WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit | Review

Best in Class?

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GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The GeekVape Frenzy Kit is Geekvape first AIO/Pod system device.

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like they may have just covered all bases by being patient.

The Frenzy Kit comes with a built-in 950mAh battery, GeekVape’s new AS Micro chipset, which delivers both Power & TC modes.

It also utilizes replaceable NS coils and comes with a 0.7ohm Mesh (DTL), and 1.2ohm SS316L (MTL) included in the kit.

It may share a resemblance to some other kits on the market, but can it beat them on vape experience?

The Geekvape Frenzy Kit is currently available in 8 color combinations – Gold/Carbon Fiber, Black/Carbon Fiber, Silver/Carbon Fiber, Blue/Carbon Fiber or Black Magma, Black Onyx, Black Ghost and Blue Azure.

The Good

Impressive build quality, sleek design, DTL & MTL options, Power & TC options, excellent performance and flavor from both coils.

The Bad

Built-in drip tip (subjective), only 2ml capacity.

The Bottom Line

The Geekvape Frenzy is an outstanding device and a very complete kit. It delivers where other pod systems like it fall short. It’s simple to use, offers both Power & TC, DTL & MTL, and most importantly, an excellent, consistent vape experience – Highly recommended.



  • Dimensions: 86.1x37x15.7mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Output power: 2.5V 420F/2.7V 440F/2.9V 460F
  • Coil resistance: 0.7-3Ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 950mAh
  • Charging specification: 5V 1A
  • Low voltage warning: 3.3V±0.1V
  • PCBA Temperature alarm: 80C
  • Maximum output duration: 10s
  • Working temperature: -10-45C
  • Stand-by current: Less than 10uA

In the Box

  • 1 x Frenzy Kit
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x NS Coil – 1.2ohm
  • 1 x NS Mesh Coil – 0.7ohm
Design & Style9.5
GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The GeekVape Frenzy may resemble just another Orion style knock-off design, but trust me it brings a lot more to the party than a lot of its peers.

The Frenzy has the same solid feel in the hand as the Orion with it’s Zinc alloy frame providing a reassuring amount of sturdiness and quality. On either side of the device are two resin panels, which are super smooth to touch and in my opinion feel even better than the Orion’s.

The Frenzy is also a lot stubbier in its form compared to other pod systems of this style, and even with a touch more width, it’s an absolute joy to hold. Despite its quite rectangular shape, there are no sharp edges, as each corner has an ever so slight curve to it.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The fire button is almost centered on the side of the device, it slightly protrudes from the mod, but not in a way that you’ll accidentally click it while in your pocket. It also acts as a power mode button (more on that later).

On the same side as the fire button, you’ll find the micro-USB port for charging with a small LED indicator just above. This single LED will help you determine which power setting you are on along with battery status.

The most significant difference in the GeekVape Frenzy design compared to its competitors, come with the design and function of the pod.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Firstly, and rather importantly, the GeekVape uses replaceable coils, which is a huge plus. The Frenzy also goes the traditional route of having the adjustable airflow at the bottom of the coil, something which Aspire always do with there AIO devices, and I think it plays a significant part in delivering better airflow and flavor.

The AFC ring sits within the body of the device, it has slight knurling to it making it easy to turn, with a stopper on either side. One small negative with this design is you might find it moves slightly when in your pocket.

The coils for the pod slot into the AFC base, which in turn connects to the pod with quite a nice locking system.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Another aspect that keeps the GeekVape Frenzy looking far more aesthetically pleasing than the Orion, or the Trinity Alpha is that there’s no unsightly knob at the top of the pod for refilling. Instead, the Frenzy pod is filled from the bottom. This could be seen as a negative to some, but I think it’s a suitable fill method for reasons I’ll elaborate on later.

The pods themselves are extremely tinted to maintain that sleek, stylish look for the device. Unfortunately, they are a little too tinted as it’s always tricky to see your remaining juice level.

The pods connect to the battery with the utmost of ease and are safely held in place by friction and magnets.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

I remember seeing Mike Vape’s and a few others review early sample devices, where they complained that the pods were far too loose. Thankfully it seems GeekVape paid attention as the pod for our device fits perfectly, and I’d expect the same with any commercially available.

It’s also worth noting that the pods have a 4mm bore drip tip, which is non-removable but does suit the device well and is comfortable in the mouth.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Build Quality

The build quality of the GeekVape Frenzy Kit is exceptional, dare I say as good or even better than the Lost Vape Orion.

