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A starter kit that grows with you.

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Kangertech Vola Kit

Kanger Vola Kit is a 100W device powered by an internal 2000mAh battery. It comes bundled with the Vola tank, which has a 4ml capacity (2ml for TPD) and an easy top fill system.

The Vola kit is geared for beginners and power users alike with its multiple UI modes which either simplify or extend the functionality of the kit.

It’s a compact starter kit that’s designed to grow with the vaper.

The Good

Simple modern design, compact, multiple UI modes, decent sub-ohm tank and coils.

The Bad

Fingerprint magnet, screen scratches easily, power-hungry coils too much for 2000mAh battery.

The Bottom Line

The Kanger Vola kit is a decent starter kit that gives beginner vapers the ability to grow in their vaping journey through the smart multiple UI modes. It’s simplistic, yet feature-rich. It also features a decent sub-ohm tank. Unfortunately, the 2000mAh internal battery is not great, especially with the included coils.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeSourcing for the purpose of this review.

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Vola Mod

  • Size: 74mm x 25mm x 44mm
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Max output wattage: 100W
  • Mode: VW/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR(M1/M2/M3)
  • TC range: 100-315°C/200-600°F
  • Screen: 1.3-inch TFT display
  • DIY WATT and TEMP Curve
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Expert modes

Vola Tank

  • Size: 25 x 43mm
  • Capacity: 4ml or 2ml (TPD)
  • Fill method: Threaded Top-fill
  • Drip tip: Wide bore 510

In the Box

  • 1pc KangerTech Vola Mod
  • 1pc Vola Tank
  • 1pc R2-OCC Nicr 0.4ohm(single core 15-100W)
  • 1pc R8-OCC Nicr 0.2ohm(four core 25-140W)
  • 1pc User Manual
  • 1pc USB Cable
Kangertech Vola Kit

There’s a refreshing simplicity to the Kanger Vola’s looks along with its user interface.

The mod has glossy black panels on the front and back, which are joined by a vibrant colored outer chassis. It’s quite a square box mod but does have curves along the top and bottom edges to soften the look.

Within the front panel is a 1.3 inch TFT color display, which does a great job at displaying all of the necessary information. It might not be as vivid as some of the OLED displays we see in higher-end mods, but it’s bright and legible enough even in sunlight.

The Vola features a 2000mAh internal battery and has a power output of 100W.

One side of the mod contains the micro USB charge port and all of the buttons, each of which are textured, with the fire button ideally oversized.

The Vola features a center-mounted 510, which contributes to the aesthetics of the whole kit. It can hold up to 25mm atomizers with no overhang.

KangerTech offers the Kanger Vola mod in 6 different color options; Black, Gray, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, and Green.

Kangertech Vola Kit


The Vola has quite an attractive and simplistic look to it. The mod itself reminds me of an mp3 player, with its glossy front and back panels and colored sides.

It’s a modern and clean look, and the Vola tank with it’s matched colored o-rings pair together exceptionally well.

The button positioning is also clean and simple, and they protrude just enough for a tactile feel, without ruining the aesthetic of the mod.

I’d say it’s definitely one of the more modern and better-looking starter kits on the market.

Kangertech Vola Kit

Build Quality

The front and back panels are an absolute fingerprint magnet. I feel like I’m forever wiping it clean. The plastic used on those parts also seems to scratch easily. After only one day use it was covered in scuffs and scratches which really show up on the glossy black finish of those panels.

The outer colored strip of the Vola feels a lot more durable and has a decent thick coating of paint, which makes it more scratch resistant. It’s just a shame it’s the screen that’s going to attract the scuffs.

There’s a little bit of rattle with the fire button, which is especially noticeable if you shake the device. However, it is a nice large fire button which is reasonably tactile when pressing it.

Kangertech Vola Kit


The Kanger Vola mod is a pocket-friendly device.

It measures in at 74mm x 25mm x 44mm, and with the Vola tank on top, it only adds another 43mm in height.

It’s definitely a complete kit that you can easily carry around, and slide into your pocket.

Kangertech Vola Kit


This is basic starter kit from Kangertech, so we weren’t really expecting any innovation.

However, it is nice to see them persist with the multiple UI modes to cut out the clutter of advanced features for beginners.

Kangertech Vola Kit

The Kanger Vola features a 2000mAh inbuilt battery and is capable of powering up to 100W.

Although I do think 100W might be a bit of a stretch with such a battery, but as a starter kit this device is not intended to for heavy power users.

The Vola is capable of temperature control with the full range of materials SS, Ni, Ti and there is also a TCR Mode with memory settings. There’s also the ability to set power curves in ‘Expert’ mode.

Kangertech Vola Kit


The Kanger Vola uses preset modes to simplify the vaping experience for beginners.

The modes consist of Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

To change between these modes you need to hold the fire button and – button, which will access the mode screen.

In Beginner mode, the device is just a simple variable wattage device, with the +/- buttons controlling the wattage.

The Intermediate mode adds the Temp Control functionality, and you can switch between each setting by pressing the fire button 3 times. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set the wattage for TC mode, so it must be automatic.

In Expert mode you have 3 memory modes, these can be set to either VW or TC. To adjust your settings for each mode, you need to hold down the fire button and +/- simultaneously. This then brings you into a curve graph, where you can navigate each bar with the +/- buttons and set the wattage or temperature by selecting it with the fire button. You can change between VW and each TC material by navigating to the top section (where the mode is highlighted) with the +/- buttons and clicking the fire button. Once you have finished, you need to navigate to the ‘ok’ on the screen and hit the fire button to save.

