OhmBoy Rage Squonk Mod vs DovPo Basium Squonk Mod

OhmBoy Rage or DovPo Basium? Find out which squonk mod is best.

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OhmBoy Rage Squonk Mod vs DovPo Basium Squonk Mod Intro

Not so long ago the options for a dual battery regulated squonk mod were incredibly limited.

This year has seen a flurry of manufacturers releasing squonk mods, but two have certainly stood out when it comes to dual battery and regulated.

The Desire Design & OhmBoy OC Rage Squonk mod, and the Dovpo Basium in collaboration with the Vaping Biker.

Both devices have been well received by the vape community and reviewers alike.

In fact, two of the Vaping Vibe team currently use the Basium as their daily driver, so it will be interesting to see how this one goes down.

Desire Rage Squonk Mod vs. DovPo Basium Squonk Mod

Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.

Desire Rage Squonk Mod vs. DovPo Basium Squonk Mod


This was another close run battle, and honestly, if you are looking for a dual battery squonker, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

We have the Desire Rage Squonk Mod just out in front due to it’s more ergonomic design, curved edges, full-featured board, and just overall more premium feel.

Neither of these mods are what we’d call portable, but the Basium shades it slightly in the height and weight department, so we give that one to DovPo.

Both feature innovative integrated squonk bottle designs, with the Rage having a slightly higher capacity at 7ml, but then it does use a proprietary bottle.

They both have excellent performance, and quite frankly we couldn’t pick between the two. However, the Basium gets a couple of minus points due to its board being minimal (it’s a definite no-go for TC lovers).

The simple board of the Basium does seem to be more economical on batteries, but the lack of a micro USB port to charge batteries may put some off. Even though you should always charge batteries externally (and it shouldn’t be a deal breaker), it’s nice to have the ability to top up if you’re caught short.

So all of that leads to us plumping for the Rage as our winner in this particular battle.

However, if you are a no-nonsense wattage vaper and prefer the simplified box styling, we’d say save yourself some money and go with the Basium.

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