WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VOOPOO ARGUS P2 Review: Impressive Flavor, Intuitive Features

VOOPOO ARGUS P2 Review: Impressive Flavor, Intuitive Features

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9.0/10 AMAZING

What You Need To Know

Size: 78 × 48.5 × 17.5mm
Weight: 89.3g

1100mAh battery, 3ml capacity, 3 power modes, compatible with all ARGUS pods, draw-activated, USB-C Charging

Vapers looking for a stylish feature-rich pod vape with banging flavor.

Adjustable power (5-30W), adjustable airflow, OLED display, programmable LED lights, 2A fast charging


Sleek design with a premium feel to it

Fantastic flavor from new ARGUS pods

SHIFT power modes work really well


Product Description

The ARGUS P2 is one of the latest pod systems from VOOPOO. 

Released at the same time as the G2, the P2 is a feature upgrade on last year’s impressive ARGUS P1.

The P2 has an 1100mAh battery, adjustable wattage with a range of 5-30W. It uses the GENE.AI chip, which also offers 3 power modes.

It also has a 0.5″ display, LED light indicators, adjustable airflow, and USB-C fast charging.

It also comes with the newly improved ARGUS Pods, which now feature a top-fill method. They come in either 2ml or 3ml capacity, and there’s a 0.4Ω and 0.7Ω in the kit.

The ARGUS P2 is available in 8 colors: Matte black, Titanium Gray, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Violet Purple, Steel Blue, Crystal Pink, and Pearl White.


  • Size: 78×48.5×17.5mm (including pod)
  • Battery: 1100mAh (internal)
  • Display: 0.54in OLED screen
  • Output: 5-30W
  • Material: Zinc Alloy & PC
  • Modes: Power (Variable Wattage), SPT, NOR and ECO
  • LED Lights: Programmable
  • Charging: Type C USB (2A charge rate)
  • Resistance range: 0.4-3Ω
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Argus Pods and Empty Argus Pods with ITO coils
  • Airflow: Adjustable (MTL-RDL)
  • Filling system: Top fill (rubber bung)

Kit Contents

  • Voopoo Argus P2 device
  • 0.4Ω Argus pod
  • 0.7Ω Argus pod
  • Lanyard
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual

Design & Build Quality

The ARGUS P2 looks similar to the ARGUS P1 but with a few nice tweaks and improvements in the design.

It has a split design: Two-thirds of the device has a colored panel over the battery and a tinted transparent plastic cover that shows the chip and circuitry, which I love. 

Thanks to the zinc alloy frame, it has a nice weighty feel, making it feel like a premium product. 

It’s also relatively compact and pocketable with its boxy format. 

Measuring 78mm by 48.5mm by 17.5mm. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket or purse but still substantial enough to feel good in the hand.

My review unit came in the Pearl White colorway, and it’s stunning. The pearlescent finish catches the light beautifully, and the embossed “ARGUS” logo adds a touch of class. The branding is subtle and understated, which I appreciate.

The buttons and airflow slider have a nice, tactile feel. I really like the top location for the function button. Some may be put off by the screw thread finish. It also makes it like like it’s a dial that should rotate.

The USB-C port is located conveniently on the bottom of the device, on the plastic section. 

The pod slots in securely at the top, held in place by strong magnets. There’s absolutely no wobble or play when the pod is inserted, which is great.

On one side of the device, you’ll find two small cutouts for attaching the included lanyard. It’s a bit tricky to thread the lanyard through these holes, but once it’s in place, it provides a secure and convenient way to carry your P2 around.

One minor gripe: the transparent panel is a little prone to fingerprints and smudges, so you’ll want to give them a wipe down occasionally to keep your P2 looking its best.

Another small detail worth mentioning: the device has quite a few visible screws, particularly on the back panel. Some may find this industrial look a bit off-putting, but personally, I think it adds to the P2’s no-nonsense styling.

