WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod | Review

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod | Review

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Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

Asmodus have finally decided to shrink the Minikin’s and release a single 18650 touchscreen device. The Colossal 80W box mod features a slim design with a large OLED touchscreen, and a power output up to 80W.

There’s also the integration of Asmodus’ new GX-80-HUT V2 Chipset, with a full temperature control suite, and power modes such as TCR and TFR settings.

The Good

Minimalistic and compact design, excellent build quality, responsive touchscreen and very impressive performance.

The Bad

Battery compartment is too tight and may lead to damaging battery wraps.

The Bottom Line

The Colossal 80W box mod is essentially a single battery version of the Minikin V2 with slight improvements on both the chipset and the touchscreen. It has excellent build quality, and outstanding performance, but is not without its minor flaws.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Asmodus for the purpose of this review.


  • Dimensions: 76mm x 25mm x 40mm
  • Powered by the GX 80 HUT v2 chip
  • Requires an 18650 sized battery (not included)
  • Acceptable atomizer resistance range: 0.1 – 3.0 ohm
  • Output power range: (power mode): 5.0 – 80.0 watts
  • Output power range (temperature control mode): 5.0 – 60.0 watts
  • Maximum power output: 7.5 volts
  • Maximum output current: 35.0 vamps
  • Input voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2 volts
  • Working current of the display screen: 25mA
  • Firing cut off timer: 10 seconds
  • Standby time 18 seconds
  • Work efficiency: 94%

In the Box

  • Asmodus Colossal Mod
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Battery Safety Card
Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

Asmodus know how to make sleek and elegant looking devices paired with exceptional build quality.

The Colossal 80W box mod is no different, everything about the device screams premium from the paintwork to the fire button and 510 connection.

It features a simple, minimalist design, and anybody that’s seen or used a Minikin before would consider the Colossal to basically be a mini-Minikin.

The front face of the device features the rectangular touchscreen, the same type seen in the Minikin’s, but in my opinion far more responsive.

Located just above the screen is a concave stainless steel firing button. It is circular in shape, and it has a cutout ridge so your firing finger or thumb sit comfortably in place.

The back half of the device is the battery compartment and battery door. IT features no magnets whatsoever on either the battery door or compartment. Instead, it’s only held in place by friction and the small cutouts, which some may dislike. However, it’s reasonably easy to remove and does do a good job of staying in place solidly, with absolutely no wiggle or play.

The battery compartment has clear battery orientation markings, it also has cutouts on the side that allow you to get a grip of your battery, so there’s no battery strap present.

The positive contact is located at the bottom of the compartment, with a spring-loaded negative contact at the top. This, unfortunately, is where I had a few issues with the design.

I used several 18650 batteries, some wrapped from manufacturers and some I’ve re-wrapped, and with every single one, it’s an incredibly snug fit. Too snug for my liking, and I even managed to damage part of the wrap trying to remove one of them.

Now it must be said, that I believe over time the spring-loaded negative contact will loosen to make it easier to remove. But I would’ve much preferred to see a different design here or a little more space to keep batteries safe from damage.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod


There’s something refreshing about Asmodus’ design format across all of their devices.

They use premium materials and try to keep everything looking sleek. Even when they do throw in funky design patterns on stab-wood (like the Luna or Spruzza), they still look elegant.

Aside from a concave fire button, rectangular touchscreen and a small Asmodus logo stamped on the battery cover; there’s really not too much to the Colossal 80W mod.

It’s such a neat and simplistic looking device. Asmodus even tuck the micro-USB port away behind the battery door to keep it looking clean.

This style of device is right up my street, but those that prefer the more heavily branded or flashy designs may want to look elsewhere.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

Build Quality

The build quality of the Asmodus Colossal is very impressive.

It’s a sturdy feeling device, with no rattling whatsoever, and the paintwork is absolutely flawless. It has an almost glossy thick coating to it which feels pretty scratch resistant.

However, I’m not sure if it’s the same finish on all of the six available colors that Asmodus currently offer of the Colossal.

The 510 connection is all stainless steel it sits perfectly flush to the mod and features a spring-loaded pin.

The fire button as with all Asmodus mods is good quality and extremely clicky and responsive.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod


The Colossal is a compact single battery device, measuring in at 76 mm by 25 mm by 40 mm. It’s capable of housing 25mm atomizers with no overhang at all.