It feels gloriously premium from bottom to top, and the pods are definitely better manufactured than the that of the Orion.

The AFC ring is easy to turn (perhaps a little too easy), and the fire button is perfectly clicky and responsive.

For the price point, the Frenzy really does have stellar build quality.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


The Frenzy measures in at a very slender and pocket-friendly 86.1mm high, by 37mm wide and 15.7mm deep, and even though it has solid construction only weighs 100g.

Now you might say that’s reasonably heavier than other pod systems, and you’d be right as the Orion only weighs 87g. But that extra weight adds to its premium quality feel.

It’s still far smaller and slimmer than I anticipated and is barely noticeable sliding it into your jean pockets.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Now pay careful attention, because the Frenzy is not your standard pod system.

The Frenzy uses GeekVape’s new AS Micro chipset, which features both Power/Wattage Mode and TC Mode. The mode itself is determined by the coil you attach, which GeekVape call ‘automatic output matching function.’

If you use the 0.7ohm Mesh (kanthal) coil, it will default to power mode. However, if you attach the 1.2ohm (SS316) coil, it will enable temp control mode.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Each mode has 3 different level settings, which can be adjusted by 3 clicks of the fire button. The live setting is indicated by the following LED colors:
Power Mode (0.7ohm coil):

  • White = 2.5V
  • Blue = 2.7V
  • Green = 2.9V

Temp Control Mode (1.2ohm coil):

  • White = 420F
  • Blue = 440F
  • Green = 460F
GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The LED indicator also acts as a battery gauge, and pressing the fire button twice in quick succession shows the battery level with the following colors (2 flashes):

Battery Status:

  • Green = 70-100%
  • Blue = 31-69%
  • Red = 0-30%

You can also switch the device off with the usual 5 clicks of the fire button.

The Frenzy sports an in-built 950mAh battery, which supports 1amp charging, and also pass-through so you can vape while charging.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The Geekvape Frenzy pod has a 2ml capacity. It features a bottom fill system along with adjustable airflow control.

It utilizes GeekVape’s replaceable NS coils and comes with two in the kit. A 0.7ohm NS Mesh Coil (Kanthal), and a 1.2ohm NS Coil (SS316).

The pods are slightly translucent, so you can see your remaining juice level. But it is a very dark tint, and harder to see than most pods.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


The pods have a bottom fill system, which is a small plastic latch which can easily be unhinged by lifting with a fingernail.

When open it will reveal two small fill ports. When you squeeze the juice down one of the ports, the other acts as an air release.

I’ve found that it can comfortably accommodate any size fill bottle (not droppers), and is quite hard to overfill.

It’s not as convenient as a top fill pod system, but it’s still easy to use and keeps the whole device looking less cluttered.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


As mentioned above the Frenzy comes with two coils in the kit:

– 0.7ohm NS Mesh Coil (Kanthal) – Power mode and DTL
– 1.2ohm NS Coil (SS316) – Temp Control mode and MTL

To replace the coils you first need to remove the AFC ring from the pod.

This is done with a quarter turn counterclockwise, you then just simply pull the AFC base from the pod.

You can then unscrew the coil from the base and replace with a new one.

To re-attach the base, you need to make sure you line up the two grooves on the base with the slots on the bottom of the pod.

Due to the nature of the design, you won’t be able to replace the coil with a full pod of juice. You can get away with it if there’s only a little bit left, and you tilt the pod while removing the coil.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Coil Longevity

I was getting about a week and a half usage out of the Mesh coil, which isn’t amazing, but not terrible either.

However, I found that the 1.2ohm SS316 coil managed to go that a little longer. Which could possibly be down to the temp control doing its thing to prevent overheating of the coil.

It’s worth noting these are the same coils used in the Geekvape flint, of which I burnt out a few quite quickly, so either GeekVape has improved these coils, or the TC really is making a difference.

I did test the dry burn protection of the TC mode, and as you’d expect when there’s no juice in the pod or on the coil it doesn’t heat up.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

The GeekVape Frenzy is not just a pretty face, there’s a whole lot of cracking performance to back it up.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means perfect, but I think for most it will have both Lost Vape Orions, and the Smok Trinity Alpha beat.

