WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CoilART MAGE RTA V2 | Preview

Have CoilART improved on the magic of the original.

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CoilArt is one of the leading vaping coil and tank manufacturers and tends to create innovative vaping tanks and accessories geared toward the more advanced vaper who wants quality at a reasonable price.

CoilArt has released exceptional rebuildable tanks such as the MAGE GTA and the TORUK tank, both specializing in outstanding vapor production with a compact form factor.

They have now taken their original MAGE RTA and set out to improve it… lets see whats changed.

What Is it?

The CoilART MAGE RTA V2 is a dual coil 24mm RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer). It features a top-fill system with 3.5ml e-liquid capacity (5.5ml e-juice capacity with the extra bubble tube option).

The Mage RTA V2 comes with four big post holes which are 1.5mm by 3.0mm for easy coil building, 24K gold plated stainless steel postless deck with a 29 x Φ1mm Honey Comb Airhole.

It’s compatible with both single coil and dual coil builds, with airflow hitting from the bottom and sides evenly due to the honey comb design, which should deliver both great flavor and huge vapor production.

Useless Fact: MAGE is a person who has magic powers or who has studied for a long time and has a lot of knowledge.


Who is it for?

It’s for those versatile vapers who want to be able to use either single or dual coil, have an option for capacity configurations and for anybody who loves good flavor.


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Our Vibe

The first MAGE RTA produced an excellent flavor and created loads of vapor with a smooth airflow. The Mage RTA however, was not without its share of shortcomings, the thread on the chamber barrel was an awkward fit and needed some improvement.

Another problem of original RTA was it inclined to leak if you didn’t get the wicking right. It was difficult when setting up the build and the grub screws tended to strip quickly.

So all that said have CoilART addressed the minor issues with the already high performing RTA tank MAGE V1. Absolutely! It’s now postless with the improved honeycomb airflow. As for the threads we’ll have to wait and see once we get our hands on one.

Where can you get it?

Specs & Features

MAGE RTA V2 Features:

  • Φ24 diameter x 46mm overall height
  • 24K golden plated ss postless deck
  • 29pcs Φ1mm diameter Honey Comb Airhole
  • Top lid with knurling design, easy to screw out
  • 810 drip tip
  • 3.5ml juice capacity
  • Extra 5.5ml PCTG Bubble Tube included
  • Extra 510 drip tip adapter included
  • Golden plated stainless steel decoration
  • Color: SS, Black Golden, Black Rosegolden

MAGE RTA V2 Package Contents:

  • 1 X MAGE RTA V2


CoilArt Mage RTA V1 vs. CoilArt Mage RTA V2

CoilArt Mage RTA V1 CoilArt Mage RTA V2
Special drip tip 810 drip tip
Hard to screw out the top lid to fill the e-juice Has knurling on the top lid to help screw out easy
Colored silicone decoration Gold plated steel decoration
3.0ml 3.5ml with an extra 5.5ml bubble tube
2mm small post hole 1.5mm x 3mm post hole
2 x 3.5mm air holes 29 x 1mm honey comb air holes
4 post hole velocity deck Postless deck
Stainless steel deck Gold plated stainless steel deck
44mm x 24mm 46mm x 24mm
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