WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaporesso Coss Click | Review

Vaporesso Coss Click | Review

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7.9/10 GOOD

What You Need To Know

Size: 68 x 22.5 x 99mm
Weight: 67g

10ml pre-filled Deliciu e-liquid cartridge, 2ml refillable pod, 600mAh built-in battery, USB-C charging, LED light indicator, up to 6000 puffs, 15 flavors available

Vapers looking for a disposable-style device with longer life and more puffs

Large e-liquid capacity, rechargeable battery, easy to use, wide variety of flavors, Corex coil technology for improved flavor and coil life


Fantastic flavor from coils and Deliciu juice

No adjustable airflow or power

Not as eco-friendly as a pod vape


Product Description

The Vaporesso Coss Click is a unique disposable-style vape that aims to bridge the gap between traditional disposables and pod kits. 

It’s aimed at the TPD market, mainly the UK, where disposables are facing a possible ban.

The Coss Click offers a longer lifespan and more puffs than a standard disposable while maintaining the ease of use.

The device utilizes Vaporesso’s Corex coil technology to provide up to 6000 puffs per cartridge.

It comes with a 10ml pre-filled Deliciu e-liquid cartridge, which slots into the base of the device. The cartridge features 15 different flavors, each with a 20mg nicotine salt strength. 

The Coss Click is powered by a 600mAh built-in battery, which can be recharged via USB-C.


  • Size: 68 x 22.5 x 99mm
  • Weight: 76g
  • 10ml pre-filled Deliciu e-liquid cartridge
  • 2ml refillable pod
  • Mouth to lung (MTL) vape
  • 20mg nicotine salt strength
  • 600mAh built-in battery
  • USB-C recharging
  • LED light indicator
  • Up to 6000 puffs


  • Paradise Fusion
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon Breeze
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Menthol
  • Triple Melon
  • Blueberry Sour
  • Raspberry
  • Double Apple
  • Tribeca
  • Triple Mango
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Banana Ice
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry Cherry Ice
  • Berry Ice

Design & Build Quality

The Coss Click is one of the more exciting vape products that landed on my desk in recent months.

Vaporesso has developed what can only be described as a hybrid pod/disposable to bypass impending disposable bans.

That means, in essence, you get what looks like a traditional disposable vape but with a custom 10ml juice bottle separate.

I applaud Vaporesso for their out-of-the-box thinking here.

But it leaves me with a fair bit to explain in this review. And also, the question is, is this really necessary?

Let’s start with the design of the device.

The Coss Click device has a simple, compact box form factor. Its ergonomic curved back edge makes it extremely comfortable in the hand.

The main body of the device is a mix of colored plastic and a metallic matte finish. There are a variety of color schemes, each corresponding to a specific flavor. 

The device has big, bold branding, with ‘Click’ emblazoned across the front. However, the actual flavor of the juice is only in small print on the base of the bottle section.

The 10ml juice bottles or cartridges are prefilled with Vaporesso’s Deliciu range. 

I’m a big fan of those flavors….you can see a full review of them here.

The 10ml cartridge slots smoothly into the device’s base and locks securely in place with a satisfying click. 

All the edges are seamless once it’s all clicked into place.

I was initially uncertain whether you needed to remove the foil on top of the bottle before inserting it. However, once I read the instructions, it was clear that the click mechanism would pierce the foil when you clicked it into place.

It does take a little force to click it in, but don’t worry, you won’t break anything.

It’s important to note that once you’ve clicked on your juice cartridge, there is no way to remove it – this is still a disposable device.

The mouthpiece at the top of the Coss Click is fixed and features a reservoir filling button located next to it.

The filling button is sizeable and easy to press, with a tactile click that confirms activation. 

The 2ml pod reservoir is clearly visible just below the mouthpiece, allowing you to monitor your e-liquid level at a glance.

On the side of the Coss Click, there is also a transparent cutout that serves two purposes. 

It lets you see how much e-liquid remains in the 10ml cartridge and provides a view of the LED light indicator, which displays the current battery level.

The LED has the following 3 corresponding colors and is perfectly visible even in bright light.

  • Green = 100%-70%
  • Blue = 70%-30%
  • Red = 30%-0%

The USB-C charging port is located at the device’s base. The kit does not include a charging cable, but most vapers will likely have a compatible cable on hand.

Despite the fact that the Vaporesso Coss Click is mainly plastic, it feels well-constructed and durable, especially compared to traditional disposable vapes

That plastic frame makes it incredibly lightweight, at 76g, and I barely notice it in my pocket.

Overall, the device’s design is unique and practical for its purpose. But it still manages to have some nice styling without being too bold and tasteless.

How to use the Coss Click:

  • Remove the Deliciu e-liquid cartridge from its wrapper and slide it into the device until it clicks into place.
  • Press and hold the filling button while inverting the Coss Click until the 2ml pod reservoir is filled with e-liquid.
  • Allow the device to sit for three minutes to ensure the cotton wick is saturated (you only need to do this with the first fill).
  • Begin vaping by simply drawing on the mouthpiece, as the device is auto-draw activated.
  • When the 2ml reservoir is empty, repeat the filling process to continue vaping.


I had the pleasure of testing 3 of the Coss Clicks with different flavors from the Deliciu range.

Fizzy Cherry

Description: A classic fusion of fizzy soda notes with the sweet flavor of Cherry.

Our Vibe

Fizzy Cherry is a nostalgic flavor that reminds me of classic cherry soda. The cherry flavor is pronounced and authentic, with a sweet and slightly candied taste that doesn’t come across as artificial. While the fizzy soda aspect is less prominent than I expected, there is still a subtle effervescence that adds to the overall experience. The vape is smooth and enjoyable, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy sweet and fruity flavors.

