Smok Nord vs. Smok Novo

Smok Nord vs. Smok Novo Intro

Smok, along with most manufacturers are seemingly putting all of their eggs in the pod mod basket at the moment.

That means in traditional Smok fashion there’s a new device nearly every month, which makes it a challenge picking between them and knowing which one suits your vaping style best.

In this versus, we decided to pit two of the Smok pod systems against each other to help you decide which one is the ultimate best choice.

The Smok Novo uses replaceable pods which come in a 2ml capacity and features a 450mAh battery.

The Smok Nord is more of an all-in-one device which uses replaceable coils; it has a 3ml capacity (2ml in the EU) and features a 1100mAh battery.

So does bigger mean better? Will the Nord with its superior size and features prove to be the better vape for you, let’s find out.

Versus Smok Nord Smok Novo
Design 1 1
Portability 0 1
Capacity 1 0
Features 1 0
Performance 1 0
Battery Life 1 0
Total 5 2
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Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.

Smok Nord vs. Smok Novo


It’s quite a resounding win for the Smok Nord, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for everyone, let me explain.

The Smok Nord clearly has the larger capacity battery and pod, so wins on both of those fronts.

However, if you a looking for an ultra-portable device and want to vape at higher ohms, then the Novo might suit you more. It has a far smaller form factor and comes with 1.2-ohm or 1.5-ohm resistance pods.

We think it delivers a tighter MTL draw. In fact, the draw on the Nord can barely be classed as MTL, even with the 1.4-ohm coil. Neither of the devices has adjustable airflow, so the airflow is determined by the coil inside the pods, and the Nord coils are incredibly airy.

Smok Nord vs. Smok Novo

That being said, the Novo still isn’t the tightest MTL pod on the market, you’d be better suited with adjustable airflow if that’s your thing.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the device that delivers the best flavor and you don’t mind a looser draw, or you want a restrictive DTL, then the Nord wins out.

We also prefer the fact that the Nord has a designated fire button, and utilizes replacement coils instead of pods. Which not only means it’s far more economical in the long run, it’s also probably a bit better for the environment.

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Vaping Vibe Team
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