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A universal RTA that savours the flavor.

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Savour MTL RTA

3CVape and Vaping V1ck have teamed up to create the Savour MTL RTA. It’s a 22mm RTA that features a threaded top-fill design, and a unique removable post build deck tailored towards MTL or restricted DTL vapers.

3CVape may not be a prolific manufacturer that you’ve heard of, but they did have success with their Conspiracy RDA.

As for Vaping V1ck, well he’s a top UK reviewer, host of the Ideal Ohm Show and one of the nicest guys in the industry – he paid me to say that!

Full Disclosure – We do know Vaping V1ck but this review as with all of our reviews will remain completely unbiased. So I hope for my sake it’s a good tank!

The Good

Elegant design, excellent build quality, flavorful vape in either setup, smooth airflow.

The Bad

Quite tight AFC ring and only 2ml capacity (subjective).

The Bottom Line

Both MTL vapers and restricted DTL vapers will be extremely happy with the vape quality that the Savour MTL RTA produces. It has incredibly smooth airflow and provides a really flavorful vape in whichever setup you use. The machining and build quality are outstanding, and it’s unbelievably affordable.



  • Height: 53 mm
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Dual Post Single Terminal Build Deck
  • 2mm Each Terminal
  • Top Mounted Allen Screws
  • Dual Wicking Ports
  • PEEK Insulated Positive Post
  • Adjustable Bottom Airslots
  • Three Different Airflow Slots: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm
  • 5mm bore 510 Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Pin
  • Available colors: Black, Stainless Steel

In the Box

  • 1 x Savour MTL 22mm RTA (3CVape & Vaping V1ck)
  • 1 x Extra Glass Tube
  • 1 x Accessories Bag
Savour MTL RTA

The Savour RTA’s looks and design are more akin to that of a high-end European atomizer, almost Kayfun-esque.

However, it’s not just the aesthetics that remind me of quality European tanks; it’s also the precision machining. There’s nothing but buttery smooth threads and a faultless finish to this RTA.

There have been numerous RTA’s that claim to be suitable for both direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung style (MTL) vaping, most of which try to utilize the same style airflow for both, and unfortunately fall short.

The Savour has a more peculiar but effective way of achieving the two distinctly different types of airflow. It features a removable post for the build deck which is combined with either a 1mm or 2.5mm bottom airflow inlet.

I’ll go into detail on the build deck later, but one other important aspect with the design of the Savour is just how small the chamber is to help maximize flavor.

It comes with an extra 2ml capacity tube. One is glass and the other Ultem or Frosted Acrylic depending on whether you get the Black or Stainless Steel version respectively.

Savour MTL RTA


The Savour MTL RTA has such clean lines and simple, elegant styling.

The black version that we have for review has a lovely matt finish and looks great with either the Ultem of Glass tank. It’s the better looking out of the two variants, but the Stainless Steel version has a more chrome polished look if that’s your thing.

There’s a pleasant, unique looking 510 drip tip which features an Ultem cap, which completes the overall look.

The branding is extremely subtle with an engraved ‘Savour MTL RTA’ running along the top face of the frame. It’s barely noticeable, but I’d prefer if they just put ‘Savour,’ as the MTL and RTA feel a little unnecessary.

Then there’s the stepped top cap, which kind of resembles tiers of a wedding cake. I’m not sure all those steps are necessary, as it does feel quite a substantial top cap, and having one less would’ve improved the look of the tank and kept it even more compact.

But I have to admit it has grown on me somewhat and does give the Savour it’s own unique look. It also gives you somewhere to grip while removing the top fill cap.

Still, there’s no doubt that overall it’s a handsome tank and a far cry from some of the garish and hideous designs we see come out of China.

Savour MTL RTA

Build Quality

The build quality of the Savour RTA is excellent.

I’m constantly amazed each time I use it, that it falls within the budget price range when it has such high-end build quality.

However, there are a couple of very minor niggles.

The tolerances of the o-rings for the drip tip could be a little better; there’s an ever so slight amount of wiggle with mine. It holds in place fine and won’t fall out, but I’d have liked a more snug fit.

The airflow control ring was also quite tight to turn when I first started using it. It has taken nearly 3 weeks of use for it to get to a point where I can turn the AFC while the tank is still connected to a mod. To start with I had to remove it each time I wanted to change airflow.

That being said, I much prefer that it started tight and worked its way looser, than if it would spin freely on its own.

They really are extremely minor gripes, overall the build quality of the Savour is far beyond others in its price range. It’s one of those tanks that you need to see first hand to realize just how good a job they have done with it.

Savour MTL RTA


You can tell a lot of thought and planning have gone into the design of this tank.

Certain design elements have come about from 3CVape and Vaping V1ck wanting to keep the chamber, and in turn the build deck reduced, while still being able to provide both a DTL and MTL vape.

The only way they could achieve this was by taking design cues from simple small build decks and adding a touch of innovation – a completely removable post with a designated airflow inlet.

It’s a clever design, that’s original to the best of my knowledge, and it provides a perfect solution to making an RTA produce a flavorful vape for both DTL and MTL vapers.

Build Deck9.5
Savour MTL RTA

The build deck on the Savour RTA is pretty straightforward with 2 posts, featuring Allen screws which tighten down from above, and 2 generous wicking holes.

The tank comes with the 2.5mm DTL deck insert by default. Replacing it with the 1mm MTL post and insert is a simple affair.

Using a small Philips or flathead screwdriver just unscrew the gold plated 510 pin, then position the new insert and screw together again. Everything holds together nicely, and the threads for the 510 pin are smooth.

While some may see it as a slight pain to have to completely change the post to achieve a different style of airflow, I don’t see it as a problem. It’s not something you’d naturally change too often and is really effective in creating a different style of vape.