It’s a smart design choice by Kangertech which helps prevent beginner vapers from making unintentional or undesired changes to the device’s settings, with a simple, uncluttered menu – While remaining versatile for experienced vapers.

Kangertech Vola Kit

The Vola Tank has a 4ml eliquid capacity. However, if you are in the EU, it comes as a TPD compliant 2ml tank, by using a pre-installed rubber limiter, Which seems like it should be relatively straightforward to remove.

However, you do need to be careful, as you first need to unscrew the top cap, then the base of the tank, and be gentle as you pull the glass tube away. It’s then a case of prising the two chunky rubber inserts away.

It’s not ideal but does mean you can switch from a 2ml to 4ml capacity tank without having to buy any replacement parts.

The Vola tank features dual bottom airflow, which is control by the standard style AFC ring. The AFC has the perfect amount of resistance to it and stops when fully open or closed, which also helps when you are trying to take apart the tank.

The Vola tank also comes with a wide bore 510 style drip tip.

Kangertech Vola Kit


The Vola tank features a threaded top cap for refilling. There’s a small amount of knurling on the top cap, but it’s not the easiest to unscrew.

Once open there are two rather large kidney shaped fill ports for you to dump your juice down.

It’s a straightforward tank to fill, and I’ve not noticed any flooding or leaking will refilling the tank.

Kangertech Vola Kit


The Vola tank comes with 2 different coils in the kit. Both are sub-ohm coils that use NiCr as the heating element.

0.4Ohm R2-OCC NiCr
This coil is pre-installed and is recommended at the 40 to 80 watts range.

This coil produces really decent flavor if you are around the 60-70W range, any higher than that and it was pushing on a burnt taste.

0.2Ohm R8-OCC NiCr
This coil is recommended at the 50 to 90 watts range.

I found this coil performed best at the 80W mark, producing the better flavor of the two coils, not by much but it was definitely noticeable.

However, the main issue is it requires more power, and quite honestly too much power for such a small device with only a 2000mAh internal battery.

Both coils perform like typical sub-ohm coils, they also required a tanks worth of juice to really break in and get rid of that initial funky cotton taste.

The Vola is a good sub-ohm tank with good coils, but it seems a bit of a mismatch for the Vola mod.

Kangertech Vola Kit

The Kangertech Vola performs admirably for such a small device. However, it does come with some minor flaws as a kit.

I feel the tank and included coils are not best suited to the mod. I would’ve much preferred to see some higher Ohm coils included, as 0.4 and 0.2 are excessive on the tiny 2000mAh battery. It just doesn’t fit right for a starter kit.

If you prefer the vape off of the 0.2 Ohm coil, as I do at around 75 Watts, the 2000mAh battery is not even going to see you past a couple of hours!

While Kanger has made all the right moves in simplifying the device and menu for beginner vapers, they seemed to have forgotten that battery life is a crucial component for new and experienced vapers.

Kangertech Vola Kit

Wattage Mode

In wattage mode the Vola performs well, it’s not the fasted firing device, and at times I found myself a little frustrated waiting for it to fire. But that’s probably because I’m used to instant firing devices.

I’m also a little skeptical that the Vola can really put out 100W.

In expert mode, the power curve settings where noticeable enough. It can go some way to alleviating the slow firing if you pre-heat the coil by giving it more power at the beginning of the curve.

Kangertech Vola Kit

Temperature Control Mode

Temp control was actually quite a pleasant experience with the Vola.

I think Kanger may have done some work on tweaking their TC performance because it felt smooth and worked better than I expected.

The only frustration is you can’t set the wattage while in TC mode, but I definitely didn’t find it lacking on the temp control front.

Kangertech Vola Kit

Battery Life

The main shortcoming of the Kanger Vola is the lackluster 2000mAh internal battery.

It is sufficient enough for lower power vaping, but if you are north of 40W which the included coils demand, then the device won’t see you through half a day.

This is especially more pronounced when using the 0.2 Ohm coils which are included.


  • Compact design
  • Looks good
  • Clever 3 mode UI
  • Decent TFT screen
  • 4ml capacity
  • TPD version can be extended (removable bung)
  • Vola tank performs well
  • Decent in TC mode
  • Good flavor from both coils


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Screen scratches easily
  • Power-hungry coils don’t match the mod
  • 2000mAh battery life isn’t great


Kangertech Vola Kit

The Kangertech Vola Kit does have its place in the market.

It’s a reliable starter kit, which (through its clever UI) can grow with the vaper along their journey as they become more experienced. I really like the way Kanger are trying to remove the clutter for beginners without removing the functionality for advanced vaping.

It’s also a very attractive, compact kit, with a sub-ohm tank that performs really well.

The only issue I have with the Vola Kit is the 2000mAh internal battery. It’s a little lacking, especially as the kit comes with some power demanding sub-ohm coils.

This doesn’t affect the vaping experience, but you might need to make sure you’re fully charged or have a portable charger with you.

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The Kanger Vola kit is a decent starter kit that gives beginner vapers the ability to grow in their vaping journey through the smart multiple UI modes. It's simplistic, yet feature-rich. It also features a decent sub-ohm tank. Unfortunately, the 2000mAh internal battery is not great, especially with the included coils.
Jules M
Jules M
Jules is our vaping font of knowledge. He has been a passionate vaping supporter since 2013 and spends his time trying to educate people with ‘facts’ on the safety and benefits of vaping.

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Kangertech Vola Kit | ReviewThe Kanger Vola kit is a decent starter kit that gives beginner vapers the ability to grow in their vaping journey through the smart multiple UI modes. It's simplistic, yet feature-rich. It also features a decent sub-ohm tank. Unfortunately, the 2000mAh internal battery is not great, especially with the included coils.