Salt of the Earth E-Liquid | Review

A natural blend of salt based liquids.

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Salt of the Earth E-Liquid Review

Salt of the Earth e-Liquids - Flavors Reviewed


Salt of the Earth is a high-quality range of nicotine salt e-liquids crafted by Blu.

The line uses authentic flavors that span from classic to sophisticated, and are all blended with high-grade nicotine salts to deliver a smooth and consistent vape.

Salt of the Earth liquid is available in 30ml bottles with flavors including The Classic, Orchard, Just Menthol, Bee’s Milk, and Lady Camellia – all of which come in either 24 or 48mg nicotine strengths.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Salt of the Earth for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on the Aspire Breeze 2 and the Innokin Proton with the GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA.


Salt of the Earth say: This is no forbidden fruit. Our unique formulation makes this familiar flavor the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Just like a crisp apple ready to harvest, this one will be your go-to pick.

Our Vibe: A really simple but delightful apple flavor. It’s a very clean and crisp apple, with the right amount of zing to it. It reminds me of biting into a Granny Smith’s apple as you are met with that full juicy sharpness on the inhale, which becomes slightly more subdued as you vape on. An excellent and authentic apple liquid.

Bee's Milk

Salt of the Earth say: When honey bees and dairy cows come together, magical things happen. With inhales of rich honey and light exhales of creamy milk, Bee’s Milk is a dependably smooth, all-day favorite.

Our Vibe: This one is a real sweet and creamy treat. There’s a nice depth to it, but I’d say it’s definitely more on the cream/custard side than milk. The honey adds the perfect amount of sweetness, without ever overdoing it. A really moreish vape, and probably my favorite of the range.

The Classic

Salt of the Earth say: You can always rely on a Classic. This bold, authentic tobacco flavor gives you a satisfyingly smooth experience that fills every exhale with sweet caramel and smoky, nutty notes.

Our Vibe: A difficult one for me to judge as I don’t usually go for vape tobacco. But what I can say is it ’s almost as dark and strong in flavor as it is in its presence in the bottle. It’s a truly deep earthy and nutty tobacco, not bad on the aftertaste and not as dry as others I’ve tried.

Just Menthol

Salt of the Earth say: For the minty purists, Just Menthol is just perfect. Comfortably familiar and consistently smooth, the clean, refreshing flavor has a hint of sweetness for a taste that’s just plain cool.

Our Vibe: This is just a straight-up menthol flavor for me. It’s fresh and clean in its delivery with a nice touch of cooling on the exhale. There’s an ever so slight hint of sweetness to it which reminds me of mint sweets. I think menthol fans will enjoy it; it’s a solid one.

Lady Camellia

Salt of the Earth say: Lady Camellia is deliciously simple, but intriguingly complex. She’s blooming with refreshment, combining herbal notes with floral brilliance to satisfy any palate. But hey, a lady never tells all her secrets.

Our Vibe: This juice surprised me. It’s quite unlike anything I’ve vaped before. There’s a very subtle but balanced mix of floral and mint all the way throughout the vape. You are occasionally met with distinctive herbal notes, and a very clean chamomile taste on the exhale. It’s like vaping a calming herbal tea. It’s not a juice I would reach for, but could certainly be good after a heavy meal or for winding down on an evening.

Salt of the Earth E-Liquid Review

Salt of the Earth is a very interesting range, it tries to remain subtle and sophisticated with its offerings and most of the time succeeds.

Both the Bee’s Milk and Orchard were superb to vape on all day in the Breeze 2, and I can certainly see myself using them again.

The Classic and Just Menthol are precisely that for me, just classic flavors but not much more. The real intriguing flavor in this range is the ‘Lady Camellia’ while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it certainly stands out as a unique flavor.

The Nic Salt delivery on all of the juices was smooth and consistent. The 48mg gave a very defined throat hit, while the 24mg as you’d expect produced a more mellow overall vape.

If you are into authentic and natural flavor based e-liquids, the Salt of the Earth range is definitely worth checking out.

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