WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Voopoo Drag Q | Review

Voopoo Drag Q | Review

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The Drag Q is an innovative new pod kit from Voopoo that aims to deliver both an MTL and restricted DTL vape.

It features an integrated power/airflow dial that adjusts simultaneously and an LED gradient light on the front.

The Drag Q has an inbuilt 1250mAh battery with a power output of 8-25W and features fast charging via USB-C.

It comes with the new ITO-X pod, which has a 3.5ml capacity and includes a 1.2Ω (MTL) and 0.5Ω DTL coil.

This Drag Q kit is available in 6 colors: Vitality Orange, Marsala, Classic Red, Chestnut, Carbon Fibre, and Galaxy Blue.

Voopoo Drag Q

The Good

Excellent build quality, sleek compact design, excellent airflow/power adjustment dial, cool LED gradient light, MTL & restricted DTL, great flavor from coils.

The Bad

Auto-draw doesn’t always work, the power button is a little too flush to the body.

The Bottom Line

The Drag Q is an excellent all-in-one device that blends innovation to make an incredibly easy-to-use vape for beginners. It delivers a great MTL and restricted DTL experience with great flavor from coils. It has a slender ergonomic design with a decent-sized built-in battery, making it the perfect step up from small pod systems or disposables.

Voopoo Drag Q

Specs & Features

Voopoo Drag Q Device Specifications
  • Materials: Leather, Zinc Alloy, Silicone
  • Size: 92.5x24x14.14mm
  • Output Power: 8-25W
  • Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Resistance: 0.3-3Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 1250mAh internal battery
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (Standard) 2ml (TPD)
  • Material: Stainless Steel + PCTG
  • Size: 51.45×21.5×21.5mm
  • Resistance: 0.5Ω / 1.2Ω
Voopoo Drag Q Kit Contents
  • Drag Q Device
  • Voopoo ITO X Pod 3.5ml (TPD 2ml)
  • ITO Coil M0 0.5Ω
  • ITO Coil M3 1.2
  • Type C Cable
  • User Manual
Voopoo Drag Q

Design & Style

The Drag Q shares some similarities to the Drag X & S pod kits and is unmistakably a Drag device in its design aesthetic. However, it is a far smaller and slender device, only measuring 120mm x 35mm x 20mm.

This makes the Drag Q incredibly comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand and is quite unobtrusive when shoved in a pocket.

The Drag Q comes in a multitude of color options. All feature the same leather grip on the back. The one we have for review is dark brown leather, which goes well with the all-black zinc alloy frame. The grip is slightly padded, further increasing comfort while using the device.

The leather grip also features the large embossed logo we’ve become accustomed to; this time is the ‘Drag Q’ that stands loud and proud. The other branding on the device is a small ‘Voopoo’ logo on the front and a ‘Gene’ symbol on the airflow/power control.

Voopoo Drag Q

The airflow control dial on the back of the device, underneath where the pod connects, is one of the most significant parts of the Drag Q. It is a large dial with +/- indicators on either side separated by 11 small markings.

The dial is not only there to adjust airflow but also the amount of power the device will output. It’s an innovative integration we’ve not seen before, and it works seamlessly, as we’ll cover later.

The dial is one of the most satisfying adjustment controls I’ve come across on a pod mod. It’s like an old-school volume control switch that clicks on every incremental turn, with a hard stop at both ends.

The other unique design aspect of the Drag Q is the gradient LED light strip on the front of the device. This cleverly works in conjunction with the power/airflow dial; as you increase the power/airflow, the light gradually lights up with a full glow at max power. The light will also change color (green, blue, or red) based on your battery status.

Voopoo Drag Q

The whole design of the Drag Q is unique from any other pod system we’ve seen. These little touches are not just for show but also for function and the simplicity of using the device, and I love it.

The one design trait I think that Voopoo could’ve done a better job with is the fire button. There’s nothing wrong with its positioning or function, in fact, it’s perfectly clicky. However, it just sits too flush with the device for my liking. The argument could be that it’s not actually needed as the device also fires using auto-draw. However, I still would’ve preferred it slightly more raised.

