Best RDTAs 2018 [Updated]

We take a look at some of the best RDTA tanks available to date in 2018.

RDTA’s or ‘Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers’ are a lot like a standard dripper or RDA with the ability to hold extra e-liquid in a larger juice well or tank beneath the build deck. There are countless options in build deck styles, coil configurations, and e-liquid capacities – which means there’s an RDTA out there to suit just about any type of vaper.

Our Best RDTA vapes list is to help any vaper looking to start with RDTAs and those that already use RDTAs but want help deciding on their next one. Our list will frequently be updated, so keep checking back as new RDTA’s are released and reviewed, the industry is moving fast, and there’s always something new and exciting around the corner – especially in the rebuildable market.

Here is our list for the Best RDTAs.

Best RDTAs

Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA


Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA

The Vapefly Galaxies is a 22mm diameter RDTA which can hold 2ml of e-liquid, but also has a BF pin for squonking. It features 360-degree airflow through it’s six different airflow control options which are set via its unique screw system. There’s a spring-loaded port for simple filling of the tank, and there’s a reduced chamber which helps produce amazing flavor.


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Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA

Vandy Vape


The Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF is a versatile RDTA which can accommodate both single and dual coils. It features a quad-terminal postless build deck and a squonk pin for bottom-feeding. The Pyro V2 also has multi-directional airflow, which leads to an impressive smooth vape. It’s 24mm in diameter and has a 4ml capacity tank.


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Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA


Wasp Nano RDTA

Oumier knocked it out of the park with the Wasp Nano RDA, so it’s no surprise to see that same excellent low-profile design translate into a top performing RDTA. The Wasp Nano RDTA is 22.5mm in diameter and has a 2ml capacity tank, it does not come with a BF pin so can only be filled via the fill ports on the deck.


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Steamcrave Aromamizer Titan RDTA


Aromamizer Titan RDTA

The Steamcrave Aromamizer Titan RDTA is the latest variant of one of the first RDTAs to enter the market. It’s far from low-profile and inconspicuous at a massive 41mm in diameter, but with all that size comes a huge 28ml capacity, and the ability to fit large build. This Aromamizer is a Titan that could keep you running all day, and still delivers excellent flavor.


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Asmodus Nefarius Squonk RDTA


Nefarius Squonk RDTA

The Nefarius RDTA is another squonkable RDTA and the first from Asmodus. It features a two-post build deck with dual slotted side airflow, which helps to deliver big clouds and great flavor. It has the typical excellent build quality we’ve come to love from Asmodus and is 25mm in diameter with a 4ml capacity juice tank.


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What is an RDTA?

Vaping can be pretty confusing when you are starting out, with all the different types of atomizers, trying to figure out which is best for you can be tricky. From RDA’s to RTA’s and now with the increased popularity of RDTA’s, which should you choose. So first of all, what is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers, and why should you choose one over an RTA or RDA.

In simple terms, think of an RDTA atomizer as a cross between a dripper and a tank. It’s essentially a dripper sitting above a reservoir of e-liquid. The wicks then hang down into the tank and feed the juice to the coil while you are vaping.

RDTA’s are based on the old Genesis style of atomizers which were popular for the flavor they produced. So although they can be seen as a bit of a throwback, it could also be said they are cutting edge due to the incorporation of a tank.

Another advantage of using RDTA’s is although they don’t hold a ton of liquid, they can be easy to fill, as they don’t need to be unscrewed like most tanks. Instead, you can pull off the top cap like a dripper and then fill it up or use it as an RDA, which can be a massive bonus.

Best RDTAs

What is an RTA?

Why is an RTA different from other types of atomizer? RTAs have a building deck where the coils are placed at the bottom, while the tank for e-liquid will sit above the deck. RTA’s do vary in size but can hold anything from 2ml to 10ml of e-liquid. They then have what is called a chimney section surrounding the deck, which allows air to flow up from beneath the deck, hit the coils and flow up the chimney to the mouthpiece or drip tip. Some newer RTAs also have top airflow which can come down the outside of the chimney stem to hit the coils, and then back up inside the chimney to the drip tip. RTAs will contain slots or holes in the deck to allow e-liquid to feed on from the tank through to the cotton wicks in the coils.

An RDA will have significantly less liquid capacity than an RTA, as it doesn’t have a tank to hold the e-liquid, it only has a small well in the bottom. The coils also positioned in the bottom of the atomizer, and the wicks will dip into the well of liquid to feed the coils. Since the juice is below the level o the coils they do not require a chimney section, which also means the coils and therefore vapor is closer to the user’s mouth generally providing better flavor and more vapor production. They also have a top cap that sits on top of the building deck. Air will enter from the top, bottom or sides and then rises from the top cap to the drip tip.

RDTAs are like a combination of both an RDA and an RTA. It features a tank, like an RTA, but it sits beneath the atomizer and the build deck like an RDA. Making it is similar to having a very big RDA well. RDTAs also have a top cap like an RDA, so the air flows from that directly up to the drip tip.

Why RDTA over an RTA?

While there have been many advances with RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers), you never quite get the same experience with one compared to a dripper, especially with flavor production. This is due to the vapor having to travel through the chimney, which even at a few extra millimeters can make a world of difference. Hence the creation of the RDTA.

It seems like for years; vapers have strived for that seemingly impossible “dripper in a tank” style experience. The RDTA was seen as the industry’s answer to this desire. The mouthpiece on an RDTA sits right on top of the coils, just like an RDA does. Unlike a tank, the vapor doesn’t need to travel through a chimney; it’s the same proximity to your mouth as a dripper – therefore more clouds, more flavor.

On The Tilt

As an RDTA user, you may find that you need to tilt your RDTA on an angle when puffing on it, this is to ensure that the cotton gets fully saturated, especially when your tank is running low on liquid. This is just like the Genesis atomizers of old; it’s a common tactic used to prevent dry hits and a minor inconvenience.

5 Tips for Building and Wicking RDTAs

  1. Comb and fluff your wicks before vaping
  2. Try to use a good amount of cotton
  3. But don’t use too much cotton or dry hit city
  4. Experiment with where to cut your wicks
  5. Don’t build your coils too low or too high

Even the best RDTA tanks require trial and error to find the perfect build and wicking. So you’ll need to experiment with different builds and techniques to find out which one is best for you – but that’s part of the fun…..right?


At Vaping Vibe we love our RDTA’s, technically they do give you the best of both worlds, but you do need to be patient at finding the right set up. Even with the influx of new and innovative RTA’s coming into the market – we all still have a selection of the above RDTA vapes in our kit that we can’t stop using.