Inserting a build into the deck couldn’t be simpler: make sure your leads are level, insert the coil into the 2mm post holes, make sure the coil is sitting above the airflow, and then tighten down on the Allen screws.

Although it is a small build deck and reduced chamber I’ve easily been able to fit 3mm ID coils in there, but I’d probably veer more towards 2.5mm if you’re using thicker gauge wire or exotic coils.

Personally, I found it easier to stick to simple round SS316 wire, as this tank doesn’t need tons of wattage and masses of vapor to produce a good vape.

Savour MTL RTA


If you’ve ever wicked a GTA style RTA, then the Savour will be no stranger to you.

Just trim and fluff your cotton enough so that it can go through the wick holes and towards the base, without being too dense and stuffed. I like to leave a small hole on each side just to help the juice come up and saturate the wick.

I’ve re-wicked it numerous times and not once have I had problems with flooding/leaking or dry-hits, it keeps up perfectly.

Those new to this style of deck may take a couple of goes to get the wicking right, but it is an incredibly easy deck to build on and wick.

Savour MTL RTA


There’s something about super smooth threading on top refill caps that just makes using an RTA more enjoyable. I hate fumbling around trying to get threads to line up and catch.

The Savour is one of those delightful tanks to refill. The tiered top cap is easy to grip and turn, and the machining of the threading is perfect.

The fill holes are extremely generous, and you’ll have no issues fitting in large bottle tips.

There’s also no sign of leaking when you refill, and you don’t even need to close off the airflow to make sure.

Savour MTL RTA


The Savour has dual bottom airflow, with each slot consisting of three small 2mm holes.

This gives you plenty of options for airflow settings, but ultimately the main determining factor for your airflow is the size of the hole on the insert beneath your coil.

The AFC ring does have a stopper at both ends, but as I mentioned above, it is incredibly tight to turn.

You can disassemble the AFC ring, which makes cleaning the entire tank easy. Its held in place by two o-rings, and you could find a little juice might make it easier to turn. As I said after a few weeks use, mine loosened up enough that it’s no longer an issue.

Savour MTL RTA

This is a cracking little RTA.

3CVape and Vaping V1ck have managed to achieve that rare thing of a tank that performs great in both MTL and DTL lung mode.

That’s obviously providing you like a restricted lung vape, this style of tank is not going to give wide open airflow and huge clouds.


The Savour is all about the flavor, and I can’t fault it.

The small chamber and compact build deck lead to a flavorful vape in either setup.

I’d say it’s on par with the likes of the Ares, Berserker and the Siren 2 when it comes to flavor from a MTL RTA.

Though, I think it really shines in a restricted DTL mode. I may be a little biased as I tend to prefer a restricted lung vape, but the nuances of flavors really come through more in DTL mode.

Savour MTL RTA

MTL Post - Airflow

The MTL airflow experience of the Savour seems to have all bases covered.

With the airflow cut down to one hole and the 1mm insert in the deck it can produce that real traditional tight MTL vape like the Berserker Mini.

Yet if you prefer a slightly more open MTL vape, you can have all 3 holes open, or even use the 2.5mm insert with just one hole open.

Either way, you get plenty of flavor, and the draw is tight and defined.

Savour MTL RTA

DTL Post - Airflow

The airflow and vape you get with the DTL setup hit the spot on all three of the major S’s for me – Smooth, Saturated and Silent.

Well, it’s not quite silent, but in comparison to a lot of RTA’s on the market, this is certainly at the quieter end of airflows.

I actually prefer having it fully open with the 2.5mm post inside; it produces plenty of vapor while still remaining a restricted flavorful vape.

And that’s the thing to point out again, even fully open this is not going to produce an airy direct to lung vape; it really is only for those that prefer a restricted lung vape.


  • Elegant looks
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use build deck
  • Changeable posts for different airflow
  • Extra Ultem or Frosted Acrylic tube
  • Excellent flavor
  • Smooth airflow
  • 510 drip tip compatible


  • Only 2ml (TPD) capacity
  • Tight AFC ring
  • Drip tip has a little wiggle


Phew….thank god it is genuinely an impressive RTA.

I’ve spent over 3 weeks using and testing the Savour RTA, and I still feel like I can experiment with it more, that’s how versatile it is.

Due to the nature of the build deck design, 3CVape may also come out with an upgrade kit featuring more airflow variations, making it even more versatile.

I’m hoping we see a Savour ‘more’ with a 24mm diameter and larger juice capacity. But as it stands I think 2ml capacity is passable for a restricted lung vape, and absolutely fine for MTL.

I don’t think I can sit here and tell you this is the best MTL tank or DTL tank on the market, individually it’s not.

But I think that’s the point, it isn’t trying to be.

Instead, it is trying to be an exceptionally versatile tank that can provide a quality vape in both MTL and DTL – and for this, it truly succeeds and then some.

When you add in the fact that it has the build quality of a high-end atomizer at a budget price, it makes the Savour an even more attractive and rewarding purchase.

Good job guys.


Build Deck


Both MTL vapers and restricted DTL vapers will be extremely happy with the vape quality that the Savour MTL RTA produces. It has incredibly smooth airflow and provides a really flavorful vape in whichever setup you use. The machining and build quality are outstanding, and it's unbelievably affordable.
Marc P
Marc P
Marc has been an avid vaper since 2010. His obsession with new vape gear has led to developing his own overflowing vape room, and starting Vaping Vibe with Danny & Jules to help educate other vapers.

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Savour MTL RTA | ReviewBoth MTL vapers and restricted DTL vapers will be extremely happy with the vape quality that the Savour MTL RTA produces. It has incredibly smooth airflow and provides a really flavorful vape in whichever setup you use. The machining and build quality are outstanding, and it's unbelievably affordable.