Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit | Review

Mini, Mighty, and probably the best Caliburn!

Uwell has cemented itself as one of the undisputed leaders of pod vaping with its beloved Caliburn line. And their latest addition, the petite GZ2 pod system, proves they still have some tricks up their sleeve.

The GZ2 is part of the new ZEGA subline with the AZ2, and don’t let their compact form fool you. Uwell managed to cram an impressive 850mAh battery inside the compact zinc alloy frame. 

The GZ2 uses refillable Caliburn G2 pods and coils (while the AZ2 uses the A3 series pods).

The GZ2 comes with a tron-style LED strip and has haptic feedback, adding a nice touch of flair. 

The Caliburn Zega GZ2 is available in 6 colors: Black, Silver, Red, Purple, Blue & Black, and Orange & Black.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Review


  • Extremely compact design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Great 850mAh battery life for its size
  • Cool LED lighting
  • Auto-draw works perfectly
  • Excellent flavor and vapor production
  • Smooth adjustable airflow
  • Top-fill pods
  • G Coil compatible
  • USB Type-C fast charging (2A)


  • Non-adjustable wattage output
  • Charging port on bottom requires laying device down
  • No way to switch off the LEDs

The Bottom Line

The Caliburn GZ2 is easily my favorite Caliburn pod to date. I absolutely love this adorable little pod. It delivers the same excellent vape experience we’ve praised from previous Caliburns, just in a more compact and modern form factor. It might not have all the bells and whistles of more premium devices, but what it does, it does well and with some style – Highly recommended.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Review

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Specifications

  • Dimensions: 72.6mm x 28.8mm x 23.0mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Battery Capacity: 850mAh
  • Max Wattage: 17W
  • Voltage Range: 0.8-1.0Ω
  • Chassis Material: Aluminium-Alloy
  • Charging: Type-C Port
  • Operation: Draw-Activated
  • Pod Series: Caliburn G2 Pods
  • Pod Capacity: 2mL
  • Top Fill System
  • Coil Support: Caliburn G Coils
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Vibration Notifications

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Contents

  • Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Device
  • UN2 0.8Ω Meshed G Coil (installed)
  • UN2 1.2Ω Meshed G Coil
  • Caliburn G2 Pod (empty)
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual
Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

Design & Build Quality

The minute I cracked open the GZ2 box, the petite size immediately stood out. But despite the small footprint, the zinc alloy chassis makes it feel sturdy and durable in hand.

Uwell managed to squash the classic Caliburn silhouette into a much more compact and boxy frame. It retains the slim pill shape but is trimmed to just over half the height of the Caliburn 2, with just more depth. 

Pictures don’t do it justice, as I thought it was a far larger device before getting my hands on one. But it is tiny, and from the front, it looks like a mini Caliburn. Uwell’s strapline is ‘The Mini The Mighty’. I can attest to the former and hope for the latter.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

It measures 72.6mm by 28.8mm by 23.0mm and only weighs 47g. This makes it super palmable and pocketable. I can easily conceal it when stealth vaping. And the curved edges contribute to the nice ergonomic feel.

It closely resembles the size and shape of the Koko Prime. But the matte finish on the metal body gives it a bit more sophistication over the glossy plastic Koko body.

While tiny, the GZ2 doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. The zinc alloy is confidence-inspiringly robust. And the side plastic grooved section blends nicely with the chassis and adds some grip.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

The subtle branding and lack of any buttons keep the aesthetic sleek and minimalistic. Just clean lines and understated logos. I appreciate that Uwell didn’t clutter it up or make it loud.

There is a lanyard loop on the top of the device. I’m not a fan of dangling my device from a lanyard. But for those that are, the GZ2 is lightweight and mini, so it will be perfect for it. 

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a viewing window to see your juice level when the pod is connected, just like with other Caliburn pods.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Juice Viewing Window

Small touches like the haptic feedback when you properly connect the pod and the LED pod lights add nice modern flair without being too in your face.

I’m particularly impressed by the LED strip that lights up when removing the pod. It cycles through colors in a fluid fade transition that grabs your attention without being obnoxious.

Although there is no way to switch it off, for those that prefer to be even more stealthy.

The vibration of the haptic feedback is also solid and doesn’t feel rattly or cheap. 

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit USB-C Charging Port

The Type-C charging port on the bottom keeps the sides streamlined. My only slight complaint is having to lay it horizontally when charging. But that’s a small sacrifice for the sleek aesthetics.

Overall, the GZ2 nails that perfect balance of ultra-portable yet premium.

I think Uwell has made something special with this adorable little GZ2. They’ve practically created a different form factor for pod vapes, and I’m all for it.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Features


The GZ2 is a compact, easy-to-use pod vape, so it doesn’t come packed with features. But what it does have is beneficial to the vape experience.

Inside the petite frame is an ample 850mAh battery. To my recollection, this is one of the larger internal battery capacities of a Caliburn pod, and it’s effectively a smaller device – which is excellent.

My one gripe with the Caliburns was that they were a little shy on battery life. But the GZ2 exceeded my expectations, lasting most of the day on my normal vaping habits.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

The maximum wattage output clocks in at 17W, controlled by Uwell’s capable chipset. It automatically adjusts power based on the coil resistance for optimal performance.