Overall, though, the ARGUS P2 is a well-built, well-designed device that looks and feels like a premium product. In initial looks it’s not much of a change from the P1. But the extra little details and changes all make it a slightly sleeker-looking device, in my opinion.


The ARGUS P2 may be small, but it’s big on features. 

The 1100mAh battery is impressive for a device this size. It’s powered by the GENE.AI chip, which offers a wattage range of 5-30W and a variety of smart vaping modes (more on those in a bit).

The P2 also comes with SHIFT Mode, which features 3 different power modes:

  • SPT Mode (High) = Full-bodied flavor
  • NOR Mode (Normal) = Optimum vaping experience
  • Eco Mode (Low) = Reducing power and e-liquid consumption

The ARGUS P2 features a bright, 0.54-inch OLED screen that displays all your key vaping data, from wattage to puff count. 

There’s also a strip of LED indicator lights below the screen to show it’s status. 

There’s full adjustable airflow covering a tight MTL to RDL draws. 

The P2 also has Type-C fast charging, with a charge rate of 2A. Which can be topped up in around 35 minutes. 

I love that VOOPOO has copied VAPORESSO with the charge screen. It shows the time remaining in minutes while charging, which is super helpful.

Although the P2 features a function button, it’s an auto-draw only device. 

Note: The P2 doesn’t have a manual fire button or a way to lock the device. So it’s best to power it off when carrying it in your pocket or bag.

How to Use the ARGUS P2

Using the VOOPOO ARGUS P2 is relatively simple. But there are a few different modes. Here’s a rundown on how to adjust settings: 

Basic Operation

  1. Power On/Off = Press the button 5 times
  2. The device will automatically detect the pod resistance and set the wattage accordingly
  3. The P2 is an auto-draw device, so just take a puff on the mouthpiece to start vaping
  4. Enter Menu = Press the button 5 times. You will have the following selections:
    • PUFF Clear
    • SHIFT Mode
    • POWER Mode
    • OFF
    • EXIT

Adjusting Modes:

Select the desired Mode from the menu


  1. Adjust POWER Mode – Press and hold the button to enter Power mode, then press the button to adjust your wattage (5-30W)


  1. Adjust SHIFT Mode – Press the button 3 times quickly to cycle through the Shift mode presets:
    • SPT: For intense, full-bodied flavor
    • NOR: For a balanced, everyday vape
    • ECO: For conserving battery life and juice consumption
  2. Hold the button to select the required mode

LED Lights

The LED lights on the P2 are programmable, there are 3 settings: 

LED M1 – Decoration mode (screen & lights on)

LED M2 – Indicator mode (screen off, LED lights as battery gauge)

LED OFF – Lights off (screen on)

To switch LED modes, press and hold the function button and release it when the desired mode is displayed.

It’s great that VOOPOO included the options for programmable LEDS, as some might prefer them a bit too much.

VooPoo Argus P2 Pod

Pods & Coils

The ARGUS P2 is compatible with the full range of ARGUS pods, giving you plenty of options for finding your perfect vape. 

The kit includes two pods:

  1. A 0.7Ω pod (rated for 14-18W), which is perfect for a loose MTL or restrictive DL vape
  2. A 0.4Ω pod (rated for 18-30W), which is better suited for a slightly more open DL draw

Both pods hold 2ml of juice in TPD regions or 3ml if you’re not subject to those restrictions.

VOOPOO has adjusted the style of the Argus pods to now be a top-fill affair. But it’s only top fill in the sense that the rubber plug is on the top side of the pod – not a top fill system like the Caliburn or Xros pods.

Still, it does mean you can refill it without removing it from the device. But honestly, it’s best to always remove it from the device when refilling.

To fill the pod, locate the rubber bung, flip it open, and insert your bottle nozzle. The fill port measures a generous 5x4mm, so even the chunkiest of bottle tips should fit without issue.

