WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Dab Pens 2023

If you're looking for the best pen for wax, look no further! We've compiled a list of the top dab pens on the market.

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Best Dab Pens 2023

The traditional way of dabbing can be pretty cumbersome, and wax pens or dab pens make it far more convenient. These styles of pens use the same technology as vape pens, and you’ll no longer require a dab rig.

Wax pens vaporize concentrates in the same way as a regular dab rig, but they aren’t as harsh on your throat and lungs. You’ll be impressed with how simple it is to use a dab pen after you’ve tried one.

Below is a detailed guide on wax pens for beginners and our best dab pens and wax pens list.

Dabber Stella Wax Dab Vape Pen

Dabber Stella

Dr. Dabber Stella is the latest from a renowned brand in concentrate vaping. It features a “floating vapor chamber,” which improves efficiency by keeping heat production directed entirely towards concentrate. The Stella also has a vortex airflow system to help create a smoother and airier draw. It is powered by a 600mAh battery that offers three temperature settings, ranging from 460 to 775 °F (238 to 413 °C). The Stella is an excellent choice for a compact wax pen that still delivers on performance – It certainly is a ‘Stella’ dab pen.



Linx Hypnos Zero

Linx Hypnos Zero

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a premium wax pen vaporizer that was one of the first to hit the market. It’s a tiny, sleek wax vape with a ceramic plate atomizer and four temperature settings. The device is constructed of top-of-the-line materials and comes with an official warranty for one year. We love the super comfortable glass mouthpiece it comes with, and it’s overall ease of use. The Hypnos Zero is a no non-sense wax vaporizer that just oozes class with it’s build quality.



Yocan Evolve Plus XL V2

Yocan Evolve Plus XL V2

The Evolve Plus XL V2 from Yocan has quite a large wax pen design, but that’s to accommodate its large 1400mAh capacity battery. It’s simple to operate concentrate vaporizer that has consistent power output, a chamber you open up and load, and a magnetically-attached mouthpiece. The Evolve Plus XL V2 delivers excellent flavor and vapor production, thanks to its quad quartz coil. It also has adjustable airflow and a dual dual-compartment storage jar to help keep your concentrate nicely concealed.



Linx Ares

Linx Ares

The Linx Ares boasts an interesting honey straw and ceramic rod mechanism that makes loading a breeze. The device is made of high-quality medical-grade materials and features a 750 mAh battery for fast vaporization. The Link Ares only offers two temperature settings, low and high. But it is a highly portable wax vape pen that is simple to take apart and maintain and delivers a quality vape. If you are looking for a portable wax vaporizer, they don’t get much more portable than the Ares.



Yocan Regen Vaporizer

Yocan Regen

The Regen is a powerful and stylish wax pen. It has a bigger battery (1100 mAh) and enhanced performance over the popular Magneto (3.0 to 4.0 volts). The battery life was increased to 1100 mAh, and the power can now be adjusted between 3.0 and 4.0 volts. The Regen features a traditional silicone storage compartment and is cross-compatible with Yocan single, double and triple quartz coils.



Other Wax Vaporizers

G Pen Connect

G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is not technically a wax pen, it’s closer to a dab rig or true dab pen. The 850mAh capacity battery section resembles a miniature box mod and offers three power settings 3.1, 3.6, and 4.1V. The real magic happens with the horizontally-oriented top part of the G Pen Connect, which consists of a ceramic heating element, a carb cap, and a glass section for connecting to any water pipe or bubbler. It also has a ‘reverse’ airflow system and a carb release button. The G Pen Connect delivers excellent performance when combined with a high-quality concentrate and glass piece.



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Who Uses Vape Pens for Wax?

Like any other type of vape device, a dab pen may be used by anybody who uses marijuana medicinally or recreationally. Vape pens offer simplicity and mobility. So they make sense for individuals who don’t want to ritualize their cannabis usage but instead just want an efficient method to receive a dose of THC through vaping wax.

What should you look for in the Best Dab Pen

There are many wax pens on the market right now, and some will undoubtedly be duds. When determining which one is best for you, there are certain traits to look for.

Dab Vape Pen For Wax – Important Attributes:


When it comes to materials used in dab vape pens, you’ll often find that the cheap wax pens are exactly that ‘cheap’ and not worth the investment. The same with most vape devices; you typically get what you pay for.

