VZone Preco Disposable Tank | Review

Do VZone care about the Ozone?

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VZone Preco Disposable Tank Review

VZone Preco Disposable Tank

VZone has divided opinion with their latest release. The Preco is an all-in-one disposable sub-ohm tank. Its constructed from a food-grade polycarbonate material, which is lightweight and designed to help heat insulation.

It also features a 0.15ohm mesh coil, easy to use top fill and adjustable dual bottom airflow.

The Preco tank acts like an easy to use, replaceable pod for sub-ohm vaping on box mods. But is it any good?

The Good

Solid build quality, easy to use, decent lifespan of coils, smooth draw, and very good flavor.

The Bad

Small capacity and a lot of waste.

The Bottom Line

While it’s unclear whether a disposable sub-ohm tank made from recyclable plastic is worse for the environment than wastage from standard sub-ohm tanks. One thing is for sure, the Preco by VZone is an excellent performing tank. It produces a quality vape, with excellent flavor and good coil longevity.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VZone for the purpose of this review.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to fill
  • Mesh coils
  • Good flavor
  • Good coil life
  • Smooth draw
  • No Glass

In the Box

  • Small capacity (constant refilling)
  • A lot of waste
VZone Preco Disposable Tank

The Preco is a 24mm subohm tank made primarily from plastic and designed to be disposable.

Its whole body is constructed from PEI plastic, which as far as I’m aware is recyclable (PEI doesn’t allow nicotine to seep into the plastic).

The Preco includes a built-in drip tip, an easy to use top fill port, an integrated 0.15ohm vertical mesh coil, and comes both a 3ml or 2ml (TPD compliant) capacity.

It also features dual bottom airflow, which is easily adjusted by turning the body of the tank.

The Preco tank is currently available in a range of transparent colors: Clear, Ash, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank


While the Preco is not going to match the modern looks of most stainless steel sub-ohm tanks, there is something quite endearing about its simplicity.

Firstly it’s polycarbonate frame makes it incredibly easy to see the remaining juice level. Secondly, there’s no stressing about losing drip tips or breaking glass if you drop it.

It doesn’t look gaudy, or out of place on any device, and its durability may be ideally suited to those that work in manual labor.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank

Build Quality

Even though the Preco is an incredibly lightweight (16g) disposable tank made out of plastic, it does feel sturdy and robust.

I’m certain the plastic is not going to chip easily when dropped (far less so than a glass tank). The airflow control is smooth to turn, and the fill port bung is well anchored to the device and fits snuggly.

There really isn’t much that could go wrong with the Preco tank, unless you get a dodgy coil.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank

The Preco currently only comes with one type of coil installed, a Kanthal Mesh 0.15ohm vertical coil.

It’s rated to perform best at 40-70W. However, I found venturing up into the higher wattages the drip tip does get quite hot. At 70W I could only manage a 2-second drag.

I’d say they were best suited to be used in the 40-60W range.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank


Refilling the Preco tank couldn’t be simpler.

There’s no unscrewing or opening top caps like other sub-ohm tanks. In fact, it’s as straightforward as with most pod mods. Just pull open the rubber bung, which reveals a nice large fill port and then squeeze your juice straight down.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank

Life Span

We were sent a pack of 3 Preco tanks for review.

Initially, I used the first tank with a reasonably clean juice. After a couple of refills, I could tell the longevity of the coil was going to hold up well past the 2 weeks of when it became time to write this review.

So I decided to run the second tank with the sweetest juice I had available – I Love Rainbow by Mad Hatter Juice. This is not a juice I can typically vape all day every day, as it’s far too sweet, but I tried my best.

Running the tank at about 50W most of the time, I managed to get about 10 days out of it before the mesh coil degraded.

The first tank is still running strong, and I’m actually into the third week.

We all know that coil longevity is relative to the sweetness of the juice you use and the power at which you vape. But by my reckoning, the Vzone Preco has held up pretty well and better than some well-known sub ohm coils.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank

VZone have actually managed to pack the Preco with very decent performing mesh coils.

I was pleasantly surprised, not only by the lifespan of the coils but by the flavor and vape quality produced.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank


The flavor from these coils is actually very good, definitely on par with most mid-range mesh coils.

It’s not going to blow your socks off, but being a mesh coil is far better than standard sub-ohm coils.

VZone Preco Disposable Tank


The airflow of the Preco is simple to use. You just turn the main body of the tank to open and close the dual airflow slots at the base.

I think VZone have got the balance right with the airflow for the coils. It produces a nice smooth draw with decent clouds.


  • Affordable
  • Refillable
  • Good build quality
  • Compact and light
  • Sleek design
  • Good flavor
  • Respectable vapor production
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 2 Pods
  • Decent battery life


  • Awkward shape mouthpiece
  • No protective sleeve for spare pod


VZone Preco Disposable Tank

I’m a little undecided on the whole concept of disposable sub-ohm tanks.

It could be argued that throwing away so much waste is not as environmentally friendly as a small metal coil, even if the tank is made from PEI plastic.

However, a disposable tank also has its benefits. If you take into consideration vapers who might have dexterity issues and find unscrewing tanks and coils really difficult, then the Preco is perfect for them.

It’s also great for those construction workers or manual laborers who are forever breaking glass tanks and having to replace damaged sub-ohm tanks.

Concept aside, I think the performance from the Preco tank is actually very good. One which will surprise you with its smooth vape and pronounced flavor.

Even though the Preco performed great, it’s not something I would personally seek out to buy. However, unlike some reviewers, I’m not going to dismiss its place in the market.

Ultimately the consumers are going to decide, and I’ve got a feeling there may be a demographic out there that would prefer a disposable tank.

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