On the base of the device, Voopoo has kept up the nice touch of having a silicon pad to prevent scratches from slipping around when placed on a table. This is also where the USB-C port is located, which some may not like as it’s more likely to pick up dirt and grit. However, it does keep the rest of the device looking quite clean.

Overall the Drag Q is a brilliantly designed pod kit with the perfect balance of style and substance. Voopoo has done a great job with the innovative features adding a nice touch of class and real function to the device.

Voopoo Drag Q Light Bar


The Drag Q features a built-in 1250mAh battery and a power range of 8-25W.

The device automatically sets the output range depending on the resistance of the attached coil.

The power and airflow of the device work in tandem and can be adjusted by rating the power dial.

The Drag Q also features an LED gradient light on the front of the device. The amount of the bar that lights up is correlated to the power output you have set. The light will change color based on your battery status with the following:

  • Green: 60-100%
  • Blue: 25-60%
  • Red: 0-25%

The Drag Q has a USB-C port for charging at a rate of 2A. It will take approximately 50 minutes for a full charge.

Voopoo Drag Q USB Port

Operating the Drag Q

The Drag Q features both auto-draw and manual firing. It is incredibly easy to operate with only the following main controls:

  • On/Off- click fire button 5 times.
  • Auto-Off – the device will lock itself after 5 minutes of inactivity. To continue using, press the fire button 3 times or use auto-draw.
  • Adust power & airflow – Rotate the dial, + symbol marks full power and airflow, and – is the least.
  • Adjust airflow independent of power – Hold down the fire button while rotating the dial. This will keep the set power but adjust the airflow separately.
Voopoo Drag Q


One of the biggest shake-ups in design from previous Drag pods is with the new ITO-X pod that comes with the Drag Q.

It is a 3.5ml capacity pod that features what Voopoo calls a ‘pinball buckle’ design. It has three ball bearings around the bottom metal section of the pod; these are then positioned inside a groove on the device. The balls depress when you push the pod into place, like a pressure fit. It’s incredibly secure and will not come out unless you pull hard on it. This design also means the pod can rotate freely when inserted, not that there’s any benefit to it.

Voopoo Drag Q

The pod also features a top-fill mechanism. The top cap can be removed from the pod with a quarter turn; it’s easy to grip and easy to remove, thanks to its knurled edging. Once removed, there’s a silicone gasket on the top of the pod with three holes. The large center one is the chimney, then there is a very small hole, an air relief hole, to prevent airlocks from filling. The third hole, which has a droplet symbol on it, is the fill port.

The fill hole can accommodate bottle nozzles well, but do be careful when filling. If you go too quickly, juice may come out of the airhole, so slow and steady is best.

The one downside with the design of this pod from Voopoo is the proprietary drip tip. It’s a very good drip tip that’s ideal for MTL vaping with its narrow bore, but it cannot be removed, and you can’t use your own with the pod.

Voopoo Drag Q Pod


The pod comes with two coils, a 0.5Ω and a 1.2Ω coil. These are new coils from Voopoo and come with the ‘ITO’ name. There are 4 coils in total in this range, and you can purchase a 1.0Ω or 0.7Ω separately.

Voopoo decided to include the highest resistance MTL (1.2Ω) and the only DTL (0.5Ω) in the range to give you options while vaping.

  • 1.2Ω MTL – range 8-12W
  • 0.5Ω DTL – range 18-25W

The coils are a push-fit style that goes into the pod’s base. However, be aware that they do not go all the way in and sit flush like other push-fit coils. They are also a little tricky to push in but have two flat sides so you can align them properly.

Voopoo Drag Q Coils

Performance –

The Drag Q is without question one of the easiest pod systems to use and will perform perfectly for the vast majority of users straight out of the box, especially beginners. However, it’s not all plain sailing, and I’m not one of those users.

Let me explain.

The power and airflow dial integration is excellent. As you turn up the dial, the Drag Q will give you noticeably more power as the airflow opens up. Most of the time, it gets it bang on with the perfect airflow-to-power ratio.

This is especially apparent in my use with the DTL 0.5Ω coil. I turned the dial to be almost 3 quarters open and watched the power bar rise (which I admit is quite cool). It delivered the exact restricted DTL draw I was expecting with the right amount of warmth.

