JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod | Review

A great kit just got a WEE bit smaller.

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JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod Review

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

JAC Vapour is back with a ‘WEE’ version of their very impressive VIM AIO Kit. The WEE VIM comes in the same form of as the original, but only features a 900mAh internal battery.

It can be used with the 2ml refillable tank of the original VIM. However, JAC Vapour has also released a range of pre-filled Nic Salt pods to go with it.

The Good

Elegant compact design, good build quality, decent battery life, excellent flavorful pods.

The Bad

Long charge time.

The Bottom Line

The WEE VIM is an excellent little starter kit, giving you the ability to use either a refillable tank or pre-filled pods, which is fantastic. The pods are good quality and deliver on flavor and performance with a decent MTL draw and decent lifespan. The device has an excellent ergonomic design and solid battery life — one of the best starter kits on the market.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by JacVapour for the purpose of this review.


  • Dimensions: 70mm (H) x 21mm (W) x 38MM (L)
  • Capacity: 900mAh
  • Voltage:
    • 3.8V – Green light shows
    • 3.4-3.8V – Blue light shows
    • 3.1-3.4V – Red light shows
    • 3.1V – Red light will flash, indicating that the battery needs to be recharged
  • Connector: Bespoke spring connector
  • Charge time: Approx 1-2 hours
  • Resistance range: >0.65Ohm (MTL only)


  • Dimensions: 15.5mm x 45mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Available Pre-filled flavors:
    • SMOKING Tobacco
    • SMOKING Menthol Tobacco
    • Blackcurrant Squash
    • Strawberry Chew.
JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

The WEE VIM has the same frame and form of it’s larger brother, the original VIM.

It’s an excellent design, with an incredibly ergonomic shape that feels great in the hand.

However, it’s not entirely the same layout with the WEE as JAC Vapour has made a few design changes.

The biggest of which is the position of the fire button, which is now on the back edge of the device towards the top, where you would expect a fire button to be, instead of the low placing on the original.

It does make the device easier to fire, and the button is just as clicky and responsive as the original, even though it’s a little more plasticky and less pronounced. It also still contains the light indicator in the center of the fire button.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

The micro USB port has been shifted to the top of the device, and the WEE only has a 900mAh internal battery in it’s smaller body, compared to the 2600mAh of the larger VIM.

Decreased battery size is not the only thing the WEE is lacking. It also does not have the same adjustable airflow with the awkward grommet as the original VIM. Instead, it’s non-adjustable style airflow, which we will discuss later.

The WEE is a cheap entry level device. Therefore it sacrifices some of the premium materials, and quality feel of it’s larger sibling. There’s no smooth rubberized coating on the body. Instead, we have an all plastic frame with small dimples to give it some texture. Even though it’s plastic and incredibly light it doesn’t feel tacky or cheap; there’s still some substance to it.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

The WEE is sold either just as the battery or with inclusive pre-filled 2ml pods.

They are exactly the same size and design as the original’s 2ml removable tank, and you’d be pleased to know the both are compatible with either VIM which does make them both very versatile little devices.

The tank or pods slot directly into the mod, just leaving the drip tip protruding from the device. There’s a cut-out which reveals the plastic chamber of the pod so you can see your remaining juice level.

I really loved the design of the original VIM, and I like what JAC Vapour has done here. They have managed to keep the same minimalistic design, but create a cheaper smaller version.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

Build Quality

While the materials used on the WEE don’t quite match up to the quality of those on the original, the build quality is still just as good.

JAC Vapour never seems to cut corners when it comes to quality, and despite the fact the WEE is primarily a plastic mod, it’s one of the best quality plastic devices I’ve held.

It feels great in the hand, has a nice textured body, the fire button works perfectly, and the pods/tank connect seamlessly.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod


The WEE VIM Kit measures in at 70mm (H) x 21mm (W) x 38MM (L) and is incredibly light.

It’s one of those devices that you barely even notice in your pocket — a definite winner on the portability front.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

The WEE VIM is an all-in-one device with just one button, so is practically a plug and play device.

5 clicks of the fire button will switch the device off and on, so you can prevent any accidental fires in your pocket.

The VIM WEE is not quite as powerful it’s it’s larger brother, due to the smaller 900mAh internal battery. It is unregulated from 3.8v to 3.1v and has a minimum resistance of 0.65 Ohm.

