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VooPoo MAAT Tank

VooPoo has been upping their game when it comes to releasing products, as we’ve seen several new devices recently hit the market.

The MAAT is their latest sub-ohm tank explicitly made for mesh coils. There are 3 mesh coils types available, but it comes with two included a 0.13 MT-M1 coil, and a 0.20 ohm MT-M2.

MAAT stands for “Middle Adjustable Airflow Tank,” which is perhaps the most intriguing part of the tank’s design.

The VooPoo MAAT has a 4ml capacity (bubble glass), but also comes with a 2ml straight glass. It is available in 3 colors; Black, SS, and Rainbow.

The Good

Good build quality, easy coil installation, excellent flavor from mesh coils (particular M1), super smooth airflow.

The Bad

Proprietary Drip tip, quite low juice capacity (2 or 4ml).

The Bottom Line

The VooPoo MAAT might not quite top the charts and become the king of the mesh sub-ohm tanks, but it certainly brings something to the party. The MAAT delivers good flavor and exceptionally smooth airflow, thanks to VooPoo middle airflow system. Easily the best tank VooPoo has created, and one of the best on the market.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Heaven Gifts for the purpose of this review.


  • Size: 56x28mm (standard), 56×24.5 (TPD)
  • Capacity: 4ml and 2ml
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Resin and Pyrex Glass
  • Coil: 0.13ohm MT-M1 Single Mesh Coil (60-85W); 0.2ohm MT-M2 Dual Mesh Coil (50-80W)
  • Connection: 510
  • Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel

In the Box

  • 1 x MAAT Tank 4ml, non-TPD
  • 1 x 0.20 ohm MT-M2 mesh coil
  • 1 x 0.13 ohm MT-M1 mesh coil
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube (2ml)
  • Set of O-rings
  • User Manual
Design & Style9.0
VooPoo MAAT Tank

One of the first things you’ll notice with the VooPoo MAAT tank is it’s quite a behemoth of a tank, one of the tallest I’ve used for a long while.

The bulky base size is there for a reason though, as the MAAT has a quite innovative coil placement to offer not only middle airflow but also something they call ‘semi-faded’ juice storage system.

Basically, it’s a hidden juice well which will aid the juice flowing into the coil and prevent dry hits or burnt out coils.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

The large solid base also gives the MAAT quite a unique masculine look. It has a chunky octagon-shaped AFC ring which adds to the overall bulkiness but does make adjusting the airflow a cinch.

The MAAT comes with two different glass chambers a 4ml capacity bubble glass, and a 2ml straight glass. I’m assuming the 2ml will be the only one supplied in TPD regions, which is always a bummer with thirsty tanks like this, as it will require regular filling.

Being quite an angular chunky looking tank, the bubble glass actually suits it better in my opinion.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

The MAAT tank comes with a proprietary drip tip which slots over a raised section with two o-rings to hold it in place. IT’s actually an 810 size, and why they chose to go the propriety route, I’ll never know. It seems to me they easily could’ve used a standard style drip tip.

To make matters worse, there’s only the one black Delrin drip tip included in the kit. It does, however, fit the securely and is quite comfortable to use.

The top cap of the tank has some knurling to it but is far less bulky than the AFC ring. Thankfully you don’t need to remove the top cap to fill, as it as a slide-to-fill mechanism. There is a small spring-loaded release button that needs to be pressed to allow for cap to slide open.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

It’s a method we’ve seen many times before, but having a locking button should ensure there are no accidental opens. To push the top cap shut, it is a little stiff, but holding the button down does make it a bit easier.

The fill port is quite a sizeable kidney-shaped port, which will comfortably accommodate all types of bottles.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

Build Quality

I have no complaints about the build quality of the MAAT sub-ohm from VooPoo.

There are no glaring issues, all threading is nice and smooth, and the spring-loaded fill mechanism works well.

I can’t comment on the paintwork of the other tanks as we only received the Stainless Steel version, but this one has an excellent finish.

Overall it’s a solid well-constructed tank.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

The make or break of any sub-ohm tank is always going to be the coils they use.

VooPoo seems to have tried their best to make an impact on the mesh coil market, as the MAAT has three coil options:

  • 0.13 ohm MT-M1 Single Mesh Coil (60 – 85W)
  • 0.2 ohm MT-M2 Dual Mesh Coil (50 – 80W)
  • 0.17 ohm MT-M3 Triple mesh coil (65 – 85W)
  • (coils are kanthal unless otherwise stated)

Unfortunately, the MT-M3 Triple Mesh is not included in the kit, so I can’t comment to the performance and quality of this one.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

Both the M1 & M2 seem to be very good Mesh coils, delivering good flavor and vapor. The M1 definitely edges it for flavor, even though it is only a single mesh coil…More on this in the performance section.