Paradise Fusion

Description: A punchy blend of Dark Grape, sweet Strawberry, and citrusy Orange notes.

Our Vibe

Paradise Fusion is a delightful combination of bold, fruity flavors that immediately caught my attention. The dark grape note takes center stage, providing a rich, slightly tangy base on the inhale. As I continued to vape, I noticed the strawberry undertone emerging, adding a touch of sweetness to the mix. On the exhale, a refreshing citrus note rounds out the flavor profile, leaving a crisp and satisfying aftertaste. My favorite of the three, it’s delicious and moreish.

Berry Ice

Description: A mixed berry medley of Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry plays between sweet and sour before an icy twist takes over.

Our Vibe

Berry Ice is a refreshing blend of mixed berries with a cool, icy finish. The strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors are well-balanced, each contributing to the overall taste without overpowering the other. The vape starts off with a burst of sweet and slightly tart berry notes, which quickly give way to an icy sensation on the exhale. The cooling effect is the strongest of the three but not overwhelming. An ideal choice for those who enjoy fruity flavors with a crisp, menthol-like finish.


I was always confident that the Coss Click would deliver when it comes to performance.

After all, the Corex coils are some of the best on the market, which is why the Xros line-up delivers a great flavor.

Then, having recently tested and reviewed the Deliciu range, I also knew Vaporesso could make some banging flavors. 

Combined, they lead to some of the best flavor production I’ve had from a disposable vape. Each flavor has an exceptional intensity without being overpowering.

Although I only tested 3 from the current line-up. I’m sure the others in the range will be as good as the original Deliciu juices that I’ve tested previously.

From the ones I tested this time around, the Paradise Fusion and Fizzy Cherry were outstanding.

The Berry Ice had a great flavor blend, but this is where I had my issues with this device.

Unfortunately, and for no fathomable reason, the auto-draw on the Berry Ice Cross Click was terribly inconsistent.

The majority of the time, it would allow me to draw for 2 seconds, and then the LED would flash blue. As if it was cutting out for overdraw protection.

I tried giving the device a good shake, leaving it upside down for a while, and double-checking it was fully charged – but still, the problems persisted.

It’s a real shame, and it’s a bigger problem when disposables don’t work properly, as there’s not always an easy way to fix them.

I wonder whether the combination of different parts having to be connected together properly caused the issue or whether I was just unlucky with these early review samples. 

I’m going to chalk it down to the latter, based on Vaporesso’s typically high QC for most other things.

Either way, it brings me to my main point: why buy this device?

Most users would be better served buying an Xross 3 Mini, and the Deliciu juice range separately.

The device will deliver a far better, more consistent vape and has better build quality. And if anything goes wrong, you can just replace the pod.

It’s also far more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Then there’s the whole click function and filling of the Coss Click.

It’s too many steps. You have to attach your juice bottle. Then, invert it and click to fill the juice.

It’s never going to be as easy as using an all-in-one disposable device, and now we are just in the territory of a pod vape.

With the Xros 3 Mini, I can snap off the mouthpiece and easily fill it. Then I’ve got a smaller device with a larger battery that delivers a comparable vape.

Okay, I might have to carry a small bottle of juice with me for the same capacity, but at least I can refill it.

Again, I applaud Vaporesso for thinking outside the box. However, I believe it would be more beneficial to promote pod systems (of which they make some of the best) and then educate users on how to use them rather than devise convoluted ways to cater to disposable vapers.

Okay, mini rant over.

What about the Coss Click’s battery life? It’s decent enough to get you through a full day of vaping. The charge time is okay, at around an hour to completely charge.

There’s no adjustable airflow with the Coss Click. You get an MTL draw, and it’s what I would classify as a tight MTL draw. 

So, those who are used to a looser MTL draw from some disposables might find it a little too tight.

As for the 6000 puff count, I’d say it’s probably closer to 5000, as I managed 10 days of approximately 500 puffs a day from one device. Still, that’s significantly better than a standard EU disposable.

Despite my issues with the one device, I can’t knock the performance of the Coss Click. While I might question its existence, there’s no questioning Vaporesso’s ability to make vapes taste great.


  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Good build quality
  • 10ml e-liquid cartridge provides extended lifespan
  • 6000 puff count
  • Fantastic flavor from Deliciu e-liquid range
  • Corex coils deliver a consistent vape
  • Satisfying MTL draw
  • Responsive auto-draw activation
  • Good battery life from the 600mAh built-in battery
  • USB-C charging


  • No adjustable airflow control (tight MTL draw)
  • No adjustable power
  • Limited to the Deliciu e-liquid range
  • Not as environmentally friendly as a refillable pod system with replaceable coils


I commend Vaporesso for seeing a gap in the market (and potentially a huge one in the UK) and creating an innovative solution.

I only question the need for such a solution, because Vaporesso makes some of the best pod vapes on the market. And I feel as an industry, our biggest brands should be doing more to promote sustainability. 

That said, the Coss Click is an intriguing solution for disposable vapers. It also delivers some seriously impressive flavor from the Deliciu juice range.

The device has some good styling, is well-made, and is pocket-friendly.

However, I’d still advise you to go with an Xros 3 or Xros 3 mini and some Deliciu juice for a better and more eco-friendly experience.

Viki’s Verdict: I disagree with Marc. I do see a need for a device like the Coss Click. Especially for TPD areas. You now have a disposable device that can deliver 6000 puffs compared to the standard 600 in those regions. You also have the convenience of not having to worry about buying juice separately. It delivers stellar flavor and, despite the extra steps, is still incredibly easy to use. Yes, it’s more economical to buy a quality pod vape, but disposables are popular for a reason. And if disposables are getting banned in the UK, I think Vaporesso has the perfect solution for those users here.

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