Quartz coils are relatively cheap and can be excellent for people who want an intense flavor from a concentrate. Cleaning them is simple, but sadly they don’t last long.

Ceramic plates are perfect for wax atomizers. Ceramic plates heat the THC more uniformly and typically avoid the burned taste that lesser plates produce. The ceramic plates are also long-lasting and durable.

Silica wicks come in at the bottom of the list. Silica wicks are one of the oldest types of vape wicks, and they’re still used today. If you’re using an older model wax pen that still contains a silica wick, be ready to work when cleaning it. In addition, silica wicks deliver considerably less flavor.

So it’s always worth paying attention to what style coils, heating chamber, or wicks the vape pen has when making a purchase decision.


When looking for a wax pen, it’s essential that you make sure it is a lightweight and portable dab pen. After all, you don’t want to struggle to carry it around, and it should be compact and light so that you can slip it into a pocket, purse, or bag.

Most of the good wax pens are around the size of a pen or marker pen. So they should fit in your hand comfortably and be discreet when you are vaping.


Most wax dab pens are typically uncomplicated and don’t allow for customizing of the vape sessions. And while this isn’t a criticism of their quality, it is an indication that they are simple to use.

However, it is great to have a flexible pen for when the mood strikes and you want to blow some clouds with your dabbing weed oils. If that’s the case, look for wax pens with settable features.

Ease of Use

Many vape pens for wax are simple to use, and they just require pushing a button to power them on and off.

However, different dab pen kits suit beginners and more advanced users. So if you are looking for more control over your vape and want to adjust temperatures or have programmable presets, look for a more premium wax pen.

Battery Life and Charging

Wax vape pens come with different size batteries, just like other vape devices.

When looking for a wax pen, essential questions to ask yourself are; do you prefer low or high-temperature dabbing? And how long are your sessions usually? If you choose to vape at high temperatures for longer sessions, you will want a larger capacity battery.

It’s also worth paying attention to the charging speeds of the wax pen and whether it uses micro-USB, USB-C, or requires a proprietary cable.


Wax vaporizers are the same as any other electronic device, and you typically get what you pay for. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the best wax pen for your needs within your budget.

Just be cautious if it appears to be the dab pen appears to be excessively cheap. Always check detailed reviews and go for devices from reputable brands like the ones we recommend in our best dab pens list above.


Pay attention to whether the dab pen comes with a warranty. If it comes with an extended warranty, that’s usually a good indication that it is of good quality, and the manufacturer will have you covered if anything goes wrong.

That doesn’t mean a short warranty is a sign of a bad device, but if things go wrong, you are on your own. Remember, even if you find the best wax vape pen for your needs, things can still go wrong, so always check for warranties.

Best Temperature to Vape with Dab Pens for Wax

A wax pen with temperature control is an excellent method to get the most out of the liquid oils that are vaped. The number of terpenes and other compounds that give the weed flavor and how much flavor you like will determine what temperature is ideal to vape wax.

Vaping with a dab pen at 290 to 330°F will extract a lot of flavor for the most taste. The resulting high might not be very powerful, but it’s ideal for relaxing and enjoying the range of flavor from the concentrate.

To get high, taste the properties of the wax but still be able to function, it is recommended to set the temperature to 331 to 370°F. This is the most common range for pen settings among cannabis connoisseurs.

For those that want to go big or go home and not care about taste, a temperature between 371 and 445°F will work best.

Over 450°F is in the realm of combustion, and it’s probably better to smoke a joint than use a wax atomizer.

Dab & Wax Vape Pens – FAQs


Dabbing and using a portable dab pen is more effective and convenient than using a bong or joints.

It’s not going to replace smoking cannabis for most people, but dabbing works better for a lot of people in many ways.

The ability to vape and get a THC hit wherever you are while remaining discreet, the pure flavor of the weed from waxes and concentrates, and the quality of the high – are all reasons why using a dab vape pen is becoming so popular.

Hopefully, our list above has helped you find the best dab pen for your needs. If not, check our in-depth wax pen reviews. We also have guides for the best pen-style vaporizer, dry herb pen, oil pen, and e-liquid vape pens.

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