With regards to coil lifespan, both managed about a week of use (approx 80ml of juice), which is a little below par from my typical experience with Mesh coils.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

Coil Replacement

Coil replacement with the VooPoo MAAT couldn’t be more simple, as they have adopted a ‘Plug and Play’ system, similar to the ones with seen from Innokin and Aspire.

The coil simply pushes into the chimney and is held in place by two chunky O-rings, this pressure fit ensures there’s no leaking. Of course, the other benefit of a push-to-fit coil means there will be cross-threading.

You can also get away with replacing your coil even while the tank is full, it’s such a quick method to replace.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

So this double chimney setup allows air to flow down and hit the coil from the top and from the sides, or in GeekVape’s words ‘direct top airflow and top-to-side airflow’.

With so many holes and directions of airflow, I was expecting the Zeus X to be quite turbulent. However, I was pleasantly surprised it’s actually incredibly smooth, and a lot quieter than either Zeus predecessor. It can also get quite airy when fully open.

VooPoo MAAT Tank


This is where VooPoo has tried to do something different to your typical mesh sub-ohm tanks, and it really works.

As previously mentioned, MAAT stands for “Middle Adjustable Airflow Tank,” which I thought was just going to be a bit of a gimmicky name. When in truth, it’s an excellent design choice.

The MAAT works by drawing air in through the 3 airflow inlets in the middle of the tank, which is why the AFC is quite high-up on the tank.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

It then directs the air down and through the base of the coil. Which probably doesn’t sound too special, but what it does lead to is an incredibly smooth draw. Definitely, the smoothest I’ve had from a mesh sub-ohm tank, and it quite possibly might have an impact on flavor, as the MAAT shines there also.

Another bonus of having the airflow holes so high up, its there is practically no chance of any leaking.

The MAAT can produce copious amounts of vapor if you have the AFC fully wide open, but it will be at the detriment to flavor. Personally, I prefer a slightly restricted DTL vape, and closing the AFC halfway creates the perfect experience and excellent pronounced flavor.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

I tested both included coils with a high VG juice that I’m more than familiar with, and the results were pretty great for MAAT tank.

Firstly both coils seem to perform best in the 75W range, which is a little odd as you’d typically expect different ranges from mesh coils (but maybe that’s where the M3 comes into play.

The M2 (dual mesh coil) undoubtedly produces more vapor than the M1, it’s practically a fog machine.

However, the M1 definitely has superior flavor production and is also not shy when it comes to clouds. I think this might be down to the mesh coils used inside each, as the single-coil mesh looks like it has a denser mesh. It also feels like it produces slightly more saturated and denser vapor than the M2.

So in my opinion, the M1 is easily the better coil.

VooPoo MAAT Tank

As I mentioned above, one of the other significant factors on performance with the MAAT tank is the exceptionally smooth airflow.

There’s not even the slightest whistle or hint of turbulence, it’s probably the smoothest mesh sub-ohm tank I’ve used.

So even though the flavor might not quite reach the peaks of a Freemax or Horizotech Mesh tank (but it’s not far off), the super-smooth airflow goes someway to rounding off excellent vape experience.

The only slight negative I have on the MAAT tank is the juice capacity is a little low compared to others.

Good Vibes

  • Solid build Quality
  • Looks good
  • Easy fill mechanism
  • No Leaks
  • Color Options (3 total)
  • AFC easily adjusted on a mod
  • Easy coil installation
  • Two glass options
  • Good flavor
  • Super smooth airflow
  • Variety of mesh coil options
  • 3 Color options

Bad Vibes

  • Proprietary Drip tip
  • Only 1 drip tip included
  • Low capacity (2 or 4ml)
VooPoo MAAT Tank


VooPoo has had quite a polarizing year, with a few mishaps when it comes to marketing.

While they do make some excellent vape products, I’ve always felt their atomizers were a little lackluster.

The MAAT is easily their best tank to date and will go a long way to rejuvenating trust in the brand.

It features an innovative airflow design, which actually works to deliver absolutely stellar airflow and excellent flavor. The M1 coil is the best in my opinion, but it’s good to see a range on offer.

Overall it’s an excellent mesh sub-ohm tank.




The VooPoo MAAT might not quite top the charts and become the king of the mesh sub-ohm tanks, but it certainly brings something to the party. The MAAT delivers good flavor and exceptionally smooth airflow, thanks to VooPoo middle airflow system. Easily the best tank VooPoo has created, and one of the best on the market.
Marc P
Marc P
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VooPoo MAAT Tank | ReviewThe VooPoo MAAT might not quite top the charts and become the king of the mesh sub-ohm tanks, but it certainly brings something to the party. The MAAT delivers good flavor and exceptionally smooth airflow, thanks to VooPoo middle airflow system. Easily the best tank VooPoo has created, and one of the best on the market.