Speaking of coils, the GZ2 uses the standard Caliburn refillable pods and coils. So the performance we’ve come to expect from Caliburn pods remains intact (more on this later).

It features 2A fast charging through Type-C USB. And charging speed felt quick, bringing the battery back to full in around 45 mins.

The GZ2 operates through auto-draw activation, meaning it fires instantly when you inhale without the need to press any buttons. I never experienced any issues with the responsiveness. Uwell’s auto-draw has always been one of the best in pod vapes.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit LED Strip

Then there’s the Tron-style RGB LED indicator, which adds some nice style to the GZ2 and is very functional.

The LED strip will light up when a pod is connected and then show the following colors when using the device as a battery gauge:

  • Green = 60-100%
  • Blue = 30-60%
  • Red = <30%
Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Pods/Coils

Pods & Coils

The GZ2 utilizes the standard Caliburn G2 pods, which are top-fill for quick and easy refilling. Just snap the black mouthpiece off, and you’ll see the fill port for refilling.

The pods hold 2ml of juice, which is standard for most pod vapes. The see-through windows also let you keep an eye on the liquid level.

Airflow can be adjusted by twisting the small dial on the bottom of the pod. While it’s not as granular as having dedicated airflow on the device, it still works well, and I liked being able to tailor the tightness of the draw. 

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Coils

Inside the pod houses the replaceable Caliburn G coils, which are simple to swap out by removing the pod and pulling out the old coil. 

Two coil options are included in the kit:

  • UN2 0.8Ω Meshed G Coil (installed)
  • UN2 1.2Ω Meshed G2 Coil

The 0.8Ω coil provides a slightly warmer vapor and more intense flavor, while the 1.2Ω is a bit cooler and milder. But both deliver excellent Caliburn flavor and longevity.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Pods

I also tried the Caliburn G 1.0Ω coil, and it performed nicely. So you have options to further fine-tune the vape experience. 

The pods snap very securely into place with a satisfying click. And I encountered no leaking whatsoever during testing. 

The G2 pods and coils are tried and tested, offering excellent, hassle-free performance.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit Performance


When it comes to real-world performance, the GZ2 definitely lives up to the Caliburn name. The flavor and vapor production match what I’ve come to expect from these exceptional pods.

Loading up the 0.8Ω coil with some 20mg nic salts, the flavor instantly popped with richness and nuance. That signature Caliburn warmth shined through on the inhale. And the vapor production was ample for a tight MTL draw.

Switching to the 1.2Ω coil brought the expected subtle drop in temp and density. But flavor remained top-notch, with just a slightly cooler inhale. Either pod provides outstanding nic salt performance.

The airflow dial on the G2 pod allows you to adjust from a tight MTL to what I would class as a restricted DTL (direct lung) hit.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

It’s not the easiest to adjust and find your perfect setting, but it does the job. The airflow is also nice and smooth.

The auto-draw switch performed flawlessly, firing up the second you inhale. 

Battery life was quite impressive, given the small 850mAh capacity. I easily got through most of a workday on my normal moderate vaping habits. Only very heavy chain vaping required a top-up in the evening.

It’s probably the best battery life I’ve had from a Caliburn, which is impressive considering its diminutive form factor.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit

Comparing the GZ2 experience to other Uwell pods like the Caliburn A3 or Koko Prime, I’d put it on par for flavor and vapor intensity. The adjustable airflow gives it an edge over those, but it’s the same as the G2. 

Where the GZ2 stands out among the other Caliburns is with its modern design and build quality. And those little things may not improve the vape delivered, but they do enhance the experience of using the device.

All in all, the GZ2 delivers the satisfying, hassle-free experience Caliburn fans have come to love – in an improved modern form factor.

Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit


The Uwell GZ2 proves that good things come in small packages. It retains everything vapers love about the Caliburn series and squeezes it into an irresistibly petite frame.

Both new and experienced vapers will appreciate the satisfying flavor, smooth adjustable airflow, and handy top-fill pods. The excellent 850mAh battery life also impressed me for such a tiny device.

While the wattage output isn’t adjustable, the auto-draw functionality is flawless. And the Caliburn coils deliver consistent and flavorful performance.

There are some minor niggles, like the bottom charging port. But the pros far outweigh the cons with the capable and cute GZ2.

I certainly live up to Uwell’s name of ‘The Mini The Mighty.’ 

If you’re looking for a stealthy yet powerful nic salt pod vape, the GZ2 needs to be on your shortlist. Uwell made the ultimate grab-and-go pod mod that will satisfy even the pickiest vapers.




The Caliburn GZ2 is easily my favorite Caliburn pod to date. I absolutely love this adorable little pod. It delivers the same excellent vape experience we've praised from previous Caliburns, just in a more compact and modern form factor. It might not have all the bells and whistles of more premium devices, but what it does, it does well and with some style - Highly recommended.
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The Caliburn GZ2 is easily my favorite Caliburn pod to date. I absolutely love this adorable little pod. It delivers the same excellent vape experience we've praised from previous Caliburns, just in a more compact and modern form factor. It might not have all the bells and whistles of more premium devices, but what it does, it does well and with some style - Highly recommended.Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit | Review