One thing to note: the coil resistance is etched onto the fill port bung, which can be a bit hard to read, especially in low light. It’s a minor gripe, but worth mentioning.

VOOPOO recommends keeping the pods topped up to around 2/3 full for optimal performance. This helps prevent dry hits and keeps the coil saturated for the best possible flavor.

I know many pods suggest not letting them run too low, but 2/3 full is a bit much, in my opinion.  

It’s also worth nioting that as the P2 is compatible with all Argus Pods. That includes the Empty Argus Pods with ITO coils if you prefer replaceable coils.


Alright, let’s talk performance. I’ve been using the ARGUS P2 as my daily driver for the past few weeks, and I’ve got to say I’m thoroughly impressed.

From the moment I popped in the 0.7Ω pod and took my first puff, I was blown away by the flavor. 

I’ve been vaping a 50/50 PG/VG juice, and the P2 seems to be perfectly tuned for this ratio. Every note of my favorite fruity blend comes through loud and clear.

But the real star of the show is the SPT mode. This setting takes the already impressive flavor and cranks it up to 11. 

In this mode, the P2 beats my Caliburn G3 for flavor. Not with all juices, but it’s definitely more punchy.

The caveat here, though, is you are using more power and juice. And I’m sure if I tweaked my G3 power settings enough, I could get closer.

The other modes are no slouch, either. NOR mode offers a well-balanced, flavorful vape that’s perfect for all-day use. Again, it is on par with the likes of the Caliburn or Xros.

The ECO mode does sacrifice a bit of flavor intensity. I didn’t run it in this mode too much to see the real benefits of saving battery or juice – after all, I’m all about the flavor!

The auto-draw trigger works well. It’s consistent every time, and I never once had a blip in firing.

The adjustable airflow is also great. I was able to get a tight MTL draw out of the 0.7Ω pod. While the 0.4Ω fully open is a good restricted DL.

Battery life on the ARGUS P2 is great. The 1100mAh cell consistently gets me through a full day of moderate to heavy vaping. Recharge time is also impressive, at around 35 minutes. I love the charge time status on the screen.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the lifespan of the new Argus pods. I primarily vaped the 2ml capacity 0.7Ω pod, which managed about 20 refills, before it really started to decline. That’s approximately 40ml of juice, which is excellent.

A couple of things I’m not so happy about the ARGUS P2:

Keeping the pods topped up to 2/3 is a bit of a pain. I feel like you have to refill more regularly than other pods.

To be honest, I let them run a lot lower, and it didn’t really affect the performance. So it’s no big deal, but it’s best to stick to manufacturer recommendations.

My bigger issue is that the power output drops significantly once the battery is below 10%. 

You’ll actually get a “Low Bat” warning at 5%, but then the device will conk out entirely until you give it a charge. So, I feel like the last 10% of the battery is irrelevant. Some other pod vapes have the same issue, but I would’ve liked to have peace of mind that the device would consistently perform until the end.


  • Compact sleek design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Outstanding flavor, especially in SPT mode 
  • Leak-free, easy-to-fill pods 
  • Excellent lifespan of pods
  • Adjustable airflow for MTL to restricted DL vaping  
  • Good battery life with fast Type-C charging (35 mins)
  • Programmable LED lights
  • Compatible with all ARGUS pods


  • No button lock function 
  • Menu system takes some getting used to 
  • Pod resistance markings can be hard to read 
  • Power drops off significantly at low battery levels


The ARGUS P2 is an excellent pod vape from VOOPOO.

It’s a step up from the P1 with its features and fancy light show.

However, the real upgrade comes with the new pods. These are easily the best pods VOOPOO has made and are on par with the best in the market.

They deliver fantastic flavor, especially when paired with SPT mode on the P2. They also have an excellent lifespan.

The P2 device is stylish and compact, has great battery life, and offers a variety of power modes. It is easily my favorite VOOPOO pod vape to date.

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