WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit | Review

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit | Review

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The Innokin Arcfire is the latest pod vape to come out of the Innokin camp. 

Innokin has a solid reputation for producing quality, no-fuss pod vapes like the Sceptre and the recently reviewed Klypse. The Arcfire looks to follow suit.

At its core, the Arcfire is an easy-to-use refillable pod vape. It utilizes Innokin’s proprietary magnetic ‘Arcfire Pods’ that come in either 1.2Ω or 0.8Ω resistances. 

The pods have a 3ml e-juice capacity (2ml in the EU) and slot neatly into the slim, pen-shaped battery.

The Arcfire battery has a 650mAh capacity, recharges via USB-C, and offers draw-activated firing. It’s about as simple as pod systems come!The Arcfire has an incredibly modern, sleek design and is available in 6 colors: Stellar Black, Nebula Grey, Galactic Silver, Cosmic Pink, Green Forest, and Ocean Horizon.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit Review


  • Sleek & Modern design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent build quality and finish
  • Easy to use
  • Leak-resistant
  • Excellent flavor production
  • Tight 1.2Ω MTL pod
  • Looser 0.8Ω MTL pod (not included)
  • Long-lasting pod coil lifespan
  • Good draw-activated firing
  • Clear LED battery life indicators
  • The LED ring on the base adds style
  • USB-C charging


  • Only one pod included in the kit
  • Not easy to see the juice level 
  • Fill port plug can be fiddly
  • Lacks adjustable airflow options
  • Battery capacity is adequate but could be higher

The Bottom Line

The Arcfire is my favorite Innokin pod to date. It has a stylish, modern design that’s comfortable and easy to use. The flavor from both pods is exceptional after a little break-in time, and the airflow is super smooth. While it does lack adjustable airflow and only comes with one pod. I still find myself using the Arcfire daily – highly recommended.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit Specifications

  • Size: 22.5×18.2×112.9mm
  • Battery: 650mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED indicators
  • Output: 3.4V constant
  • Charging: Type C USB
  • Charge rate: 0.75A
  • Resistance range: 0.8Ω minimum
  • Pods: Compatible with Arcfire pods – 1.2Ω & 0.8Ω
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Side fill port
  • Draw activated
  • On/Off button

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit Contents

  • Innokin Arcfire Device
  • Arcfire 1.2Ω refillable pod
  • USB Type C cable
  • Manual
Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Design & Build Quality

Straight out of the box, the Arcfire makes an excellent first impression. Its sleek, minimalist styling gives it a very modern vibe. The main shell has an aluminum alloy construction with a stylish satin finish in a choice of colors – I’m digging the Ocean Horizon color!

On the note of colors, the subdued and sleek ‘Nebula Grey’ is all one color, as I believe the Black and Silver variants also are. 

While the Ocean Horizon and Cosmic Pink have a gradient of color. The Cosmic Pink is more of a purple-to-pink color and is also quite an eye-catcher (so much so Viki has already stolen it).

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Despite its slimline profile, the Arcfire feels reassuringly robust. The shell wraps around a plastic inner chassis, resulting in a lightweight yet solid feel overall. It strikes a nice balance between portability and ergonomics at just 112.9mm tall and 22.5mm wide.

In the hand, the Arcfire feels nicely balanced. However, it is slightly taller than other popular pods. It is more comparable in size to a vape pen, but it’s still very pocket-friendly. The slender cylindrical shape won’t weigh your pants down, but it might be more noticeable than a Caliburn or Xross pod. 

While the clean aesthetic looks great, the satin finish does make it a touch slippery. So don’t be surprised if it slides off angled surfaces occasionally.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Branding is subtly engraved, with ‘Innokin’ on the rear and ‘Arcfire’ logo on the front. I’m a big fan of the minimalist approach – it keeps the look sleek and stylish.

The side panel houses the major controls, including the power button, LED battery indicators, and the airflow inlet. It’s a black plastic inset that contrasts nicely against the metal shell.

On the base, Innokin has added a cool hidden LED ring. It produces a tasteful glow animation when fired or charging. Definite style points for that extra design flourish!

