Best RDAs 2018 [Updated]

We look at some of the best RDA vapes currently on the market for flavor, clouds and price.

Best RDAs

Whether you are looking for the best all-around RDA, one that’s suitable for beginners, good for single coils, or best for a tight budget. Our goal with this list is to help you navigate the overwhelming terrain of finding the right product to suit your vaping needs.

Our team collectively have many years of experience using RDA’s on a daily basis, so hopefully, our knowledge will help you make an informed decision. It’s also nice to know which atomizers are already tried and tested.

The Anatomy of an RDA
If you want a little primer on what dripping is and what RDA vaping is all about see are Introduction to RDAs and Dripping, or continue reading further down the page.

Our best RDA list will frequently be updated, as we get the chance to review and test more RDA’s as they are released. So keep checking back as the industry is moving at such a fast pace that something is always around the corner that might enter our best RDA list.

Here’s our list for the Best RDAs currently on the market.

Wotofo & Mike Vapes

Recurve RDA

Mike Vapes and Wotofo managed to create a flavor chasing masterpiece with the Recurve RDA. It’s unique curvy 24mm diameter body, and half-pipe shaped build deck not only look great, but they perform even better.

The Recurve has super smooth airflow, is pretty leak resistant but above all else produces some of the best-pronounced flavors we’ve had from a single coil RDA.


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Hellvape - TVC & Heathen

Drop Dead RDA

The Dead Rabbit and Drop where two of the most popular RDAs on the market. So what happens when you take the best from both, and a collective collaboration between Hellvape, Heathen and TVC?

You get a 24mm RDA that easy to use and produces amazing flavor with ultra smooth airflow. The Drop Dead RDA is not just a cash grab…it’s one of the best RDAs available today.


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Augvape & VapnFagan


The BTFC RDA really impressed us with its two-directional airflow system and excellent build deck design. It’s one of the easiest build decks to use and can be run in both single or dual coil configurations.

This collaboration between Augvape and VapnFagan has covered all the bases to create one of the most versatile RDAs out there. The name is an acronym of Bottom, Top, Flavor, Clouds and the BTFC sure delivers on all fronts.


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Vandy Vape

Berserker MTL RDA

Vandy Vape has produced some of the best MTL devices with their Berserker series. The Berserker MTL RDA could be their best to date and takes mouth to lung RDAs to another level.

It features a unique and elaborate airflow system which utilizes inserts to get precision airflow to the coil, which creates smooth yet defined MTL airflow and excellent flavor. This is helped by its compact retro looking 18mm diameter frame, which comes complete with beauty rings to suit larger mods.


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Wotofo & Mr.JustRight1

Profile RDA

Until the release of the Profile by Wotofo & MrJustRight1, mesh coils had been a bit of a disappointment in RDAs – not anymore.

The Profile RDA is by far the best RDA on the market for mesh coils, giving you excellent flavor and vapor production from mesh without the dry hits. It’s 24mm in diameter has super smooth airflow and the ability to use standard coils. It also comes with a wide variety of extras in the box.


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DPro Mini

The CoilArt DPro mini takes everything that’s great from those high-end low profile RDAs like the Hadaly or the NarDa and gives you the same experience and vape quality for a far lower cost.

The DPro Mini is a 22mm single-coil version of the original Dpro, but with that reduced chamber size comes outstanding flavor. The Dpro mini is an excellent and affordable RDA for low wattage flavor chasers.


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Digiflavor & TVC

Drop Solo RDA

The Drop Solo is the 22 mm single-coil version of the much-loved Drop RDA. It features the same popular drop-in coil system and stepped airflow design, but also comes with an extra PMMA top cap.

The Drop Solo has excellent adjustable airflow making it one of the best cloud chucking single coils on the market and doesn’t lack in flavor either. If versatility and creative building are your things, the Drop Solo is an outstanding choice.


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Introduction to RDAs

The Anatomy of an RDA

Styles of RDAs

There are three main styles of rebuildable atomizers: RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) and RDTAs (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers). Rebuildable atomizers use a coil or coils, which are made by the user. This is done by wrapping a wire around a small rod; usually 24 mm in diameter. The user must then create a wick to help transport the e-liquid to the coil(s).