Which brings to me to the puzzling choice of name for this device. There really is nothing ‘Colossal’ about it, in fact it’s far more stealthy and compact than any of Asmodus’ other devices.

Either way, it’s a very pocket-friendly device, and even though it does have a little weight to it from those premium materials, it’s definitely not bulky.


Although there is no innovation with the Colossal 80W mod, it’s nice to see that Asmodus is still standing firmly behind the use of touchscreens, and has even pushed for some improvements with this latest one.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

The Colossal 80W is a feature-rich mod, with a very reliable and impressive board.

It’s capable of firing a maximum of 80 watts in power mode and 60 watts in TC mode, with a maximum continuous output of 35 amps.

The Colossal uses version 2 of Asmodus GX-80-HUT chipset, which is firmware upgradeable. It’s the same as the one used in the Spruzza squonk mod and newer than in the Minikin V2.

There’s a full temperature control suite on this board, capable of doing TC in Ni, TI, and SS. There are also features for TCR, TFR, and Curve modes.

Additionally, in wattage mode, there are three preheat settings of soft, normal, and hard.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

To access the menu system or make adjustments on the device you first have to swipe down to unlock. Then it’s just a case of swiping or tapping to access different parts of the menu.

To navigate the menu when unlocked:

  • Swipe left to right to scroll through the different modes
  • Swipe bottom to top to scroll through the different preheats
  • Press and hold on the part of the screen or setting that you want to adjust. Then when in the submenu, use the on-screen plus and minus buttons to make your adjustments

It’s an excellent touchscreen and relatively intuitive menu system, which will take no time at all to get used to.

I actually find the responsiveness of the touchscreen to be far more accurate than that of the Minikin V2.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

The Colossal does not disappoint when it comes to performance, and overall it’s very impressive.

The touchscreen is incredibly easy to use, it has bundles of features, but perhaps the most noticeable and effective change over all previous Asmodus devices is the new board.

There just seems to be that step up in performance with this new chipset, especially when it comes to TC modes.

Wattage Mode

The power output in wattage mode seems to be very accurate, and it fires pretty instantly also.

All the preheat heat settings seem to make a difference when applied, which is not always the case on some mods.

The curve modes can be a little tricky to adjust on the touchscreen but still functions well.

As you’d expect, it’s an impressive performing device in wattage mode.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

Temperature Control Mode

While the Temp Control experience on the Colossal is certainly not as smooth or enjoyable as on a DNA device, it is still very good.

I think the new GX-80-HUT chipset has brought some welcome improvements to Asmodus’ TC modes. Most vapers certainly won’t be disappointed with the experience here.

Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod

Battery Life

As a single 18650 device, the battery life is never going to be amazing, but the Colossal does seem pretty efficient.

I’d say running the device at around 50-60W on average, with moderately conservative vaping I was getting approximately 6-7 hours of vape time.

The Colossal only charges batteries at around 0.5amps, so as always it’s best to charge them externally.


  • Sleek looks
  • Compact design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Feature-rich chipset
  • Touchscreen
  • Easy to operate
  • Subtle branding
  • Wattage curve feature
  • Preheat settings
  • Good TC
  • Accurate power mode
  • Firmware upgradeable


  • The battery compartment is tight & could damage battery wraps


The Colossal 80W box mod is a very impressive single 18650 device.

The new Asmodus chipset sees some welcome improvements in TC and power performance, and it’s also full of useful features.

The Colossal has a compact form factor, sleek design, excellent build quality and a very responsive touchscreen, making it an exceptionally appealing box mod.

I only have one issue with this device, but unfortunately, it’s one that will probably prevent me from using it moving forward.

The design of the battery compartment is just not in keeping with the rest of the mod.

I would’ve preferred to have seen magnets on the battery door, and definitely more room in the compartment for 18650’s. The spring-loaded negative contact is very stiff, and it easily led to me damage one of my battery wraps.

It may just be on the device we have, but it’s something to take note of and is sadly a flaw on an otherwise excellent device.


The Colossal 80W box mod is essentially a single battery version of the Minikin V2 with slight improvements on both the chipset and the touchscreen. It has excellent build quality, and outstanding performance, but is not without its minor flaws.

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The Colossal 80W box mod is essentially a single battery version of the Minikin V2 with slight improvements on both the chipset and the touchscreen. It has excellent build quality, and outstanding performance, but is not without its minor flaws.Asmodus Colossal 80W Mod | Review