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit - LED Ring

Up top, the proprietary Arcfire pods magnetically snap into place. Through a viewing window, you can see the side of the pod and gauge your e-juice level. The frosted tint does make it a touch tricky though. 

Also, the pod sits within the device, so I often found it easier to remove the pod to see the remaining juice level.

Speaking of the pods, they feel well-engineered and solid. The mouthpiece is ergonomic, providing an extremely comfy fit for MTL vaping. My only gripe is the side-fill port’s fiddly rubber plug. Make sure it’s sealed tight before inserting the pod (more on this later).

Overall, I’m seriously impressed by the Arcfire’s stylish yet functional design. It looks and feels like a premium-quality pod kit. Big props to Innokin’s designers for creating such a slick little vape!

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Features & Functions

The Innokin Arcfire keeps things straightforward when it comes to features – perfect for beginners vapers.

At the core is the 650mAh battery, which delivers a constant 3.4V output. Although this is an ample size for a pod vape, I’m a little disappointed it’s not a greater capacity given the size of the device. 

The Arcfire only has 0.75A charging, which again is a little lower than others. 

However, it does charge quite rapidly via USB-C, reaching a 75% charge in around 30 minutes. The three LEDs on the side panel indicate the remaining battery life clearly.

  • 3 Lights = 65-100% Battery
  • 2 Lights = 15-65% Battery
  • 1 Light = < 15% Battery

Powering the Arcfire on and off is handled by pressing the side button 3 times. Once on, it’s then draw activated, firing instantly when you inhale. The draw activation works flawlessly every time.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit - Button

While the output is constant, the two different coil resistances in the pods provide some flexibility. The 1.2Ω pod offers a tighter MTL draw, while the 0.8Ω pod provides a looser MTL inhale.

So you can tailor the draw to your preferences by choosing the appropriate pod. I wish adjustable airflow was an option, but the two stock draws should suit most MTL vapers.

The pods themselves are top-notch performers, and I’ve had zero leaks even after heavy use and careless handling.

The Arcfire comes with all the safety protections you’d expect in such a device from Innokin.

All in all, the Arcfire keeps features simple but remains highly usable. What’s not to love about easy filling, no leaks, and hassle-free operation for new vapers?

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit - Pods


The Arcfire utilizes Innokin’s proprietary magnetic pods to deliver the vapor and flavor. 

There are four pod varieties available, with the key differences being capacity and resistance.

  • 2ml ArcFire KS212 Refillable Pod (1.2Ω)
  • 2ml ArcFire KS208 Refillable Pod (0.8Ω)
  • 3ml ArcFire KS312 Refillable Pod (1.2Ω)
  • 3ml ArcFire KS308 Refillable Pod (0.8Ω)

In the box, you get a single 1.2Ω pod – 3ml KS212 for US Kits and 2ml KS212 for the EU. The EU pod looks the same but contains a rubber restrictor that cannot be removed.

The 1.2Ω pod is a straightforward bottom coil pod that provides a satisfying tight MTL draw and consistent flavor.

Also available is the KS308 (or KS208) 0.8Ω pod, which is a slightly looser MTL option. 

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit - Pods/Coils

This is where I’m a little disappointed in Innokin, as I think it’s essential to include 2 pods for a kit, and having both these resistances would’ve been nice for flexibility.

Refilling the pods is a breeze thanks to the sizeable side-fill port. Simply slide open the plug, fill it up, then snap the plug back into place. Be sure it’s fully sealed though, as e-juice may leak otherwise.

The port easily fits most bottle types that I tried. The only fiddly bit is removing that plug, as the tether makes it pop out quite far.

Also, the fill hole sits in the pod’s middle section, making it a little awkward to see any air bubbles while filling.

Both the 1.2Ω and 0.8Ω pods delivered solid, consistent flavor once broken in. Longevity was also impressive – lasting weeks of heavy use before any decline.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit - Pods/Coils

While the pods aren’t interchangeable with other systems, they are well-designed and make coil changes painless. Just swap in a fresh pod, and you’re back up and running.

