WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Cargolux Airlines Stops Transporting Disposable Vapes

Cargolux, a Luxembourg-based airline that transports cargo across Europe, recently made headlines when it announced plans to ban the transport of disposable e-cigarettes. The...

UK Gov Announces Vape Tax As High as 44% 

The UK government shocks with a 44% vape tax. Find out how this high tax rate affects you and the vaping community.

Floyd Mayweather Announces New Vape Line

Floyd Mayweather launches innovative vape line, blending style with cutting-edge vaping technology.

TikTokers Quit Vaping Due to Humanitarian Crisis in Congo

TikTokers stop vaping, driven by awareness of Congo's humanitarian crisis.

Elf Bar Renames to Sidestep FDA’s Ban

Elf Bar, one of the most popular vape brands in the United States, has sidestepped the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) once again.  The FDA...

Annual Youth Tobacco Survey Finds Decrease in Number of Teen Vapers

Survey reveals decline in teen vaping rates from annual Youth Tobacco Study

First-Ever “Naturalistic” Study Proves Vaping Is an Effective Smoking Cessation Tool

Groundbreaking study confirms vaping's effectiveness in quitting smoking – a game-changer in the battle against tobacco addiction

Vuse manufacturer R. J. Reynolds files ITC complaint against competitors

R. J. Reynolds, the Vuse manufacturer, lodges ITC complaint against rival companies in a strategic legal move

Report Rejects Idea That Banning E-Cig Flavors Prevents Youth Initiation

Report challenges the claim that flavor bans stop youth from starting e-cigs. Explore the findings and the evolving debate on vaping rules.

Juul Introduces Plans for Anti-Counterfeit Age-Verification Vape Pens

Juul unveils new vape pens with advanced anti-counterfeit and age-verification features, aiming to enhance user safety and combat fake products.

Retracted: Study That Claimed Link Between Vaping and Disease

Research on vaping is sparse, so each new paper is held in high regard. This is true of the paper published by the peer-reviewed...

The Future of Elf Bar: A Look at the Company’s Name Change

Examining the Implications of Elf Bar's Rebranding and Strategic Shift in the Wake of the Company's Ongoing Legal Battle and Controversy.

A Recent Study Links Vaping THC-O Acetate to Lung Disease

Key Takeaways Heating THC-O can lead to the formation of ketene, a dangerous lung toxicant, through thermal degradation. The risk is not from cannabis or vaping,...

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