Voopoo Drag Q

However, things get a little trickier in an MTL situation with the 1.2Ω coil. Most MTL vapers nowadays tend to lean towards a slightly open MTL draw from pod systems. If you set the dial to be slightly open, perhaps on 2-3 bars, then it’s as good as any pod system on the market for that type of draw.

If like me, you prefer an incredibly tight MTL draw, the Drag Q is certainly capable of delivering it. The dial turned right down to the – is a tight MTL draw and tighter than most pod systems, which is great. However, I found it still needed a little more power for my liking in this setting.

Fortunately, this can be achieved by setting the power, then holding down the Fire button and adjusting the dial to just set the airflow. So ultimately, I was able to get the exact MTL draw I was looking for, and it was great. However, it wasn’t straightforward to achieve. Some may not be aware that this is an option when first getting the device, as there are no other obvious controls.

Voopoo Drag Q

Now I appreciate that I’m not the ideal target demographic for Drag Q. As I mentioned above, most will be perfectly happy using it straight out of the box. I also can’t fault Voopoo as they have not only created something simple to use, with just one adjustment dial. But they also thought of those use cases like mine and allowed independent adjustments.

So how do the coils perform when you find your setting?

They both deliver excellent flavor and a smooth draw with the airflow. However, I think the MTL coil is the better of the two. 

The Drag Q is better suited for an MTL vape, and the 1.2Ω (as I mentioned above) can deliver a warm and satisfying MTL draw without draining too much power.

The 0.5Ω coil is good for a restricted DTL draw, but don’t expect a full open DL draw as that’s not what the device aims for. You’ll also notice that the 1250mAh battery might not quite be enough to make it through the day with this coil.

Voopoo Drag Q

I’d be interested to see how the 1.0Ω and 0.7Ω coil perform, as they may deliver the perfect draw for me without adjusting the power.

A couple of things to note. The auto-draw often works well, but I found it didn’t activate a couple of times. This is a shame because I prefer using it, and I find the power button a little hard to find.

It also does get a little annoying that the device has an auto shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity, but you soon get used to it.

There was absolutely no leaking from the pod during my time of using the device. The coil longevity seems good as I’m still using the 1.2Ω after ten days of testing, and the flavor is still on point.

The battery life of the Air Mod is great if you are using the 0.8Ω MTL coil. It will easily see you through a day of vaping. However, as you’d expect, the 0.6Ω does drain the battery faster, and you will need to recharge to make it through the day.

Voopoo Drag Q

Good Vibes

  • Sleek design
  • Good build quality
  • Ergonomic size
  • Easy to use (beginner-friendly)
  • Airflow/Power adjustment dial works well
  • Gradient LED looks great
  • Great flavor from coils
  • Decent battery life (MTL)
  • Good for MTL & restricted DTL
  • No leaking
  • USB-C Fast charging

Bad Vibes

  • Auto draw doesn’t always work
  • Fire button is a little too flush with the body
Voopoo Drag Q


The Drag Q is a unique and stylish pod system that’s incredibly simple to use.

The airflow/power integration is great, especially in combination with the gradient LED power bar.

It delivers an excellent MTL or restricted DTL vape and will certainly satisfy most vapers. It’s also a very good size for a pod system, as it fits well in the hand with its slender profile but still packs a decent-sized battery.

I would definitely recommend it to beginner vapers or those looking to take a step up from smaller pods or disposable vapes.

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This product was sent to us by VooPoo for the purpose of this review.


The Drag Q is an excellent all-in-one device that blends innovation to make an incredibly easy-to-use vape for beginners. It delivers a great MTL and restricted DTL experience with great flavor from coils. It has a slender ergonomic design with a decent-sized built-in battery, making it the perfect step up from small pod systems or disposables.

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The Drag Q is an excellent all-in-one device that blends innovation to make an incredibly easy-to-use vape for beginners. It delivers a great MTL and restricted DTL experience with great flavor from coils. It has a slender ergonomic design with a decent-sized built-in battery, making it the perfect step up from small pod systems or disposables.Voopoo Drag Q | Review