WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Ghost Vape

You are probably here because you’re a vaper and have been drawn into the lure of performing some vape tricks so you can show off your prowess and impress your friends.

Well, you are in luck because with vaping you can perform some crazy tricks. You can pull out a smoke trick when you’re smoking cigarettes, but the variety of smoke tricks you can perform while smoking is far more limited. You normally just see smokers doing standard smoke ring tricks like blowing O’s, or doing a french inhale or Irish waterfall.

However, with vaping there are tons of tricks to try out, and an abundance of YouTube videos if you want to learn a few easy vape tricks.

The easy one we are going to show you today is ghosting: it’s not like the kind of ghosting where you just disappear without any explanation; it’s a vapor trick where the vapor comes out more solid-like and looks sort of like a ghost, which is why people call it “ghosting.” That’s not all that happens though; you have to inhale the vapor back in too, to really accentuate the effect of it looking like a ghost.

Why Should I Try Ghosting?

Ghosting is great fun. If you’re new to vaping tricks, then ghosting is an excellent way to get started. When I first got into beginner vape tricks, it was easy to perform and one of the first ones I tried. This is a vape trick that doesn’t demand much in the way of skills but can still impress your friends – especially when you see how easy it looks.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to perform ghost vaping. This is a really cool trick that doesn’t require you to use any props or other materials to make it work. This means that you can perform this trick anywhere. You can do this trick with any flavor vape juice you want; some tricks require a more elaborate set-up and materials to work the way they should.

There’s another popular vape trick called the Vapor Bubble. This trick requires you to have a soap mixture just to be able to perform it… Ghost Vaping requires nothing more than a vape pen and a little bit of practice.

How to Ghost Vape

How Do I Ghost Vape?


The first step in ghost vaping is to practice your inhaling technique. This is by far the most crucial part of the trick and will determine how successful you perform this trick. Just as it is with smoking, this technique for inhaling is what determines whether or not you’ll be able to master the inhale needed for ghost vaping. With that in mind, one of the most important things to remember when practicing your ghost inhale is that vaping is not smoking. Unlike smoking, with vaping, you take a lung hit instead of a mouth hit. Mouth hits are familiar to those who used to smoke, as that’s the typical way you smoke a cigarette.

If you’ve never gone near a cigarette before and are unfamiliar with the sensation of mouth hit (or lung hit), there’s an easy way to learn what it feels like. It’s like drinking from a straw! When you take a drink from a straw and then immediately gulp down, that feels similar to the lung hit. For a mouth hit, it’s like drinking with the use of a straw, but instead of gulping or swallowing the liquid, you keep it in your mouth. When performing the ghost trick, try not to breathe through your nose while doing this part as it could affect the vapor quality of the ghost.


The next part of this trick is releasing the vapor in a ball shape. This is different from just blowing out a bunch of regular old clouds like you’re vaping normally, or blowing smoke rings. With vaping, you would usually just blow or breathe out a bunch of vapor. However, with this trick, you want to release a more substantial or bigger-looking cloud.

The way that you shape your mouth plays a significant role in this part. How you shape your mouth might make all the difference in the “cloud” that your device produces. You will want to form a tight O shape with your mouth before you release the vapor. The tighter the shape of the O, the better the cloud of vapor. Once you have been able to perfect the O shape, you will then need to slowly exhale and release the vapor. This is best done by slowly pushing it out of your mouth with the use of your tongue. This is quite different from blowing or exhaling, which leads to the vapor cloud coming out distorted. By using the tongue to push the vapor out, it will help retain its shape.

Another important thing to note is that the amount of force you use with the push of the tongue will help determine how far the vape cloud will travel. If you push hard, you will send the vape cloud further away, but a softer push will keep it closer to your face. I would advise trying to exhale slowly with a softer push, since the further away the cloud is, the harder it is to perform the next part of this trick.

If you want a dense and solid-looking cloud, flick your tongue softly. If you want a more immense cloud, flick your tongue harder. Which one is better? It’s easier to capture a more dense solid-looking cloud, it also will appear a lot more refined. A thinner cloud is not only harder to capture, but most of the time you’ll end up with a wisp of vapor that just floats away.


Hold onto your hats, folks: we’re at the home stretch. This part is all about Inhaling, and it’s a lot like the last one. After releasing your ghost or vape cloud, you need to capture or inhale it. The way you shape your mouth or lips is essential here too: namely, you’ll want to do this by shaping your lips outward or away from each other. Doing so will let you capture the ghost more efficiently; it also determines how fast you can inhale it back in again. With a large shape (i.e., opening your mouth all the way), you’ll be able to inhale faster, while with a smaller opening of the mouth (i.e., only opening it partway), you’ll be able to inhale the ghost more slowly.

Picking the right medium opening is a personal preference that will vary from person to person. I personally prefer a medium opening because it ensures that vapor inhalation is not too fast but also not too slow. Essentially, you want your mouth to be halfway open when you do this trick. It’s worth noting that most people who are better at this trick inhale back the ghost slower. A slower inhale will look more appealing and impress your audience more than a quick inhale ever would.

You should keep your movements to a minimum when inhaling in order to reduce any risk of destroying your created ghost. 

This is a very common mistake for beginners, which is understandable. Most beginners try to capture the ghost immediately because they fear that the ghost might disintegrate or lose its shape before they even get the chance to capture it. But it is also important to note that a fast forward movement of the head or face will result in airflow getting pushed towards the ghost and can result in it getting destroyed. Use a slow but steady forward movement of the head, allowing the ghost to linger longer in the air before you capture it.

Regardless of what you choose to do, always keep in mind that practicing makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you’ll be, and before you know it – people will be wondering how you did that!

So, there it is; that’s how you perform the ghost vape trick. It’s an easy vape trick to perform, and you don’t need any special devices. You don’t need customized vape mods, atomizers, or other accessories. As long as you have a portable vape and patience, you’re all set. The learning curve with the ghost trick is also shorter, and you’ll be able to impress your friends with this trick soon enough.

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