For the best experience, I’d recommend picking up both resistances to see what suits you best. The 1.2Ω is a good MTL pod, but I preferred the more open vape from the 0.8Ω (which won’t be included in the kit).

Overall, Arcfire’s pods provide good longevity and fuss-free performance. Aside from the single pod in the kit, it’s hard to fault the straightforward coil/pod system.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit


After spending some quality time with the Arcfire, I’m impressed by how well it performs for such a simple pod system. The flavor and draw deliver an extremely satisfying vape.

Let’s start with the included 1.2Ω pod. Right off the bat, it provides a relatively tight MTL draw – I’d say in line with that of the Xros 3 pods (of the same resistance). 

The vapor is relatively warm and dense, and it’s a great pod for higher nic salt juices.

The flavor from the 1.2Ω pod is rich and accurate after a short break-in time. At first, I was a little disappointed, but after a few puffs, it really started to shine. I would say the flavor is on par with the Caliburns but a little shy of my favorite, the Xros. 

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Moving on to the 0.8Ω pod, and things start to open up. The draw smooths out to a nice loose MTL inhale. Vapor production also steps up a notch at the higher power output.

Again, the flavor is superb (after some break-in time), especially for a pod system. 

The 0.8Ω pod handles thicker VG juices and lower nicotine e-liquids with ease. I could vape this pod all day and remain impressed!

As with the 1.2Ω, I’d put the flavor right up, maybe a shade less than the Xros, but that’s with me testing them side by side. I’d be pushed to tell the difference if I didn’t have the other for reference.

The airflow of the 0.8Ω is also on par with other pods of that resistance. It’s not open enough to do a DTL vape, but that’s not the target demographic for this pod system.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit

Battery life has surprisingly been stellar, consistently lasting most of the workday on a full charge. The small 650mAh battery had me worried, but it holds up well.

I’d still like to have seen a higher capacity, especially if you will use it solely with the lower resistance 0.8Ω coils. 

That being said, it recharges to 75% in around 30-40 minutes and is fully charged in just over an hour. So that’s not too bad.  

Throughout testing, the Arcfire has remained totally leak-free. Whether it’s been rattling around my pocket or chucked on a desk, the magnetic pod connection is stalwart.

If I had one request, it would be the ability to fine-tune the airflow. But realistically, the two stock coil options will keep most vapers very happy.

Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit


Over my weeks of testing, the Innokin Arcfire has made a strong positive impression. I much prefer it over the recently reviewed Klypse Zip.

This slick pod system delivers an extremely satisfying vape experience in a compact, pocket-friendly format.

In fact, I think the Arcfire rises toward the top of the pod market in terms of performance. Vapor production and flavor from the Arcfire are both excellent. 

Its ease of use makes it a great option for beginners looking to transition from cigarettes or disposables. 

Filling, charging, and general operation is dead simple. Even fussier vapers will appreciate the minimal maintenance of the pod system too.

The variety of pod resistances means you can customize the draw tightness. But it’s a big negative that you only get one 1.2Ω in the kit.

Personally, I found the 0.8Ω pod provided the most enjoyable MTL vape for my tastes.

The Arcifre is not for those wanting a DTL pod system. It is an MTL pod kit through and through.

The device has excellent build quality. It looks and feels like a more premium device in the hand. The slick styling offers a touch of vaping flair too.

If you’re seeking a no-fuss but stylish MTL pod vape, that delivers satisfying flavor and throat hit – I wholeheartedly recommend it.


The Arcfire is my favorite Innokin pod to date. It has a stylish, modern design that's comfortable and easy to use. The flavor from both pods is exceptional after a little break-in time, and the airflow is super smooth. While it does lack adjustable airflow and only comes with one pod. I still find myself using the Arcfire daily - highly recommended.

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The Arcfire is my favorite Innokin pod to date. It has a stylish, modern design that's comfortable and easy to use. The flavor from both pods is exceptional after a little break-in time, and the airflow is super smooth. While it does lack adjustable airflow and only comes with one pod. I still find myself using the Arcfire daily - highly recommended.Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit | Review