WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Twelve Monkeys Origins | Review [Updated]

Twelve Monkeys Origins | Review [Updated]

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Twelve Monkeys e-Liquids - Flavors Reviewed


Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid are one of the most established premium e-liquid producers on the market, and a favorite among many vapers including the Vaping Vibe team.

Their previous e-liquid lines have been elaborate concoctions that are carefully mixed, but the new Origins line sees them go back to their roots with more simplistic blends.

Origins consists of 5 brand new flavors which they say are ‘designed for the Everyday vaper,’ and all the flavors feature just a touch of sweetness and a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

The result is supposed to be not only great tasting juice but improved coil life and longevity.

UPDATED: With 3 new flavors in the Origins line; Puris, Gattago, and Shoku.

Let’s find out if those cheeky monkeys have managed to achieve it.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Twelve Monkeys ahead of the launch date for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on a collection of atomizers, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode. The atomizers of choice were the Bachelor X RTA, the Vandy Vape Bonza, and the Gas Mods GR1 RDA’s.

Origins Line

Puris - 70 VG

Peach / Citrus

Twelve Monkeys Origins Puris Review

12 Monkeys say: From the Amazonas region of Brazil, south of the Rio, these new world monkeys bring in the freshness! Featuring a delightful aromatic blend of succulent, ripe peaches, followed by a refreshing citrus punch, Puris is a revitalizing vape that is great for any time of day.

Our Vibe: Without a doubt one of the most delicious Peach juices I’ve ever tried. As with all of the Origins line Twelve Monkeys have managed to deliver the perfect amount of juicy sweetness without it becoming too overpowering and sickly. Puris hits you right from the inhale with a mouthful of succulent peach, which is fresh and vibrant. It is then brought to a subtle conclusion with a hint of citrus.

Gattago - 70 VG

White grape

Twelve Monkeys Origins Gattago Review

12 Monkeys say: Gattago is a tribute to two of our popular grape flavors; Galago and Matata! Featuring main notes of delicious white grapes, this unique and masterfully blended take on the traditional grape flavor is definitely one of Tribe12M’s new favorites!

Our Vibe: If you’ve tried Matata or Galago in the same line and loved them (like me), then you have to give Gattago a whirl. It’s exactly as Twelve Monkey’s describe, a stripped back pure white grape juice. There are slight floral hints to it but on the whole its refreshing light and everso morish. In my opinion, nobody does Grape flavors better than those mischievous monkeys, and with Gattago I can vape a whole bottle and never get sick of it.

Shoku - 70 VG

Raspberry / Strawberry / Passion Fruit

Twelve Monkeys Origins Shoku Review

12 Monkeys say: Inspired by the Swahili word for passion “Shauku”, Tribe12M has created this melodic blend for the berry lovers! Primary notes of raspberry and strawberry, finished off with a juicy kiss of passion fruit.

Our Vibe: This is probably one of the sweeter tasting juices in the line, not because there’s more sweetener in it (there isn’t). But due to the punchy blend of sharp raspberry and strawberry combined with the luscious tones of passion fruit poking through every once in a while. An absolute delight of a fruity juice that remains true to the entire line while still satiating any sweet tooth.

Galago - 70 VG

Grape / Lychee

Twelve Monkeys Origins Galago Review

12 Monkeys say: When the tribe needs a pick me up, they always give Galago a go! Vivid grape highlights infused with spirited lychee to awaken those taste buds.

Our Vibe: Grape juices are somewhat of an Achilles heel for me; I love them. So this was inevitably the first juice to test. It’s an inspired mix of grape and lychee. The grape is definitely the dominant flavor but adding the lychee to the mix just gives it a really pleasant rounded sweetness. This is up there as one of the best grape juices I’ve vaped, clean, crisp and sweet.

Papio - 70 VG


Twelve Monkeys Origins Papio Review

12 Monkey Vapor say: Heyo, it’s Papio! A juicy and vibrant pineapple for your all day vaping pleasure! Experience the bright and balanced notes that will keep you thinking of the sunny shores all day long.

Our Vibe: Sweet juicy and mouthwatering pineapple, it tastes just like biting into that freshly cut pineapple in the morning. It is definitely sweet juice, but not too sweet and overpowering. I never thought I would be content vaping just a plain pineapple juice all-day, but this has been an absolute treat.

Lemur - 70 VG

Lime / Lemon / Gently Cooled

Twelve Monkeys Origins Lemur Review

12 Monkeys say: The Lemurs have just the right fix for those hot days in the jungle. Tangy lime and lemon intermingle in wonderful synergy! Smooth citrus notes on the inhale and a light, gently cooled exhale.

Our Vibe: Like a refreshing traditional lemonade with a slight kick of lime. The lemon is sharp and slightly bitter but in a good way. It’s also the dominant citrus, although the lime gives that unforgettable zing on the exhale. There is a minor cooling effect to it but nothing too powerful, just enough to make it refreshing.

Saimiri - 70 VG

Strawberry / Coconut

Twelve Monkeys Origins Saimiri Review

12 Monkeys say: A special treasure from deep within the Tribe12M jungles. Succulent, ripe strawberries gently dipped in a light coconut cream.

Our Vibe: There’s no other way to explain this other than it’s coconut cream and strawberry. It’s one of those juices that seems a perfect 50/50 mix of the two flavors, which go great together. On an RDA I was getting slightly more coconut come through, but there’s still that natural juicy strawberry lingering in the background. Another clean and great juice.

Patas Pipe - 70 VG

Chocolate / Tobacco / Vanilla

Twelve Monkeys Origins Patas Pipe Review

12 Monkeys say: Not just the ordinary pipe, Patas’ packing something special! Full bodied tobacco, topped with a small scoop of creamy vanilla and sprinkled with rich chocolate.

Our Vibe: A sweet tobacco which is almost creamy in its flavor, maybe that’s because of the vanilla mixed in there. Then there’s the underlying chocolate tone, which rounds it all off nicely. I’m not the biggest tobacco fan, and that makes this my least favorite of the bunch. However, I still see how it could be an everyday vape for some, especially if you love sweet tobacco.


I think it’s great when a vape company listens to its customers, and I feel that’s exactly what Twelve Monkeys have done here.

All of their previous lines have been excellent, but being such complex sweet mixes, they were prone to killing a few coils along the way.

The new Origins line is a far more simplistic affair, which can be summed up with two words – Crisp & Clean.

Somehow they have managed to create some amazing juices that still have the perfect punch of sweetness, but are extremely gentle on the coils. In fact, I think I only changed my wick once when burning through the whole 60ml bottle of ‘Galago.’

I love simplistic all day vapes, as I tend to get through a lot of juice, and my previous favorite line was Glas Basix for being simple and flavorful. However, I think Twelve Monkeys might have just topped them in both departments.

The Origins line is perfect for the everyday vaper, or any vaper that is after affordable, clean, flavorful juices.

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