Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit – Review

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Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit Review

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Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Hugo Vapor Planet Kit is a lightweight all-in-one device powered by a single 18650 battery.

It is a max output of 45W and features a Type-C USB charge port.

The Planet kit can be used for either DTL or MTL vaping with a choice of coils, 04-ohm mech, 1.4ohm dual regular coil, or a DIY RBA base.

The removable cartridge/pod has a 3ml capacity with a top fill silicon port and fully adjustable airflow.

The Hugo Vapor Planet currently comes in 3 colors/designs: Black Gorilla, Black Grotto, or Black Carbon.

The Good

3ml juice capacity, removable 18650, variable power settings, DTL and MTL, DIY RBA base included.

The Bad

Average flavor from coils, loose MTL vape, poor threading.

The Bottom Line

The Hugo Vapor Planet kit is incredibly affordable, and it isn’t the most premium feeling AIO kit, it does deliver an okay vape. However, that’s only if you’re using it with the mesh coil and DTL. If you are looking for an AIO MTL kit, there are far better options on the market.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeSourcing for the purpose of this review.

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Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit Specs

  • Size: 97 x 46.5x 24.5mm
  • Battery: single 18650 battery (not included)
  • Juice Capacity: 3ml
  • Pod Material: Food grade PCTG
  • Coil Resistance: 0.4ohm mesh coil, 1.4ohm dual regular DC coil, DIY RBA coil
  • Output Wattage: 45W
  • Drip Tip: 510

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit Contents

  • 1 x Hugo Vapor Planet Device
  • 1 x Hugo Vapor Planet Pod
  • 1 x 0.4ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 1.4ohm Dual Regular DC Coil
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Design & Style7.0
Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Hugo Vapor Planet pod kit has a familiar box design and styling to it, reminiscent of a Billet Box.

This style of the device seems to be rising in popularity among AIO kits with Artery, Rincoe, Aspire, and DotMod all producing similar-looking kits.

It’s clear from the offset that the Hugo Vapor Planet pod kit doesn’t quite sit in the same category as the premium-feeling Dot AIO. In fact, sadly it feels like quite a cheap device.

There is nothing wrong with it feeling like a cheaper device because that’s precisely what it is. The materials used may not scream quality, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fit and finish of the kit.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The removable side panel fits perfectly in place with no excess wiggle, and can easily be removed to reveal the battery and pod compartment. The fire button on the front side of the device is slightly protruding and clicky.

The significant place where the lack of quality build shows is in the threading. Both the removable drip-tip (which co-incidentally you always have to unscrew to remove the refillable pod) and the airflow base have quite poor threading.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Planet Kit is also a slightly larger and more boxy affair compared to some of its competitors, not obtrusively so but enough that you do notice the lack of curved smooth corners as it sits in your palm.

While there’s nothing amazingly original with the design of the Hugo Vapor Planet kit, it does have some styling to it. Especially with the ‘Black Grotto’ design that we have in for review with its glossy, colorful side panels.

Overall it is an incredibly affordable kit with the build quality and features to match and will certainly be more than sufficient for most vapers looking for an AIO kit.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Hugo Vapor Planet utilizes a removable 18650 battery and can deliver a maximum of 45 watts of power, which is a little low for a single 18650 device.

The Planet does have variable wattage, which can be changed with 3 clicks of the fire button when the device is on. There are 4 settings, and the output is determined by the resistance of the coil installed.

On the side of the device, there is a small circle of lights, along with a center light. This can be seen through a clear window in the removable panel, and the lights help to indicate your current power setting along with battery status.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

0.4-Ohm Coil

  • 1 light = 25W
  • 2 lights = 30W
  • 3 lights = 35W
  • 4 lights = 45W

1.4-Ohm Coil

  • 1 light = 10W
  • 2 lights = 11W
  • 3 lights = 12W
  • 4 lights = 13W
Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

This, unfortunately, does make it a little unclear if you are suing the RBA base and your own coil as to the power output, but you do have 4 varying power settings.

There are no extra features like temp control etc. with the Hugo Vapor Planet, it is quite a simple AIO device.

It does have a USB-C port for charging, but there is no stated charge rating. So I can’t be sure if it’s just 1A or more. However, as the Planet uses removable 18650 batteries, it’s usually best and safer to charge them externally anyway.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Planet pod has a 3ml juice capacity, with a large fill port on the top, sealed by a rubber plug anchored to it.

The pod is held in place in the kit by threading on the drip tip base. So you need to unscrew the drip tip to remove the pod, and vice-versa to hold it in place.

The drip tip base can fit any 510 drip tip on top, sadly there’s only one included in the kit and not a designated MTL drip tip.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The coils for the pod screw into an adjustable airflow base, which in turn screws into the bottom of the pod. As I mentioned above, there’s nothing drastically wrong with this design or the threading, but it does feel a little rough compared to higher quality kits.

The airflow ring on the base does have knurling to it, with a hard stop at fully open and closed. It’s a little awkward to adjust while the pod is in the device, so it’s best to do it while the pod is removed.

Airflow comes in from three small holes on the center side of the kit, even with the airflow shut off and an MTL coil it’s still quite an airy device.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Planet kit comes with 3 coil options:

  • 0.4-ohm Mesh DTL (rated at 25-45W)
  • 1.6-ohm dual regular coil MTL (rated at 10-13W)
  • DIY RBA Base

The RBA base is a simple two post affair similar to most small pod systems, (like the one on the Smoant Pasito). So it can be quite fiddly to use and is really only suited to simple round wire builds.

It also comes with a 510 attachment so you can test your build and resistance on other devices. Sadly it has to be noted that the threading on the RBA base is also subpar.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

The Hugo Vapor Planet is not going to blow your socks off with its performance.

With the 0.4-ohm mesh coil, it delivers good flavor (above average), but I feel it’s a little lacking in power. I really would have liked to have taken it up one more notch.

The airflow can be nice and open and could easily cope with more power and vapor coming through.

The 1.4-ohm MTL coil was more disappointing for me. The flavor was just okay, but it did flood a few times with 60VG/40PG juice. There was no leaking, and a quick shake of the device did help clear it. Also, I only had the one coil to test, so it could’ve been down to bad luck.

Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit

However, the real failure with the MTL setup of the Planet kit is the airflow. Even with the airflow completely shut off and using my own MTL drip tip, it’s a far too loose vape for a decent MTL, in my opinion.

It does get a tiny bit tighter and a little bit better on flavor if you use the RBA base. But in all honesty, other AIO kits deliver a more enjoyable MTL experience, and it doesn’t come anywhere close to that of the DotMod AIO.

Good Vibes

  • 3ml juice capacity
  • Removable 18650
  • Variable power settings
  • Instant firing
  • DIY base included
  • Two coils included
  • DTL and MTL
  • USB-C port
  • Affordable

Bad Vibes

  • Average flavor from coils
  • MTL coil not great
  • Threading is subpar
  • Only comes with one drip tip
Hugo Vapor Planet Pod Kit


There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Hugo Vapor Planet Kit, it’s an incredibly affordable device that delivers on okay vape experience.

That main caveat with that being if you are not an MTL vaper that likes a tight draw.

Unfortunately, there are better devices in this AIO design format that deliver better build quality and vape experience. The Rincoe Manto AIO, Dotmod AIO, and the Aspire Mulus, to name a few.

However, if you find the Planet kit an incredibly low price, it might be worth a punt.

Coupon: HVPPK Discount: 53%

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