Firstly, it doesn’t require a complex over-engineered ‘Replay’ mode like that of the Orion DNA to deliver what most want from Temp Control – A consistent vape with dry burn protection.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

In fact, using the Frenzy with the 1.2ohm SS316 most will probably assume it’s just a standard power mode, and that’s a good thing. Pod systems are at their best when it’s kept simple.

Also, the fact that Geekvape has kept the same button settings for either Power or TC and utilized their ‘Automatic Output Matching,’ makes it a damn site more accessible for any vaper.

As for the performance it delivers in both Power and TC, the main word is – consistent.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Using the 0.7ohm NS Mesh coil, there is a noticeable difference as you step through the power settings. However, with whichever setting you have it on, each hit is just like the last.

Personally, I preferred it switched on to full power (Green – 2.9V ) with the 0.7ohm coil.

The same applies too with the TC settings. There’s noticeably more warmth in the vape when it’s bumped up to 460F, and while it’s not the warmest vape I’ve encountered, it is incredibly smooth.

However, a massive part of delivering this consistent vape experience is the one thing that both the Lost Vape Orion and Smok Trinity Alpha get wrong – decent adjustable airflow.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


Let me start this section with a caveat; if you are looking for a pod system solely to use as a slightly restricted DTL, then the Frenzy may not be for you.

Even on it’s most open setting the Frenzy is a restrictive DTL vape. Both the Orion and Trinity Alpha will deliver a looser draw.

If like me you like either a tight MTL or a restrictive DTL, then the Frenzy has the airflow nailed on.

With the 0.7ohm coil and 6mg juice at a 60/40 ratio, the Frenzy was delivering a smooth, quiet draw with a defined throat hit.

However, where it really shines is with MTL on the 1.2ohm SS316L coil. For best results, I was using a 50/50 juice with standard 12mg nicotine (I’m sure nic salts would be great too), with the airflow turned right down.

The draw is tight, the vapor is still dense, and the throat hit is very defined. The Orion with it’s sloppy MTL, and the Trinity Alpha with basically no MTL, just don’t come close.

Even comparing the Frenzy in MTL against some of my favorite MTL pods, like the Aspire Spryte, or the even the Innokin EQ, I still think it comes out on top.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


That brings me nicely to the flavor that the NS coils deliver, and it is excellent with either coil.

Again the key word here is ‘consistency.’ The Frenzy delivers in both configurations and delivers bundles of flavor for a pod system.

I was impressed with the NS coils when I tested them in the GeekVape flint, but in the Frenzy, they are just that much better. The flavor is a little more pronounced, and it is a warmer, more saturated vape.

The only issue is they are such small coils, that I think that doesn’t help when it comes to coil longevity. It’s by no means bad, but standard Aspire BVC coils easily last longer.

That being said, the 1.2ohm SS316 NS coil was pushing two weeks of use before I had to switch it out.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit

Battery Life

The GeekVape Frenzy also does a stellar job with battery life.

The 950mAh should see you through a full day if you’re using it in MTL and not your primary device and is absolutely ideal for an out an about pod.

Obviously, with the 0.7ohm, the battery does drain a little quicker. But it’s relatively quick to re-charge with its 1A charging.

Good Vibes

  • Sleek design
  • Great form factor
  • Excellent build quality
  • Tailored MTL and DTL vaping
  • Simple to use
  • Power options/TC options
  • TC function works well
  • Smooth airflow
  • Perfect MTL draw
  • Excellent flavor
  • Good battery life
  • Replaceable coils

Bad Vibes

  • Only 2ml capacity
  • Built-in drip tip (subjective)
GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


I think the Frenzy Kit might have just stolen the crown in the AIO/Pod system category.

GeekVape has got a lot of things right with this device, excellent build quality, stylish design, DTL & MTL options, Power & TC options, smooth airflow, and excellent performance.

If you are sitting on the fence waiting to get a pod system, the GeekVape Frenzy is probably the most complete package right now – especially if you like MTL.

Those that don’t like there DTL to be too restricted might want to look elsewhere.




The Geekvape Frenzy is an outstanding device and a very complete kit. It delivers where other pod systems like it fall short. It's simple to use, offers both Power & TC, DTL & MTL, and most importantly, an excellent, consistent vape experience - Highly recommended.
Marc Panayiotis
Marc Panayiotis
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The Geekvape Frenzy is an outstanding device and a very complete kit. It delivers where other pod systems like it fall short. It's simple to use, offers both Power & TC, DTL & MTL, and most importantly, an excellent, consistent vape experience - Highly recommended.GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit | Review