules sit on top of your vape pen and act as a storage space for e-liquid, weed oil, or any other type of liquid. Most cartridges are cylindrical, but some are pod-shaped.

The cartridge is attached to the mouthpiece and the battery. The most common type of cartridge is a 510-thread cartridge, which sits between the capsule and the 510-threaded battery.

How to Open a Vape Cartridge Without Breaking It

Vape cartridges can be quite delicate, so you need to know how to open them properly. One false move, and your CBD cartridge or THC cartridge might shatter into a hundred pieces. On top of that, you have to worry about your personal safety. Vape pen carts contain complex chemicals that need to be treated with care and consideration. You don’t want to get weed oil on your hand and then accidentally rub your eye!

How to open a vape cart?

How to Open a Refillable Vape Cartridge

Before you get started, you need to find out whether your vape cartridge is part of a refillable or non-refillable vape kit. Most refillable cartridges are attached to a mouthpiece. To remove the cartridge without breaking it, you can simply unscrew it from the mouthpiece.

Let’s take a closer look at refillable cartridges.

Disconnect the Battery

The first step is to remove the vape cartridge from the device. Ultimately, you need to disconnect it from the power source. If you attempt to tackle the cartridge while it’s still connected to the battery (or an external power source) you could sustain burns or even cause a fire.

Unscrew the Mouthpiece

If your weed cartridge is designed to be refilled, it will probably be fitted to the mouthpiece via a screw-on mechanism. To loosen the cartridge, turn it counterclockwise.

Be careful, if you try to unscrew the mouthpiece too forcefully, you’ll snap it. There’s nothing that you can do with a broken vape cartridge, so try to avoid it!

Refill the Cartridge

Now that your vape cartridge is separate from the mouthpiece, you can refill it with whatever e-liquid you like.

Most weed oils are viscous and prone to bubbles. If you want your oil to work as well as possible, you need to refill your cartridge slowly.

How to Open a Prefilled Vape Cartridge

Pre-filled vape cartridges are becoming more and more popular. If you love your disposable device and don’t want to buy a new one every few days, you should learn how to refill your prefilled vape cartridge.

Let’s find out how to open a cart that is not designed to be tampered with.

Grab Some Tools

To pry open your prefilled vape cartridge, you need a couple of specific tools.

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Vise grip pliers

If you don’t have any needle nose pliers on hand, you can use a pair of blunt scissors.

Hold Your New Cartridge in Place

Hold your weed cart, e-liquid cart, or CCELL cartridge in place with the vice grip pliers. The pliers need to be secured diagonally on the base so that each prong is bracketing the cartridge. Here, you are trying to stop the cartridge from moving while you wrestle with the mouthpiece.

Unscrew the Mouthpiece

Now that you have secured the cartridge, you can unscrew the mouthpiece. Remember, a prefilled cart is not designed to be refilled. The manufacturer has fitted the pieces very tight together, so they won’t come apart easily.

To make the process easier, use the needle nose pliers to twist the mouthpiece. Patience is key! If you make a sudden movement, you might break the cartridge.

Remove the Oil

You don’t have to remove every last drop of the oil, but it could lead to a better vaping experience down the line. If you want to extract all the oil, we recommend using a thin syringe. This should pick up all the remaining residue and allow you to start afresh.

Refill the Cartridge

Refilling the cartridge is by far the most simple step, but it can be messy. To make this final step less chaotic, you can use a syringe. Weed oil can be very thick, so you need to release the syringe slowly to avoid getting air bubbles.

Reinstall the Mouthpiece

Now, all you need to do is screw the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge. Hey presto! You’ve refilled your cartridge and avoided another vaping expense.

It’s important to remember that your prefilled cartridge won’t be able to handle many refills. The tech isn’t designed to be constantly taken apart and replaced, so you should always keep a spare on hand.

What Are CCELL Cartridges?

CCELL cartridges are one of the most technologically advanced options in the cannabis vape industry. Since 2016, CCELL cartridges have been a popular alternative to traditional cotton-wick heating technology. These kinds of cartridges use ceramic heating technology to vaporize thick cannabis oils into tasty clouds.

The ceramic core is covered in lots of nanoscale pores which makes it more permeable than the technology in traditional vape pens. When you see the CCELL logo on your cartridge, you can expect quick absorption and excellent flavors. On top of that, CCELL cartridges have a low risk of overheating or leaking.

How to open a vape cart?

How to Open a CCELL Cartridge

You can buy disposable and refillable CCELL carts. If your cartridge is refillable, you can follow the steps that we have outlined for an average refillable cart. If your cartridge is disposable, you can follow the steps that we covered for an average prefilled cart. The latter type of CCELL cartridge operates just like a prefilled cartridge, provided it has a 510-thread connection.

  1. Attach vise grip pliers to your cartridge to hold it in place
  2. Unscrew the mouthpiece with needle nose pliers
  3. Refill the e-liquid

You may also need to use a tool to get in between the minor groove and separate the elements.

Structure of Vape Pens

We spend so much time and energy refilling, maintaining, and researching our vape pens, so it follows that we should know how they are structured. By learning more about your vape device, you can protect yourself against breakages and accidental damage.

Most vape pens have an almost identical structure. Let’s jump into the common components of your favorite vape pen.


The mouthpiece is the part that you take a puff from. Although the style can deviate, the norm is a duck-bill style mouthpiece that fits the contours of your lips. This style is often referred to as an ergonomic mouthpiece.

If you want to inhale as much vapor as possible, you need to find a vape device that has a wide mouthpiece. The opposite is also true. For smaller inhales, a narrower mouthpiece will work perfectly.


Of course, your vape pen needs a compatible battery. Some batteries are in-built and not designed to be replaced, whereas others have battery ports. For these types of models, you can switch out the batteries as and when you need to.


The atomizer is one of the more confusing aspects of vape pen technology. The term refers to both the wick and the coil, which work together to vaporize (or atomize) the e-liquid in the cartridge. The wick (which is wrapped around the coil) absorbs e-liquid. The coil (which is in close proximity to the wick) heats the oil and creates vapor.

Wicks are commonly made from cotton, but lots of vapers use alternatives like bamboo and rayon.


As we’ve discussed, cartridges store whatever e-liquid you want to vaporize and inhale. Without cartridges, vape pens would be incomplete.

You can buy in-built cartridges that come as part of the parcel with disposable pens. You can also purchase them separately and insert them into different vape devices.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to open a weed cart, e-liquid cart, and any other type of cart that comes your way, there is no reason to pay out of pocket for new cartridges. You have joined the growing number of super-savvy vapers who are getting the most out of their money whilst enjoying the best vape cartridges out there!

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