It also features overcharge protection, short circuit protection and battery vents for safety.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

LED LIghts

The WEE VIM has an excellent bright LED light located in the center of the fire button.

When the fire button is pressed the color of the LED will indicate the battery and power status:

  • Green: Fully charged (functioning at 3.8)
  • Blue: Half charge (functioning at 3.4-3.8V)
  • Red: Low charge (functioning at 3.1-3.4V)
  • Red (Flashing 10 times): Device needs re-charging (below 3.1V)
JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod


The micro USB port for charging is located on the top side of the device.

It features a pass-through mode so you can vape and charge at the same time. It only features 1amp charging, and full charge time is around 1-1.5 hours.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

JAC Vapour has created a range of Salt Nic pods to go with the WEE VIM.

The pods slot into the device, just like the replaceable tank on the original with its unique twist and lock system. You push the pods down into the device from the mouthpiece and twist to lock it or remove it just like a child safety cap.

Each pod comes with rubber sleeves on either end to prevent any leaking, and contain 2ml of liquid and 18MG of Nic salts.

There’s currently a choice of four flavors – SMOKING Tobacco, SMOKING Menthol Tobacco, Blackcurrant Squash and Strawberry Chew.

We had both the Tobacco, and Blackcurrant Squash sent with our device. Below are my thoughts on each:

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod Tobacco


Although I’m not usually a tobacco vaper, I could tell from the first vape this was a quality tobacco. It’s a traditional tobacco taste with a slight nuttiness to it, but not too overpowering.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod Blackcurrant Squash

Blackcurrant Squash:

Just like a light blackcurrant drink, not too strong and sweet. I really enjoyed the subtle balance the Blackcurrant with a slight hint of sweetness coming through. It’s definitely one I’d happily vape all day.

The Nic Salts make both of them smooth on the draw, but with a very noticeable nicotine hit.

The lifespan of each pod is going to vary dependant on your vaping habits. I was able to get through 3-4 days on one pod, which is very impressive.

As I mentioned above the WEE VIM is also compatible with the 2ml refillable tank which uses JAC Vapours S-Coils and can be purchased separately. You can read more about that tank in our original review here.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

The WEE VIM is an excellent performer, just like it’s big brother.

It might not be the most powerful device and may lack features like adjustable wattage and adjustable airflow.

However, it’s absolutely perfect at what it is designed to be, a simple plug and play device for starter vapers.

It has a very good MTL draw, decent battery life, and I was more than impressed by the quality and flavor of the pre-filled Nic Salt pods.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod


The WEE VIM is an MTL only device, unlike the VIM which has adjustable airflow.

The MTL draw is a good one though; it’s not too tight or too loose. It’s what I would classify as the new vapers MTL draw, that means those that like a real traditional tight draw might find it a little on the airy side.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod


The flavor produced by both pods was clean, crisp and very satisfying.

However, the pre-filled pods are not designed to be the most intense on flavor. So I decided to used the pre-filled tank to remind myself of the quality of the S-coils and to see if the flavor produced by the WEE’s smaller battery was the same.

I’m glad to say both the MTL airflow and flavor produced from the 1.2ohm coils in the replaceable tank was excellent, just like the original.

JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

Battery Life

The battery life of the WEE VIM is very solid. The 900mAh was easily seeing me through a day of vaping.

I’m glad the WEE also has pass-through vaping because it’s not the quickest to charge, unfortunately.

Good Vibes

  • Elegant looks
  • Compact design
  • Good battery life
  • Good flavor from Pods
  • Excellent longevity of Pods
  • Smooth MTL draw
  • Decent fire button
  • Can use Pre-filled Pods and tank
  • Incredibly affordable

Bad Vibes

  • Long charging time


JAC Vapour WEE VIM Pod Mod

It’s no surprise that the WEE VIM is an excellent little device, and possibly one of the best and most versatile starter kits on the market.

I can’t think of another device off of the top of my head that can use pre-filled pods or a refillable tank and produce a vape experience this good.

It’s such a simple device to use, and one which would ideally suit any smoker looking to start vaping. It has the build quality you’d expect from JAC Vapour and decent battery life for its size.

The Pre-Filled pods are satisfying on both the flavor and nicotine delivery, but I do hope JAC Vapour come out with a greater range moving forward.

The most impressive thing overall about the WEE VIM is the price. It’s so affordable every new vaper should have one.

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