For the wire, a variety of material types can be utilized. The most common is Kanthal A1, which can only be used in variable wattage (VW) mode, but has a very stable resistance when heated. Titanium and ni200 or two other wire types, however, due to their varying resistance when heated, they can only be used in temperature control (TC) mode. Stainless steel has become far more popular recently because it can be used in both VW and TC modes, as it has a slight variation in resistance when heated. Usually, wicks for the coils in RDAs are formed using cotton or rayon.

RDA Vape Explained

RDA’s have a building deck where the users place the coils at the bottom of the atomizer. While an RTA or RDTA have a tank, RDAs only have a well to hold e-liquid, which is positioned just below the build deck. The tails of the wick are placed into the well to transport the e-liquid to the coils. RDA wells do not have as much capacity as a tank style atomizers, which means vapers must frequently add more e-liquid. Unlike RTAs or Sub-ohm tanks, an RDA does not have a chimney section. Instead, it has a top cap which sits on the build deck, and then the vapor rises to the drip tip or mouthpiece. Airflow can be fed to the coils from the bottom, sides or top, or any combination of these. Users can usually adjust the airflow on RDAs to suit their own vaping style.

Different Types of RDAs

RDAs can come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from a small 14mm in diameter up to a huge 46mm. Depending on the size of the RDA, build decks can allow from 1 up to 8 coils inside, although most are single or dual coil by design. The majority of RDAs work well for both horizontal or vertical coils. Airflow can also be suitable for both mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles.

Some RDAs now come with an optional hollow positive pin, which allows users to integrate them with special bottom feeding mods – called squonkers. A squonk mod has a plastic bottle (internal on the mod) for e-liquid, the vaper then squeezes the bottle to feed e-liquid to the atomizer. Squonk mods have recently become more popular, as they alleviate the constant dripping of e-liquid, while still providing the benefits of an RDA.

Cloud RDAs vs. Flavor RDAs

RDA’s can frequently be categorized (although not exclusively) into two different styles, either for flavor or clouds. Cloud chasing RDAs tend to have more space for large diameter coils, or fancy builds like; Clapton and Alien coils. They also have huge airflow to help generate immense thick clouds of vapor to appeal to direct-to-lung (DTL) vapers.

A flavor RDA will only hold a single or dual coil build and tend to be a little smaller in size, 22mm diameter or less. They also tend to have less airflow, which also makes them more suitable for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers. However, most RDAs do create both excellent flavor and decent clouds.

Advantages of RDAs

Experienced vapers feel that RDAs excel in the flavor category, over other types of atomizers. Also, nothing beats an RDA for trying new flavors, as just a few drops of e-liquid can be used to test whether the flavor profile is to your liking.

RDAs are also easier to wick than other atomizers, as they have far fewer parts, which also makes them easier to clean. They do not have wick channels, so there is no danger of flooding or even dry hits.

If you like the sound of an RDA, but want more juice capacity. There are two other options, either a squonk mod as mentioned above. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy then an RDTA may be the answer. An RDTA has a dripper style deck and top cap like an RDA, yet has the advantage of a tank beneath the deck. Wicking can be a little more difficult as the wick tails will need to be immersed in the tank below.

Which RDA should I choose?

There are so many great RDA’s on the market, and some brilliant all-round RDA’s that can cover a lot of styles of vaping. However, it isn’t always a case of one size fits all. So hopefully our rundown below might help you decide what’s best for you.

If you are after an RDA for cloud chasing then the Drop Dead RDA is an absolute beast, it has an excellent build deck that can fit huge exotic coils and super smooth airflow that can be extremely wide open. If you want a balance of bottom and side airflow, then the BTFC RDA is another outstanding choice.

Are you after an RDA that’s more for flavor than clouds? If so, then it’s usually best to go for a single coil RDA that has a 22mm diameter. The smaller chamber will help keep that intense flavor. Again there are lots of excellent options here, but two of the best for flavor chasing are the Recurve and Dpro Mini.

There are a lot of RDAs that can do mouth-to-lung style airflow and draw, but a designated MTL RDA like the Berserker MTL RDA is leagues above them when it comes to a true MTL experience. Those that want to venture into the world of mesh coils, there’s only one RDA that we’d advise trying and that’s the Profile RDA by Wotofo.

There are lots of other awesome RDA’s out there on the market, and some which we haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying. We hope that’s helped guide you through making a decision. As always we will aim to keep this page updated with the latest releases, but for now, we don’t think you can go wrong with any of the above RDAs.